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The Ultimate Guide to Attend a Wedding During COVID–19

RSVPing ‘Yes’ to a wedding in 2020 might look nothing like before. But here’s your guide to attending a wedding during COVID-19 with less hesitation & more merriment even now.

With Love, Nilma

Attending a wedding from this point forward will no longer be just about juggling between what to wear or what to gift, it will primarily decipher between how to keep safe and yet celebrate the couple tying the knot. With gloves replacing mehndi, lipsticks replacing masks and perfumes adding to the sanitiser sprays - attending weddings amidst a pandemic is no joke and the safety mustn’t be taken casually. The biggest breakthrough of successfully attending a wedding during these uncharted times is to be on top of your safety game and also helping other guests map this out with ease.

From helping you become a part of your loved ones’ wedding, unanxiously to being a responsible wedding guest–we’ve curated this super simple guide to attending a wedding during COVID. With this handbook at your disposal, you will be able to better navigate through what you must do and what you mustn’t, once you RSVP ‘Going’ to a wedding amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Fret less, learn more. Here are the tips to keep in mind.

Ensure safety measures are being followed

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The primary most factor of attending a wedding during COVID is to ensure the hosts are taking severe precautions and are fully equipped with safety mechanisms. Remember to mark your presence only when you’re fully satisfied with the arrangements made by the hosts and are yourself confident about owning up to the required safety measures suggested by the authorities. Beyond everything, ensure the government guidelines are being followed without any fail.

Travel intelligently

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Travelling has been the biggest setback ever since the coronavirus travelled from China to across the globe and it is still very risky to migrate from place to place. So think really hard and through when you plan to travel long durations or inter-city to attend a wedding. It is best if you travel with your own vehicles by road if the distance is feasible. All cities have different travelling restrictions and you must be thorough with your research about quarantine and isolation guidelines as well. 

Send gifts online

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Carrying gifts or flowers along with yourself to a wedding might just equal carrying the potential virus. Sounds scary but true. When you carry a gift around, too many people end up touching the gift or it is constantly being moved from one place to another which is not advised keeping the safety measures in mind. Consider sending flowers or gifts directly to the couple’s house instead of taking them along. If you plan to give an envelope of cash, consider online modes of money transfer or sending it through the mail instead of directly handing it to them.

Be considerate about others safety too

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You will possibly be reunited with all of your loved ones at the wedding after a really long time given the prolonged lockdown situation. It is perfectly normal to feel the need to hug them or take their blessings by touching their feet. But before you let your emotions come in the way, please be considerate about how the other person is feeling. Are they comfortable in sharing a hug or even with someone coming very close to them? Ask them about their comfort before extending any physical gesture and be acknowledging of their safety too. Even photographers are finding newer ways to go ahead with their wedding photography to keep the safety intact.

Wear a mask

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Masks are the newest accessory this wedding season, but like it or not, you need to wear one before meeting people in public. this has become an etiquette in the new normal. Covering your mouth and nose is extremely important when leaving your home, especially when attending a gathering. Most couples are providing disposable masks for their guests, but it is advisable you carry your own masks.

Dress sensibly

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When attending a wedding during COVID, one must keep themselves together and avoid maximum contact with surfaces, especially floors. When choosing an outfit to wear for a wedding happening during the pandemic, avoid wearing anything that is all over the place. Garments which are floor-sweeping like lehengas, Anarkalis or long dupattas are a big no-no. Consider altering the garment length to your ankles or wear high heels. 

Keep your hands to yourself

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Avoid touching things, surfaces as much as possible. Even though with everyone adhering to laid restrictions, you’re still a little blinded by what might come your way. It is best to not touch any tables, chairs, walls, the railing of the stairs or doorknobs until needed. In case you do, don’t forget to thoroughly wash your hands or sanitise them immediately. 

Be hygiene conscious at all times

With Love, Nilma

A lot of times, guests leave half-eaten food in their plates, used tissues and glasses unattended on tabletops which is a super unhygienic practice. It is also considered as a poor wedding guest etiquette and must be avoided at all costs. More than ever now, understanding that even a little negligence is unacceptable when attending weddings during COVID. If you see any other guests following poor hygiene practices, do not hesitate in pointing it out. 

Indian weddings have always been free-spirited, easy-going affairs with people guffawing, exchanging sweets and hugging around–all of which is quite impossible to practice now, given the current ordeal of coronavirus. The future of weddings with social distancing and optimum hygiene being the primary concerns of any public event, following this guide to attending a wedding during COVID is the need of the hour. So, listen up ladkiwalas and ladkewalas, pull up your gloves, wear your masks and sprits on some sanitiser because like it or not, the virus is in with us for a long haul and we must be extra protective of us and our loved ones.

Have you ticked all the boxes before you get ready to attend a wedding during COVID-19? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!