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Valentine's Alert: Give Roses to Your Husband According to His Zodiac Sign

Roses for the longest time have enjoyed the honour of being a sweetheart in the world of flowers! Serenade the man of your life with a beautiful rose this Valentine's day. Find what colour sits best with his zodiac & show him how much you love him!


Is it your first Valentine's together post-wedding? Or, the first one since your engagement? Well, you must take the best of this opportunity and turn it into Valentine's week you will remember forever. One good thing about being a woman is that you are sorted when it comes to finding gifts for your loved ones. Have you ever come across a woman who couldn't find a gift that was extraordinary and oh-so-perfect? We sure haven't! But, when it comes down to giving roses for Valentine's week, the plethora of varieties and colours can get a little overwhelming. 

'Which colour', 'how many' are some questions that serenade our minds when thinking of giving roses! We will resolve your doubts and help you find the rose that will take his breath away! 

Find out Which Rose Colour Is Best According to Your Zodiac Sign!

Isn't it fun to see what colour suits your zodiac personality best? Since it is the infamous Valentine's week and for all the lovely couples who are celebrating their first Valentine's after tying the knot or as they stepped into their beautiful courtship period, this article will narrow down for you rose colours that are apt for your partner's zodiac sign.

Read on to find out what the starts have in line for you in terms of giving roses. Read which rose colours is best suited to your future husband's or husband's zodiac sign and spread some love, beauty and fragrance! 

1. Red, Yellow & Orange Rose

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Red - The traditional colour of love and budding romance, the first thing that comes to a lover's mind when courting the love of her life! 

Yellow - Bright, cheerful and joyful, yellow roses are known to bud warm feelings and reciprocate the same in order to provide immense happiness. A beautiful symbol of love and friendship both! 

Orange - A symbol of energy, enthusiasm, desire and excitement. All of which are important elements that make a relation perfect and lively. Giving orange roses will capture your passionate romance and share your excitement of the relationship with your beloved husband. 

Born under the symbol of the fire element, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are confident, bold and fierce. Strong, independent spirits with a bolt of energy, they deserve to be given a rose which justifies the strong emotions and passionate vibes that makes them who they are. If this is your first Valentine's after marriage then you must give roses that mimic these colours if your husband shares a zodiac sign of the firebrand. 

These colours sit best with the personality of the following zodiacs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius 

2. Pink, Peach & Green

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Pink - Admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy and sweetness are just a few ways to describe the meaning behind the pink rose hold in the life of a couple. A pink rose is a quintessential thing that defines a pure romance. A token of admiration and appreciation.

Peach - Grateful that you met your husband and tied the knot with him? That is the cutest thing we've witnessed so far. If you want to show your gratitude then perhaps give peach roses to convey what your heart wants to say! A bouquet of peach roses shows your deep appreciation and gratitude 

Green - Richness, abundance, and bounty. Green is life, abundant growth, and constant rejuvenation of the spirit, body and mind. It signifies cheerfulness and new beginnings. If you want to celebrate your new beginnings with your husband, then a green rose will convey what you feel on the inside. 

Born under the symbol of the mother Earth element, these zodiac signs are driven by the element of mother Earth and are thus deeply rooted and seated when it comes to tracing their personality traits! If you just got married recently and would like to share what you really feel about your husband, then give him one of these rose colours and convey what you wanted to say without actually saying anything. 

These Colours Sits Best with the Personality of the Following Zodiacs: TaurusVirgoCapricorn

3. Cream, White, Crimson & Salmon


Cream - Cream roses are indicative of charm and thoughtfulness. If you cannot get enough of your husband charm, then this is how you can thank him for it. 

White - Representation of innocence, purity and charm. A perfect way of celebrating the new beginnings. Celebrate your first Valentine's together by designing a bouquet of roses for him and give roses to him to seal your love with the fragrance of these beauties. 

Crimson - Sweet, kind and peaceful. Thank you husband for the peace he brought to your life by simply just being there. 

Salmon- Salmon roses can indicate enthusiasm, desire and excitement. Give salmon roses as a way to share your desire for someone; and they'll know how you truly feel, in this case, your handsome husband-to-be or perhaps, husband!

Born under the symbol of the airy element, these zodiac signs are driven by the element of the air and thus believe in flowing with the flow and are happy go lucky in nature! If you just got married recently and would like to share what you really feel about your husband, then gift him one of these rose colours and celebrate your new bond! 

These colours sit best with the personality of the following zodiacs: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

4. Blue, Lavender & Purple

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Blue - The blue rose symbolises the impossible! Cannot quite believe that such a handsome hunk is your husband now? Showcase just that by giving him a blue rose and showing how you achieved the impossible! 

Lavender - Was it love at first sight for you when you saw your husband for the first time? If so, then nothing better than giving him a  lavender rose to really tell him how you feel! 

Purple - A colour of Enchantment! Purple rose also seems to convey love at the very first sight. A deep magnetism and charm that makes it irresistible to stay away from your loved one! If you feel the same way then why not give roses to your husband to do the same? 

Born under the symbol of the aqueous and fluid star signs, these star signs are driven by the elements of water, all source of life! Sensitive, emotional, powerful, passionate and known for their gentleness and patience, these star signs are a complete package in itself.

These colours sit best with the personality of the following zodiacs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
Give roses to your husband now and see how magical your Valentine's week becomes! Give roses in a form of a bouquet or have them delivered at his office or perhaps give roses as he comes back home after a tiring day at work and witnesses the smile that spread across his face as he sees them. 

How would you like to give roses to your husband? Tell us through the comments!