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5+ Unique Janmashtami Decoration Ideas to Try at Home This Year

Janmashtami is just around the corner & this year we have some Janmashtami decoration ideas for your home to be prepped & decked for the festivities. Read to know more.

Janmashtami is a beautiful celebration that takes place every year in order to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna's eighth incarnation. To celebrate the birth of the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, the day is filled with festivities, colours, flowers, lights and of course mouthwatering sweets. Devotees of Lord Krishna from all over the world honour this day in a variety of revelries. The temples of Lord Krishna all over the world are adorned in beautiful decorations, competitions of breaking the Dahi handi (mud pot of yoghurt), prayer songs or bhajans and hymns that showcase devotion and love for Krishna and to help these devotees attain peace. 

To welcome the son of Vrindavan into our lives - temples and houses alike deck up. To help you welcome Lord Krishna into your house and to cradle him with love, we have put together numerous decoration ideas so you can plan a grand welcome of the Lord into your dwelling. 

Simple Janmashtami Decoration at Home

Most houses in the cities today are quite utilitarian especially when it comes to space. You need not always have a mandir in the house or a traditional "pooja ghar" in order to celebrate Janmashtami at home. You can turn one corner of your room as the altar where you place the idol of Lord Krishna and add some flower chains and lights to deck it up. The lamps and lanterns are a beautiful addition to the whole set up and you must not forget the "matka" full of "dahi" and some peacock feathers that add to the essence of Janmashtami.

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DIY Jhula Decoration For Janmashtami at Home

Use coloured sand or Rangoli designs to make the entire Jhula setup for Janmashtami celebrations at home. You can get your hands at the miniature models of animals and humans along with some tulsi leaves to add to the scenery. The backdrop can be a ready-made piece of cloth or wallpaper to create the aura of an altar for the divine Lord Krishna to arrive. Use blocks or pieces of bricks or even small pebbles to demarcate the area and to make sure that the sand or the Rangoli colours do not leak out of the designated space. You can buy small pots and fill them with cotton to create the "dahi handi" look.

Miniature Janmashtami Decoration for Home

You do not have to beget bigger installations or OTT decor to commemorate Janmashtami at home. Your Janmashtami decoration at home can be something like the above picture. This miniature Janmashtami decor of an idol of Lord Krishna in a golden jhula with ornate designs and intricate carvings that include two peacocks is a feasible yet beautiful way of decorating your home for Janmashtami. Add diyas and candles to the table or pious plate that you have used as the base and you can even cover the base with elaborate and beautiful fabric. Make sure you do not miss out on the flowers and vermilion for the rituals.

Janmashtami Decoration at Home Temple

Many homes have a designated temple area in the house which is mostly a separate room of worship where the idol is kept. You can deck up this temple for Janmashtami with Lord Krishna's idol in the centre and beautiful floral arrangements around it along with lamps. As peacock feather is synonymous to Lord Krishna, you can add them in the decor in various creative ways. You cannot miss the Handis! The mud pots with curd inside them are the USP of this type of Janmashtami home decoration. The long hanging chandelier lamps can be added to enhance the overall aura of the festivities. 

OTT Janmashtami Home Decoration

If your house has space enough to pull off an OTT Janmashtami home decoration, this can be it. You can create a canopy using flowers or temporary installations and place the idol of Lord Krishna under it at the centre of your house. Beautifully place the mud pots of curd around this canopy. You can even hand-paint the pots or pick ornamental pots for the curd and place it along with the peacock feathers. If you have a swing in the house, there is nothing like it because you can actually place it next to the idol of Lord Krishna and cover it in flowers for the celebrations. You can even draw a few Rangoli designs surrounding this canopy.

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Terracotta Idol for Janmashtami Home Decoration

You can take inspiration from this terracotta miniature model of the Jhula. Natkhat Kanhaiya’s swinging aasan platter for Janmashtami fits every budget and every type of indoor or outdoor space in the house. This aasan can be placed anywhere in the house and the detailing makes it look even more charming. The aasan is a solid tray that you can easily carry anywhere as per convenience. This is a made to order aasan and you can find many others and order a personalised one as per your choice.

These are some of the unique ways for hosting Janmashtami celebrations at home in full fervour. 

If you have any more ideas on Janmashtami home decoration, you can let us know in the comments below!