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How to Create Beautiful Sikh Wedding Cards That Reflect Your Relationship

With so much variety in the market, picking out the perfect Sikh wedding cards can be an overwhelming process. Here’s how to make it easier!

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A formal invitation to any event represents the host’s background and culture, as well as the overall vibe of the function. This is why it must be designed with care. When designing the perfect Sikh wedding cards, couples must take into account various aspects of design and their own personalities in order to make a card that is ideal for them. If you’re struggling with picking the design for your card, don’t fret! We’re going to make the process easier for you. All you need to do is go through the pointers listed below!

1. Picking the right colour scheme

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Every colour exudes its own aura and each shade you pick adds something of its own to the vibe of your card. So, before anything, start by identifying what you want to say about yourselves as a couple. Do you value elegance and old-school styles? Are you averse to being conformists? Do you like things to be easy and breezy? All of this can be conveyed successfully by using the right colours. Conversely, you can also use different colour schemes for different functions. If you’re sending a whole bunch of invites to certain people, visually separating them through colour can be a great idea. Use lighter pastels for day events and matte dark shades for night ones, if this is something you want to do!

Our experts suggest:

Vibrant colour schemes are in fashion right now. However, not everyone loves super saturated colours. An easy way to stay on-trend, while still ending up with designs you like, can be to play with the opacity of the colours. Lighter shades and transparency levels can help you pick out a colour scheme that fits your tastes.

2. Picking the right font

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The fonts you use on your Sikh wedding cards will also convey certain emotions and ideas about each function. Remember to choose fonts that are simple and legible, as opposed to those that are too flowery and make it hard for people to understand what’s written. As a rule, try not to exceed using 2-3 fonts as too many fonts can create too much clutter. You can play around with spacing and alignment to create the right breaks between sentences and paragraphs. You can also use colour to do the same. Ensure that you use a font colour that pops against the background so that people can read it without straining their eyes.

Our experts suggest:

Nothing beats the classic look of serif fonts, but that does not mean you can’t use ‘funkier’ fonts on your card. Just use them moderately so that the overall card looks tasteful with a hint of your personality. If you play with the spacing between letters in fonts, you can end up with a modern twist on even something as classic as Times New Roman!

3. Picking the right personalisation elements


Many people use verses of poetry or religious verses on their wedding cards. As a couple, you should sit together and figure out which verses mean the most to you. You can pick out a meaningful verse from Grant Sahib to make your card more special. Conversely, you can also pick out lyrics to your favourite song as a couple, or poems, depending on what the two of you like the most. This little touch of personalisation can say a lot about the two of you.

Our experts suggest:

Pick a verse that will be as meaningful to you 20 years down the line as it is now. Don’t pick Arianna Grande’s new jam just because the two of you danced to it that one time! If you do not want to use verses, you can use quotes that highlight your love story. Go through your favourite books to find one that fits you two!

4. Picking the right pictures


In this world of hyper-documentation, not even wedding cards are spared from selfies. While a great picture of the two of you can add a lot of value to your Sikh wedding card, do choose an image that is tasteful and high-res.

Our experts suggest:

Stage a couple’s pre-wedding shoot before designing the invites. That way, you’ll have a roll of fantastic images to choose from, and won’t have to worry about touch-ups and filters. Most pre-wedding shoots are designed to fit a couple’s personality, so you can design the card around the theme of the shoot! This will make the whole thing look cohesive.

If your family is traditional, there is a chance that your husband-to-be may not be involved in the process of picking out your Sikh wedding cards. In that case, make sure that two of you have a conversation about the same before you go shopping with your mom. That way, you’ll both have a style you cherish and love.

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