A wedding is one of the biggest events of one’s life, so it is no wonder people spend so much time, effort and love into weaving the events revolving around this special celebration with near and dear ones. We all want that special day to be memorable, beautiful and everything nice. While considering a beach wedding, people often dismiss it just assuming it would cost a bomb!

With destination wedding fever suggesting spots like Jaipur, Goa and even Bangkok for your wedding, the options seem endless.

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So moving a step away from the usual beach wedding locations in India, we bring to you Aksa Beach. Nestled in the northern shorelines of Mumbai, this offbeat location might be the answer for all your wedding dreams! The golden sand, blue sky and vast sea will leave you spellbound. The perfect spot for a budget beach wedding and a perfect getaway for everyone.

1. All about the easy-access

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Just a two-hour drive from the Mumbai airport, Aksa Beach is far enough from the city’s bustle and maddening vertical crowd yet close enough to choose the best of photographers, makeup artists and wedding decorators without coughing up a huge amount of money to accommodate them in hotel rooms and providing flight tickets.  It is the perfect solution. With a couple of properties near and around the beach, you can always choose to have all your events here. It gives you the best of a metropolitan city while also providing a serene, unique and beautiful spot to tie the knot.

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This beautiful spot located in the outskirts of the city in Malad is nestled between an Indian Navy base and another small quaint beach. This area is dotted with quite a few properties to choose from. The rejuvenating retreat is one of the best beach wedding destinations we have seen in quite a while, it is everything you’d want, silent ensuring an uninterrupted two-day celebration, untouched beaches which are clean and the best services from Mumbai. Aksa Beach’s mesmerizing coastline is one of the longest in the city. A poolside Mehndi or Haldi celebration, cocktail in the lawns and wedding as the sun rises or sets along the never-ending coastline. Sounds like the perfect celebration.

2. Minimalistic décor is the key

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With great vast Arabian Sea in the backdrop of your D-Day, you need not pay much attention to décor as minimalism is the key. With the Mandap right on the Aksa beach or with an uninterrupted view of the beach, you can choose a minimalistic theme or stick true to the sea and chose a rather bohemian theme using the several sea décor items like anchors, surfs, sea shells just highlighting a tropical flair.  With flowers and the colour scheme, always go pastel. It is like a match made in heaven, which we are ‘shore’ you will love!

From your invite to your very outfits, stick to a theme and everything will add to beauty of your special celebrations. You could arrange for a party along the Aksa beach or pool for a day filled with fun, games and mirth. You could always ask your guest to be dressed in a Hawaiian fashion, which will not only make for perfect pictures but also ensure everyone has a good time without worrying about spoiling their outfits if they decide to jump in the pool! Water polo, tug-of-war, volleyball on the beach there are endless options to make this wedding a private yet fun-filled event.

But before you make any bookings, be sure to check the weather to make necessary arrangements.

3. Catch the sunrise in your photo shoot

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What better than to have your pre-wedding photo shoot along the same coastline you decide to tie the knot, it will not only be an overwhelming moment to capture with all the love, hope and excitement but also scenic owing to the golden sand, blue sky and vast sea.

Aksa Beach makes for perfect pre-wedding shoot options as the background does so much more than just be a prop, the sea breeze flow through your hair, the sun rises graciously lighting up the entire world with the reflection in the sea making everything look picturesque and just right out of a movie scene! All these subtle details make for a perfect picture. You could always exploit the classic setting with Bollywood poses or even chose a set of candid pictures, whichever suits your style. Bonus tip: Try wearing a flowy and long dress. The sea breeze will ensure a picture perfect moment with a flowing trail.

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If you’ve always wanted a beach wedding but are overwhelmed with the flooding choices of Goa, Kerala, even Thai beaches and want a place unique, pristine and yet easily accessible spot, Aksa Beach is the perfect choice for you! There are not many beaches in the country which could provide the same facilities while remaining true to its nature without being flooded with tourists and locals.

Away from the city that never sleeps, is Aksa beach which would cater to all the needs of a beach destination wedding without breaking the bank and yet ticking all your dreams and hopes from a beach wedding. Beautiful, fun and memorable… what more could you ask for?

What do you think of Aksa Beach as a wedding destination? Tell us in the comments below.