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A Guide to Get the Right Muslim Wedding Card Matter Printed

Selecting invites can be a tedious task. And because we know that, here's a style list of how you can put in the matter in a Muslim wedding card and package it right.

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Every religion has its own set of traditions, rituals, and ways of celebration that can make any occasion special. Apart from cultural relevance, some practices have been followed for generations, especially when talking about weddings.

And keeping up with those but adding a contemporary twist to them at the same time is what our generation has mastered as a skill.

So without further ado, if you are all set for your Nikah ceremony, find out what are the popular trends and styles of getting the perfect Muslim wedding card matter and how to style the invite right.

How To Ensure That The Card And The Matter Are On Point

What you put on the card is as important as how it is designed because the words and the expressions that convey the joy of inviting someone to be a part of your special day need special consideration.

Put A Minimalistic Card In A Laser Cut Pocket

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Selecting a single-fold landscape design for your wedding card gives you the chance to either go information-heavy or keep it as minimal as you like. The use of patterns and motifs in this invite ensures that there is a beautiful background for the information of the big day that is conveyed using a simple grey card with golden detailing.

To make things look even cuter and minimalistic, get the Muslim wedding card matter printed on a smaller card, and put it in a laser-cut pocket, just like this one.

Keep It Simple With A Basic Wedding Card

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Humans like things in contrast. Make sure that your ornate wedding card is placed in a minimal cover, and is not overdone. The Muslim wedding card matter on the outside can just be about the bride and the groom, the date, and a tiny motif that hints at the upcoming nuptials.

Everything else - the details of the ceremonies, the mention of the families, and the special messages, etc. can be printed in style on the inside.

A Customised Card For Each Occasion

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When you don't want to put all the Muslim wedding card matter on the same invite, get customised cards for each occasion. There is a bonus advantage to this as you can choose who gets the invitation to which ceremony.

You can keep it classy with the off-white and golden colour combination or choose your favourite colour combination since it is your wedding invites and it should match your style and personality.

How To Ensure That The Packaging Is Kick-Ass 

There is a reason an entire industry is dedicated to packaging design. It is the first impression, and it definitely leaves a lasting impact. Make sure your wedding card packaging is breathtaking. And we have got you covered for inspiration.

Pack It In A Vintage Style Treasure Box

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Even though the times are modern, all the families are connected with the nostalgia that is brought on by vintage designs, age-old symbolism, and a tradition-led approach to doing things.

Pack those beautiful invites in a treasure box that the receiver cannot resist opening the minute they lay their eyes on it. When you choose a box this big, you can pack delicious treats, a souvenir, and of course, the invite with the Muslim wedding card matter.

Another reason that the guests would love this box is the ability to reuse it to store their precious belonging. They will remember the wedding as well as you every time they look at the box.

This Pistachio Green Card Comes With Its Own Treat Box

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This option is for the couples that are all about royalty and lavish setups. The wedding card is in the auspicious green colour, and the detailing is done in the visual cues of the impending celebration of two families coming together.

But the real treat (for the eyes as well as your palette) is packed in the mahogany case that can house a variety of condiments or dry fruits. So take your pick, and stock it up!

If you choose to pair the invite that has Muslim wedding card matter with this treat box, one thing is guaranteed, the guests will take to Instagram and rave about the celebrations early on.

Pick A Pretty Flap Box With Gota Patti Detailing

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The bright coloured flap box with Gota Patti detailing passes the glance test. One look at it and the recipient knows that an elegant invite waits on the other side of unboxing. No matter how simple or fancy you keep the Muslim wedding card matter on the invite, the box has already stolen the heart. This box is yet another treasure trove in the making after the invite has been RSVP'd, and the delicious treats that you packed in have been gobbled up.

The only tricky bit of putting so much thought into the wedding invitation is that you end up setting the bar high for the ceremonies to come. So keep that wedding planner on speed dial.

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Oh, and if you are planning to gift traditional sweets with the invites, then you can pick something from these popular (and delicious) options:

- Ladoo

- Barfi

- Dry Fruit delicacies

- Kaju Katli

- And well, assorted dry fruits You can also choose to ditch the regular Indian sweets and get a cute packaging of either macaron or cookies from your favourite bakery. 

What goes around, comes around, and that is one saying that fits the bill for weddings. So go on and start that chain of beautifully written Muslim wedding card matter, where the invites are pretty, the boxes are gorgeous, and the treats are sumptuous.

When you make choices like these, your family, extended family, and friends are bound to consult you for anything for a wedding planning going forward.

So make sure that you have plenty to say about the Muslim wedding card matter and an exhaustive list of invite design and packaging vendor details that you can happily share in that circle.

Share this with your partner and choose the best invites to put down that Muslim wedding card matter. Oh, and don't forget to get a pretty packaging.