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7 Plush Toy Ideas to Give as Gifts for Fiance This Teddy Day

It is your courtship period and you want to give something meaningful to your fiance on Teddy Day. Here is a list of plush toys that are the teddy bear version he would love.

You're getting married, yay! But right before that falls Valentine's week. Now, you should be gifting your fiance something to mark each of the days for the week of love. Do you have ideas planned for all but one, Teddy Day? Fret not, we'll help you out by suggesting some popular gifts for fiance. They might seem all rough and gruff on the outside but you'd be surprised to know how many men actually love playing with plush toys. Even if your man doesn't, it would a nice gesture to give him something he can keep in his room. It will make him think of you every time he sees it and sweeten the wait till your wedding day.

1. DC or Marvel Gifts for Fiance

Image courtesy: DHgate

Is your man a DC or Marvel fan? Gift him a plush toy of DCU or MCU character for and he would be elated. And you'd automatically become an even cooler SO for him. Most common of these gifts for fiance are Deadpool, Thor, Groot and Batman. This would totally qualify as a Teddy Day gift and still not be a teddy bear. *Smart move*

2. Star Wars Gifts for Fiance

Image Courtesy: Disney

Any Star Wars fan would love to get a Chewbacca plush toy as a gift. If you pick this among all the gifts for fiance, he will become sure that you're the one. If you haven't figured out already if he's a fan or not, plan a date night before Teddy Day where you just watch movies and chill. Talk about all your favourite movies and make a sly move to find out his! You'll have an awesome date, plus you'd get to know what to gift him.  

3. Pixar Gifts for Fiance

Image Courtesy: Disney

This plush toy is from a Pixar movie where the protagonist, Andy, grows up over the series of movies but still holds all his childhood toys dear. If you can see your man have similar feelings for a cartoon, video game or toy character from his childhood, get him its plush toy. It will be thoughtful and show him how much you love all of him, especially his child-like side. This will help you bond with a version of his when you weren't present, but you show that you understand and appreciate.

4. Hot Wheels or Cars Gifts for Fiance

Image Courtesy: Disney

Almost all boys love cars - their own cars, fancy cars, toy cars - everything. So gifting him a plush toy of a car on Teddy Day makes perfect sense. Have fun during the courtship period by getting to know each other through such gifts. Tell each other the stories behind them and share the collection of cars of his. You'd be totally blown away to see how into it he gets when talking about cars!

5. Reminiscent Gifts for Fiance

Image Courtesy: Disney

During your dating period, all you did was 'Netflix and Chill'? If so, there must be movies you have a connection to because you watched them together and shared some special moments. Maybe, it was during a movie that you realised that he's the one. Bring back that memory in the form of a plush toy. Gift him a character's soft toy version and say what's in your heart in the form of a beautiful proposal quote

6. Pokemon Gifts for Fiance

Image Courtesy: Pokemoncenter

Have you two gone to the craziest limits of playing Pokemon Go? Then you have your gift for him sorted. Send him a plush toy of his favourite Pokemon character for Valentine's week and maybe have another gaming session with him. Getting involved in activities together will only bring you closer and isn't that the main essence of the courtship period!

7. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Gifts for Fiance

Image Courtesy: Stars and Guitars

Every F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan knows this character from the series. It's Hugsy! If you've always imagined your love story to turn out like Chandler and Monica's, neither of you likes to share food like Joey, both of you have a crazy streak like Phoebe and always plan to come back to each other like Ross and Rachel, this will be THE gift you should get him. Celebrate your F.R.I.E.N.D.S fandom together with a lovely Hugsy plush toy.

Bonus idea for Gifts for Fiance

Image Courtesy: BigSmall

If you're thinking a plush toy would be too much for your man but still want a cutesy gift for Teddy Day, how about you get him a pair of a plush slip-on! A themed one like this Batman one here would be just right and serve a utility as well. 

Think out-of-the-box to make your gift personal and unique. You can even go for plush toy storage boxes or neck pillows in fun shapes. You can even turn it into a prank and get a good laugh out of it. Choose what works best for you as a couple. 

Have more ideas on gifts for fiance? Share them in the comments below.