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Here's How To Get Long And Thick Hair For Your Wedding

From shampoos to supplements and the right haircut, consider this your guide to everything you need to know about how to get long and thick hair!

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When it comes to hair, thickness and volume are our ultimate goals! Frizzy and unruly hair can be set with the right styling products but getting those, thick luscious locks takes more time and effort. Whether it’s hormonal changes or stress that’s causing your hair to thin out, there are numerous styling tricks and game-changing products you can use to get that Sophia Vergara worthy hair in no time.

The How To Get Long And Thick Hair Checklist

To point you in the direction of thick and bouncy tresses, we’ve broken down the best tips and tricks on how to get long and thick hair.

1. Your diet

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It goes without saying that your body is a reflection of what you eat, so keeping a healthy and balanced diet is key to getting that beautiful, long hair. For all the veggie lovers out there, we have some great news!

Research shows that a diet filled with healthy fats can give your hair all the texture and volume it needs. Fatty acids like Omega 3 are present in foods such as olive oil, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Consuming foods that have these ingredients is the first step in how to get long and thick hair.

Here are some diet tips for brides for a more refined approach.

2. Hair products

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Once you’ve taken care of your inner health to give your hair all the nutrients it needs, next it’s time to focus on the what you put on your hair. Everyone has different hair types and the shampoo and conditioner you use needs to cater to your specific hair needs. When buying your shampoo, look for products that contain ingredients like Vitamin E, Zinc, Iron and Copper.

These elements have high levels of Keratin which make up the building block of hair. Additionally, how to get long and thick hair also includes using hair products that have thickness and volume-building capabilities for that shine.

You also to need to invest some time and effort in deep conditioning techniques.

3. Supplements

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Whatever your hair philosophy may be, multivitamins and hair supplements are known to contain ingredients that can revamp your hair inside and out. One of the leading causes for thinning hair may be the lack of essential vitamins and nutrients in the system which can stunt hair follicle growth.

Different supplements have various results, so get a supplement that has a powerhouse of ingredients to satisfy all your hair needs. Biotins and B-complex are nutrients that are known as answers for how to get long and thick hair. You can also consult a doctor if needed. When taking supplements, How to get long and thick hair depends on various factors and takes time so it is important to remain patient as the results can take anywhere between 6-9 months.

4. Don’t wash your hair too much

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Too much of anything is bad and this is totally true when it comes to your hair. One the biggest ways to thin out your hair and dry out your scalp is to over-wash. Your hair contains natural oils that bring out the shine and glow in your hair so washing your hair too often takes away the build-up of oil that is required to keep your hair healthy and bouncy.

A healthy diet of superfoods - fruits, veggies and nuts can help your scalp produce a healthy amount of hair oils and is a great tip on how to get long and thick hair.

5. Brush your hair


When styling our hair with a curling iron and product, brushing your hair is almost an afterthought. Research shows that how you can get long and thick hair is by brushing which can exfoliate your scalp and evenly spread the natural oils in your hair. However, it is important to brush your hair only after it is slightly dry. Brushing wet hair can cause your hair follicles to break.

You also need to use the right hairbrush to give your hair the love it needs. For the ultimate shine, it is recommended that you use a ceramic-barrel brush or a boar-bristle brush. The soft brush head acts as an exfoliator for your scalp and gives it a polished glow. Plastic brushes are a big no-no!

6. Stay away from hot tools

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Hot tools such as curling irons and hair straighteners can result in split ends and broken hair follicles. The heat generated by the tool leaves your hair low on shine with a fried and frizzy texture. But if we’re being realistic, you definitely going to want to reach for a curling iron for those voluminous bouncy curls that you can rock at the wedding party (FYI or any of these hairstyles for curly hair).

Hence, when styling your hair, it is essential that you practice safe styling. This means coating your hair with a serum or heat resistant spray and ensuring that the temperature of your tool is at a stable level. The lower the heat, the better is the rule on how to get long and thick hair.

7. Get a haircut

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Ask any stylist and they’ll tell you the importance of getting regular haircuts. Hair follicles tend to break over time and chopping off your hair at regular intervals can ensure that your hair retains its natural shine. You don’t need to make any drastic changes to your hair, just a few inches off every three months can make a world of a difference to the volume in your hair. But if you are looking for a cut to give your hair instant volume, a blunt chop is the way to go.

Different shades and tones of hair colour in lowlights and highlights can give your hair some texture and depth. It’s an effective way on how to get long and thick hair.

8. Just relax

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Stress is said to have a major impact on the thickness and volume of your hair. The medical term for this is telogen effluvium which is hair loss as a result of stress and trauma. While this is a temporary condition, it still takes a reasonable amount of time for your hair to regain its natural thickness. The best way to combat this and how to get long and thick hair is to take a chill pill and just relax.

The concept of self-care has become a huge trend in recent months as more people have realised the importance of taking time for yourself. Self-care doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out large bucks to feel good, it could be as simple as taking a walk, dancing or even doing a hair mask. Give your body some TLC!

We all dream about those enviable luscious locks that make us look like we just stepped right out of a Sunsilk Shampoo ad. Although such hair may seem like a far reach, it is actually quite attainable with a few tweaks to your beauty and lifestyle routine. From supplements to hair-care products and brushing your hair the right way, we guarantee the tips listed above will show you how to get long and thick hair! You will have them and then you can go ahead and choose which wedding hairstyles for long hair you'd choose for them.

Did you find this guide on how to get long and thick hair useful? Let us know your hair care tips in the comments below!