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Unique Honeymoon Destinations for Your First Romantic Vacation

In case you’re looking to take the road less travelled on your honeymoon, here’s a super handy guide to some of the most promising destinations. Hands down these are some unique honeymoon destinations that will make your heart skip a beat.

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Congratulations! You're man and wife now! But, now it's time for you to embark on your first vacation together as a couple. Are you excited? We sure as hell are! We hope you are set for your vacation but if not then take a look at some of our post which will help you plan your honeymoon with ease. Also, go through our what to and what not to pack when headed for your honeymoon and make your travelling woes a tad bit easier. 

These are some exciting honeymoon destinations that you can conder going to if you want to travel abroad. But if not, then check out some ultimate honeymoon destinations in India that will turn your romance into a magical one. 

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

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This one is for you if you absolutely love beautiful and scenic locations. For some peace and a little quiet on your time together, Iceland will give you a lot of freedom and flexibility to explore a relatively unexplored destination. You can even hire a car and legally go camping while you’re there, hopping into restaurants for a hearty meal when you wish to reward yourself. It’s also the perfect blend of the old and new. Iceland is one of the most unique honeymoon destination out there for a couple. 

2. Sapa, Vietnam

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You’ll be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be amazed by the jaw-dropping views. Don’t miss the Hoang Lien National Park. If you’re intrigued by local cultures, the Bac Ha Market should be your pick. This one’s meant for those who seek experiences out of the ordinary. Other possible destinations in Vietnam worth exploring include Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh – you can even combine several destinations and go backpacking! Sapa is one of the most unique honeymoon destinations there is!

3. Quebec, Canada

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A dash of French, a lot of skiing at the highly popular Mont-Tremblant and a snowboard park. There’s so much to do in Quebec for every kind of couple. If you’re feeling like you need a real change, throw caution to the winds and head to a casino on a gondola between the Versant Sud and the Versant Soleil. Try local cuisine and don’t hold yourself back!

4. Japan

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Throw caution to the winds and opt Tokyo and other locations in beautiful Japan. Soak in the sheer diversity and plethora of options you’ll find here. There’s a lot to look forward to – from brilliant scenery to the best food options. Another major point to consider is that you’ll get to explore a completely different culture together as a couple far away from home which will make for one very memorable honeymoon experience.

5. Scotland

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This is a magical destination with a lot to offer and still isn’t the first on the list for many couples. From rich history in Edinburgh to the buzzing nightlife in Glasgow, there is a lot to cover. You’ll be scrambling to make a list that lets you fit everything into your itinerary – the highlands, hiking, a taste of the local experience, and more.

These are some of the frontrunning unique honeymoon destinations that the millennial couples choose to travel to with the love of their life. These are scenic, exotic and offer a lot of fun activities you can do as a couple. Take a cue, make your booking and have the trip of your life with your spouse. these unique honeymoon destinations will make sure that you have a merry start as a couple.  

Where did you travel to for your honeymoon? Share with us through comments.