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Things You Must Do After Your Wedding

It may feel like you’re going through many emotions at once after all the madness of your wedding festivities. Here’s a useful guide to the things you must do after your wedding is over:

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Preserve your Wedding Outfit

Precious and absolutely gorgeous, this one is a keeper. You’ll want to keep it with for years to come and perhaps even hand it over to your daughter one day. It’s something priceless and you want to ensure you keep it safe. After your wedding, make sure you get it thoroughly cleaned by a professional service and ask for tips to store it properly. Make sure you get this done before you take off for your much awaited honeymoon or have a family member or friend take care of it while you’re away.

Thank your Guests

It’s a great idea to send out thoughtful notes to every wedding guest for their precious gifts and time. However, make sure you don’t delay this for too long. Divide the work with your better half and spend some time every day, writing a few notes. This will help you get done quickly and not make it stressful for the two of you!

Brainstorm Album Details

You’ll be getting tons of pictures and videos from your wedding photographer and videographer. Brace yourself for long hours spent poring over the selection and zeroing down on the best of the lot. You’ll also want to make sure you have each category covered such as the Sangeet Ceremony ceremony, the wedding, and more. Discuss the kind of album you’d like to choose as well and research a little on the net. It’ll all be worth it!

Legal Formalities

You’ll want to make sure you change your status and name on official documents, ID cards, bank accounts and more. You must get your marriage registered; make sure your marriage certificate is taken care of. These tasks may sound a little tedious but the good news is you’ll be working as a team and won’t have the chance to feel too overwhelmed by everything. Pay attention to these since they’ll save you a lot of trouble later; ask your parents to chip in with useful advice!

Plan Something Together

The blues may hit you as soon as you’re done with all the running around and wedding formalities. It’ll feel slightly disconcerting at first but you shouldn’t let it get you down. Focus on discussing new things together; there is so much to do! From fun hiking trips to post-wedding parties with your closest friends, celebrate the beginning of a new era. Now is the time to relax and unwind!