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"How to Do Simple Makeup" Answered for You With Tips and Styles

Want a minimalistic look for your wedding? If so, then deep dive into this guide and learn how a simple makeup look will make you look just as glamorous on your D-day!

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Women all around the world are now taking the minimalistic route when it comes to their bridal makeup. The usual Indian wedding look involves a lot of makeup, in general, to give you the look of a royal princess. However, with the wave of simple makeup hitting the trend section of every magazine, many brides are going for the simple look even at weddings.

The best part about going this way is that you can do it yourself. In fact, it is not just for your wedding but also for your daily use. But, of course, that only works when you know how to do simple makeup.

First things first, it is really about keeping your skin healthy so that you need just a little makeup to look great. Once you have, that the whole process of ‘how to do simple makeup’ is quite easy.

To guide you through that, we have come up with some steps and tips that you need to keep in mind while doing this on your own or with the help of someone.

Assess Your Skin Tone


The most important step in the ‘how to do simple makeup’ is to assess your skin tone. Since you are going for the minimalistic look, the key is to stick to your skin tone. A major fluctuation in your skin tone post the makeup will not look that great.

You need to find any of the blemishes or dark or white spots on your face that are hampering the evenness of your skin. This can include your freckles, acne scars or dark circles. You need to take extra care of these spots while applying the concealer or foundation to get an even tone for your skin.

Prep Your Face for the Light Makeup


Before the application of any of the makeup items, you first need to prep your face. The prep involves washing your face thoroughly to wipe off all the dust or other such foreign particles settled on your skin along with excess oil. For this, you need a good face wash (or you can rub aloe vera gel onto your face for a bit and then wash it off).

Post that, apply a pea-sized amount of moisturiser to soften your skin. It helps in the hydration process as well. Now you may apply primer to give yourself a smooth base on which you can easily apply the foundation.

Some Important Tips

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In this guide about ‘how to do simple makeup’, here are a few basic tips that you must definitely keep in mind.

  • When you choose a concealer, ensure that it is always two skin tones lighter than yours. It helps to give a lift to the darker areas on your skin, especially under the eyes.
  • Use a sponge to blend the foundation on your face.
  • Do not go for the fancy winged-liner or double-liner look. Keep it simple with a single stroke so that it matches with the overall look.
  • Take an old toothbrush with light bristles to rub off all the dead skin settled around your lips. You may then use a nude lip balm to even it out.

Now, let us take a look at the three most important parts of your face individually to get a better understanding of how to do simple makeup.

Makeup for Cheeks


Starting with the biggest part, cheeks, you need to apply the foundation from the centre and keep the motion of your strokes outwards. Always try to do so in one single motion. Apply some powder to give yourself a matte finish rather than a shiny finish.

However, make sure you dab away the extra powder. With a puffy brush, apply blush on your cheeks in an upward motion. To create some detailing, apply contour or highlighter on the cheekbone, forehead and the nose bridge.

Makeup for the Eyes


In the guide to how to do simple makeup, the next step is to make your eyes beautiful. As mentioned above, go easy with the eyeliner. For the eye shadow, you can either go with a colour similar to your attire or go for a nude or light orange colour to give yourself a slight lift.

Use a big brush to even it out and stick to just one shade for this. Curl your eyelashes a bit before applying the mascara.

Makeup for the Lips


Once you have cleaned the region around your lips, apply a nude or brown colour lipstick for the simple look or you may go for a colour that matches your outfit. Add a bit of a gloss if you want to have that shiny finish to your lips. That should be the perfect way to end the routine of how to do simple makeup.

Now that you know how to do simple makeup, you must definitely try it once before the wedding day and finalise the look you want beforehand. This allows you to make the necessary changes for the final look. Mix and match the shades and their tones to get the desired look.

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