World Through The Lens

Focus on your guest list

This is important. The more guests you invite, the more you risk making it an extravagant affair. If possible, try restricting your guest list to people you know well while ensuring you keep your partner’s and parents’ interests in mind. You don’t need to offend people, just send out invitations to people who’d love to be there and you know they absolutely must be a part of the celebrations. You can even do something like choose to not tell people to get along a plus-one or make it an adults-only affair if that will help.

Concentrate on what matters

There are really no hard and fast rules here. You don’t need to have a glamorous Sangeet ceremony or party if you don’t wish to. You aren’t going to be forced to throw a bash filled with alcohol if you are a teetotaller and prefer a quieter and more private celebration. Look at what you’ve always wanted (a memorable after-party with photo-booth ideas, activities and a personal touch, for example) and make that the star of the celebrations. 

Quality is important

Elements from the wedding do not need to be diverse and a huge variety to make things stand out. For example, a simple wedding menu won’t disappoint if you choose to really focus on the quality of the dishes and make them speak for yourselves. Your wedding doesn’t need to be full of parties, activities, hosts, performers and more to be memorable. Making it special by including a moving dance performance from the couple, for instance, is more than enough instead of forcing yourself to organize an extravagant affair full of dance performances if that’s not your thing. Keep the quality of whatever you choose to go with top-notch and you’ll do absolutely fine.

You don’t need to impress

It’s really your call and you’re free to break or make as many rules as you’d like to. Go ahead and spend some of that money on a dreamy honeymoon instead. There’s beauty in simplicity and reminding yourselves that while planning the wedding with those you love will make a memorable and special celebration that you won’t forget in a hurry.