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Simplest Ever Guide to Do a Smokey Eye Look for Wedding Functions

Nailing smokey eyes may be an art, but with this detailed tutorial, it may not seem so difficult even for the beginners. Don’t believe us? Well then try it for yourself.

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While makeup is every woman’s best friend, people do not realise how much effort goes into nailing certain looks like the smokey eye look. So, as much as we love makeup most often we find it difficult to crack the look we want.

But enough of trial and error and working hard around figuring it all out because here’s the most appropriate tutorial that makes smokey eyes seem like the easiest makeup look ever. All you have to do is follow our tips from start to end and we promise you to look nothing less than a diva with the perfect smokey eyes and a look that’d catch all the attention wherever you go.

Prep your eyes

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The first and foremost rule for any makeup to last and look good on your face is to prep your skin to make the makeup look flawless. While there are too many things that women do before starting, our top 2 picks for steps that we feel are important to nail the smokey eyes makeup look are rather simple.

Prime It Up

Primer before makeup is important to make sure that your makeup goes on smoothly and lasts long enough for you to not have to do any touch-ups. Similarly, eyeshadow primer is the most important pre-requisite to make sure your smokey eyes look as it is several hours later.

Conceal Where Necessary

The first and foremost prep tip for smokey eyes is to conceal your eye area to even out the skin around your eye. For those of you who do not have a darker under-eye can avoid this step as the use of concealer may make your eye area look cakey later on.

Get on with the smokey eye

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The reason smokey eyes are known as a timeless and classic look is because, it looks really special without you having to invest in extremely specific and expensive eye makeup products. Here’s how you can achieve a perfect smokey eye look with the bare minimum makeup products and still look breath-taking and ethereally beautiful. All you need is an eye shadow palette that has three different shades and a regular eyeliner to complete the look. Let’s see how.

Do the Base

Pick a light coloured eye shadow and apply it evenly all over your eye as the base colour. All you need to do is start applying from your lash line and go all the way past the crease line of your eye to make it look evenly done.

Highlight the Crease

The second step to get your smokey eyes right is to take the deeper shade and apply it on the crease and also to the outer V of your eye. This does not just highlight the crease but also gives your eye makeup a definition that shapes up how your face looks with it.

Deepen the Lash Line

Lastly, take the deepest shade of your eye shadow palette and apply it on your lash line to give the smokey eyes a finishing touch. However, in the end, the key to getting it all right depends on your blending technique. Now, blend all the three shades seamlessly in order to nail the perfect smokey eyes makeup look.

Finish with the Liner

After you’re done with the eye shadow palette, use the liner to line the rim of your eyes and then smudge it so that it blends with your eye shadows as well. Also, choosing the colour of the liner is your prerogative as you can keep it as funky as purple or as classic as black depending on the eye shadow palette you chose for the smokey eyes makeup look.

Final Touch-ups

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While there are no exact final touch-ups required for this simple smokey eye look, there are a few things that you can do to enhance how your face looks with it. These are simple touch-up ideas that add to the beauty of your smokey eyes makeup look.

Highlight Your Brows

While some women are naturally blessed with dense well-shaped brows, some are not. However, whichever category you belong to, highlighting your brows and shaping them to perfection can be a great advantage in making your smokey eye look even more flawless. So take a brow pencil and start filling your brows in an upward and outward direction till they look perfect.

Curl Your Lashes

Last but not least, women often forget the importance of curling their lashes, especially when they are going all-in with their eye makeup. Curling your lashes make a whole lot of differences to your face apart from making your lashes look bigger and fuller. For women that love bigger and fuller lashes can also opt to apply mascara as even a few sweeps of the mascara wand works wonders for your face.

Once you are done following our simple steps to the perfect smokey eyes, look at your face in the mirror to know how magical this makeup look can be. For those of you who believe in the myth that smokey eyes don’t suit people with smaller eyes and make it look even smaller, this step by step simple guide for smokey eyes is for you. So try it for yourself to believe how smokey eyes makeup look opens your eye and gives a unique definition to your face.

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