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Post-Wedding Blues? Here's How To Beat These And Enjoy Your Ever After Like A Pro

You have just lived your dreams of having a fairytale wedding. But now, if you end up feeling depressed after all the wedding frenzy, here are some helpful tips to begin your new journey: Take our advice and beat post-wedding blues like a pro.

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We all know that Bidaai is almost always tear-jerker of a ceremony and settling down after the wedding carnival is over can result in post-wedding blues for some. It can be due to the psychological separation from your parents since in the millennial era, you can always stay connected. Or because one of the most-awaited dreams of your life - your wedding - has been realised and is over now.

Whatever be the reason, you need a plan to fight it back. You can't let post-wedding blues ruin the happy days of being a newlywed. So how do you combat them? Here's a helpful guide. 

1. The party has only just begun

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Realise that your wedding is simply the beginning of a beautiful journey. Beat the post-wedding blue and know that it marks the beginning of your marriage which will give you plenty of moments you’ll end up treasuring forever.

Talk to your partner and plan little things like decorating your room together or working on your honeymoon and even other travel plans. Simply taking things into perspective will work wonders and help you enjoy the present instead of worrying or feeling sad about things.

2. Pre-marital counselling

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This isn’t scary and there is nothing wrong with talking to a professional before you tie the knot. Getting professional advice as a couple will help you understand ways to communicate and grow strong together as a couple.

It’ll help make the transition smoother and you’ll feel more prepared for marriage. You’ll be able to get rid of any concerns by talking about them openly which will help you relax a little more and look forward to the next step. You’ll also be able to make sure you can take of disappointments and work on compromises with each other later in healthy ways, rather than sink into post-wedding blues.

3. Every day is worth a celebration

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You can find things in your everyday lives that are worth feeling happy about. Not all of them need to be conventionally big events for you to celebrate with each other. Marriage is all about the warmth and security you bring to each other as a single unit.

Doing things together like planning short day trips or weekend getaways, making dinner special with your favourite movie, takeout and candles, will help you beat post-wedding blues. Celebrate the fact that you can enjoy the moments you spend with each other instead of rushing around the way you had to during the wedding planning experience.

4. Communicate

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You may feel too embarrassed to share this with your spouse and talk about your blues post the wedding. But you absolutely must. Your partner will be able to understand you and distract you better than anyone else. There is no shame in feeling this way and it’s a great idea to communicate with each other about these things.

Simply sharing will lighten your load and your spouse will be able to do something to help you get over your blues. For them to do anything at all, though, they need to know what’s going on to be there for you.

5. Keep up with your individuality

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Feeling lost within your new identity. This may be real to an extent and is one of the common causes for post-wedding blues. Remember, you have to balance your old identity with your new one, but not lose the old one.

Identify things that were essentially you - your family, friends, me time, interests and hobbies. Give all of them equal space within your new life. Ensure that you're able to give them and yourself some time. Plus, don't forget about your health within it all. 

6. Find ways to cement new relationships


It's a new life and you may overwhelmed about the kind of relationships you need to maintain with your new partner and new family. Avoid post-wedding blues by holding onto your unique personality and still doing little gestures that help bring a smile to all of them.

Everyone around you is there to help. So feel free to approach anyone you're comfortable talking to. And it is not a big deal if you're having post-wedding blues, it is more common than you think. So don't beat yourself up over it. Trust yourself to get over it and it'll pass. Just shift your focus from the wedding to the marriage that lies ahead of you.

Tell us if you have any more tips for other brides-to-be in the comments below.