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Check Out Gorgeous Wedding Card Samples for Your Upcoming Big Day

We guarantee you’ll fall head over heels for these stunning wedding card sample ideas. From painted florals to mirror invites, we’ve covered everything! 

Rohan & Aparna Invitations

Every single element of your wedding should be an expression of your unique personality, from the cake to the flowers and the venue. However, the first thing that gives your guests an insight into what they should expect at the wedding is the invitation.

Hence, it needs to be super personalised and give your guests the heads-up that the party will be one to remember. Whether you are having a beachside wedding or an open-air one, your invitation sets the tone.

No matter what your style aesthetic may be, there is a wedding card sample to suit every type of couple. It is important that the colours and designs suit the theme of the wedding. Ready to gather some inspiration? Here are our favourite wedding card sample ideas.

Painted Florals

Image Courtesy: Style Me Pretty

If you are a fall bride, chances are you might have an outdoor wedding under the cool autumn air. Your wedding invitation needs to express this theme in a subtle and elegant way. This couple is tying the knot in a Vineyard and has chosen to go with a light colour palette, blue and white specifically. The wedding card sample is white and features a blue painted florals border.

It includes the couple’s initials at the top and the details of the wedding engraved in an elegant font. The main wedding invitation is accompanied by a ‘Save the Date’ that has a map of the location along with an RSVP card with a similar floral pattern etched on the sides. A wedding invitation like this one expresses the theme of the wedding in an effortless way.

Cardboard Card

Image Courtesy: Minted

Sometimes, your wedding invitation can serve as a memento of the wedding. Your loved ones can preserve the card and cherish the memories for many years to come. If you want a card that doubles as a souvenir, consider creating an invitation made of thick board.

This wedding card sample features a thick whiteboard with a blue floral pattern sketched on the side. The details of the wedding are engraved in the same colour. If you like to keep things fairly minimal and classic, an invitation like this one is just what you need.

Rectangle Invitation

Image Courtesy: Minted

Classic wedding invitations usually come in a square or a broad rectangle but there’s no reason why you can’t change this up with unique shapes. This wedding card sample comes in a long rectangle which gives it an innovative look.

The navy blue card includes the details of the wedding in gold font with a small floral pattern engraved on the top. Although this invitation is fairly minimal, the shape of the card makes it too sweet to pass up.

A glass card

Image Courtesy: Minted

Since the wedding invitation is all about showcasing your unique self, the more creative you get, the better. In favour of the traditional paper and cardboard invitations, choose a wedding card made of glass. This wedding card sample includes a transparent plaque with the details of the wedding engraved in gold.

You can even include leaves as part of the décor, like this couple, if you are having a fall or winter wedding. This stunning invitation is placed inside a leaf-themed navy-blue envelope that has the couples’ names and wedding date on it.

A Framed Invite

Image Courtesy: Minted

We all love pretty floral stationery but what if your invitation came in something unique and fresh. To add an element of surprise, you can frame your invitation just like this couple did. The wedding card sample features a plain white card with the wedding details printed in black. This is bordered by a colourful white floral pattern eluding to a spring-time wedding.

The invitation itself is enclosed by a beautiful white frame embellished with a dotted motif. A photo-frame adds a modern twist to traditional paper cards. Your loved ones can keep the invitation on their mantle to reminisce on the memories.

Mirror Invite

Rohan & Aparna Invitations

If you are organising a beautiful over-the-top wedding, you want your invitation to resonate with this theme. Since the invite is the first part of the wedding that your guests come into contact with, adding an element of surprise is always a good idea.

This unique wedding card sample has the details engraved on a gold-toned mirror. It surrounded by a broad floral border that serves as a contrast to the gold. A wedding invitation like this one is incredibly opulent and is a great precursor for your extravagant nuptials.

Blunt-edged Card

Image Courtesy: Minted

If you are on the hunt for an out-of-the-norm wedding invitation, you can opt for a long rectangular shaped card as shown earlier. However, you can modify this shape with blunt edges as well. This white wedding card sample features a simple leaf pattern along with the event details.

The designs on the card are fairly simple and allude to a casual daytime wedding. If you consider yourselves a minimalist couple, an invitation like this one is just what you need.

Dark and Light

Image Courtesy: Minted

This wedding card sample features two variations. If you are having a night-time wedding, opt for an invitation with darker colours like this navy blue. This invite has a gold Chevron print in the background with the event details printed in white at the centre.

The card design is elegant and classy. However, if you are having a daytime soiree, nude and pastel-toned invitations are suitable. This cream coloured invitation features a bold floral print on the edges. The details are printed in the centre and bordered in gold.

Wedding invitation comes in various shapes and forms and you can always design yours with a hint of the season. Inspiration for wedding invitations is everywhere but at the end of the day, your card should showcase the unique personalities of you and your husband to be.

Many couples these days are channelling the weather onto their invitations. Hence, a fall or winter can include leaves and subdued hues while a summer wedding can feature bright colours and blooms.

Whether you are an edgy bride or a classic one, we hope these versatile wedding card sample ideas can help you design the wedding invitation of your dreams!

Love these wedding card sample ideas? Let us know your favourites in the comments below.