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Need Some Marriage Hall Design Inspiration? Check out These 5 Themes We’ve Curated Just for You!

Your wedding décor speaks volumes about who you are and what you like. So, do not rely on the marriage hall design that remains static with a venue. Customise it and bring your own design elements to the fore!


Wedding décor is a huge part of making your wedding a success. No, really! Many people think that it just makes sense to book a venue and let things be as they are, without adding any additional marriage hall design work. At the end of the day, the hall ends up looking bland, with the bride and groom being the only visual point worth looking at! No matter how gorgeous the original marriage hall design may be, you do still need to customise it slightly so that it fits with your overall wedding aesthetic.

If you’re not sure how to go about decorating the venue you’ve picked, don’t worry! Here are 5 Marriage hall design ideas that will give you design-envy!

1. A gorgeous floral theme!

Gautam Khullar Photography

Flowers play a big role in the Indian wedding aesthetic, with strings of marigolds used almost everywhere as décor. A great marriage hall design idea is one that is thematically centred on flowers. However, instead of using traditional marigolds, you can take your pick of stunning winter flowers in India and start building your theme from there.

A lovely way to make the flowers steal the show is by putting them in ornate vases. Pick antiques for your décor and choose either brass or silver for the right vibe. This marriage hall design will make your venue look absolutely breathtaking.

2. A couple-centric theme!

Nimitham Wedding Photography

When the wedding is all about you and your fiancé, then why not let the theme reflect the same? This marriage hall design idea relies on the two of you have a ton of pictures together. If you’re having an arranged marriage, don’t worry because you can always schedule a pre-wedding shoot and get some great photographs.

To bring this theme to life, all you need is a projector and a large wall. Let the projector play a slideshow of your photographs the entire evening so that all your guests can see what a lovely couple the two of you make!

3. A jungle theme!


If you and your fiancé are huge fans of nature, thinking outside the box, or even just the Lion King, you can create a really cool jungle theme in order to reflect that! Have a ton of potted plants and greenery all over the venue. An added benefit is that they bring natural beauty to the table and can never look bad. In order to pull off this marriage hall design, you might have to stick to a green colour combination! If that’s the case, why not also consider wearing a green lehenga?

4. A regal theme!

Infinite Memories

In the olden days, Kings and Queens would dine with their special guests on one long rectangular table. Those closest (or the most important) to the Queen would sit close to her, while others would sit farther away. Creating this theme is a great marriage hall design idea as it can help you bring to life a very regal setting.

However, in order for this to work, you’ll need to add a few décor elements to your life. You’ll need beautiful ornate candlesticks and candle stands that you can keep at set distances on the table from each other. You’ll need stunning silverware. And you’ll need an intricate chandelier hanging over the table. If the venue you have chosen can help you score all of these elements, then you can rest assured that your theme will be a success. If you really want to be extra about it, wear a stunning gown on this day!

5. An opulent theme!

Infinite Memories

This is a theme that requires fantastic lighting and a stellar venue to begin with. An opulent theme is all about excess, so you definitely cannot stop at the original décor of the hall. You have to turn in up a thousand notches!

Having an ice sculptor is one way to go about it. The sculptor can be a bird or animal, your wedding ring, or anything else that you like. The venue should have beautiful show-stopping chandeliers as well because nothing says luxury the way chandeliers do. Finally, you must choose to have low lighting as it is intimate, elegant, and perfect for this type of a theme! Do not add popular lighting elements like fairy lights as they will totally ruin everything!

A beautiful wedding venue is one that will stay in the minds of your guests for a long time. So, you should definitely put your heart into it and pick the right décor elements to bring your theme or desired aesthetic to life. Remember that everything – from the tablecloth to the napkin rings – counts!

Does this seem a little too daunting for words? Get in touch with our wedding planners and let them create a theme that looks amazing!