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Wedding Anniversary Video Maker Alert! Check out These Steal-Worthy Ideas to Make Your Anniversary All the More Special

Irrespective of the number of years you have completed, each anniversary deserves to be a grand celebration of love! And small gestures like a wedding anniversary video makes it all special. So check out these tips on using wedding anniversary video

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Stumped upon what unique to do this year, to make your wedding anniversary special? Well, we’ve got you covered. While there are classic wedding anniversary moves, like an emotional message/quotes or even a beautiful photo frame but when it comes to romantic gestures, there is something special about wedding anniversary videos that we totally love! From the evergreen photo montage featuring a favourite song to a movie of all special moments starting right from your wedding, there are so many ways to get it right with a wedding anniversary video maker. From easy video apps to apps on your laptop, we’ve touched all bases to make optimum usage of a wedding anniversary video maker. Read on to find the tips to guide you through making these video montages…

While using a wedding anniversary video maker, the first aspect of this surprise you must decide on is the kind of video you want. Do you want something quirky and funny or something sentimental to tug at the heart? Do you want to use pictures or videos? All of these factors make the first step.

1. Classic slideshow

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A classic choice when it comes to wedding anniversary video maker is to go with a slideshow featuring your best memories starting right from the day you to met to probably the latest picture. In the backdrop of your favourite song, this slideshow is set to make your spouses heart melt as you take a walk down memory lane in this picturesque manner. You could also include captions at the bottom of each photo to take it up a notch! This form is one of the simplest while using a wedding anniversary video maker but only better, yet it is one of the forms that always strikes as thoughtful. After all, it’s the thought that will matter.

2. A montage

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Basically, the same concept for a wedding anniversary video maker but instead of photos, you could use videos to make it more appealing and fun! You can use videos from your wedding to even usual days to highlight some of your favourite moments this anniversary. For a twist, you could also use Bollywood songs to give it that movie song video fun and take it up a notch by adding your own voice over in a few spots to make it funny.

3. The one with everyone!


If you are going away for an anniversary celebration or this year you decided to go with quiet celebration, you could always choose to bring colour and mirth with this amazing millennial idea for a wedding anniversary video maker. Get all your friends and family members to send short video messages for the both of you on your anniversary recalling all their fun moments with you. This video collage of all the videos along with a soft soundtrack is set to win hearts simply because of the extensive effort and sincere thought behind it all.

Tip: Ask everyone to send the video in a horizontal or vertical format, sticking to one form will make everything appear very professional. Which wedding anniversary video maker to use?

Now once you’ve decided which video to go with for the wedding anniversary video maker, the next step is choosing the perfect application or software. This solely is depending on how comfortable you are with tech and software as including songs and dealing with other technicalities might be cumbersome.

4. The inbuilt choice

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Most laptops come with pre-installed software which would act as the perfect wedding anniversary video maker. These software’s are user-friendly and have top-notch features at no additional cost. The two software’s we absolutely love are iMovie and Windows movie maker. Now starting with Apple’s iMovie, it is the choice of professionals in the industry too owing to its excellent quality, features and easy access. Windows too, on the other hand, is perfect for a novice in the field of editing and comes with an array of filters, and its own set of transitions. Better yet, it also has an inbuilt tutorial mode to guide you through the wedding anniversary video maker.5.

5. Mobile applications


If you are pressed on time and cannot spare all the time to actually get acquainted to software and all the tricks that come along with using a desktop wedding anniversary video maker, we have a quick fix! You can make the perfect video right in your palms using a smartphone with any of these wedding anniversary video maker. Check out:  Wedding video maker (only for Android), Magix movie editor pro, Wondershare Filmora, Vidmate- video maker & editor and Alive movie maker. Most of these apps are free so you can try them out to find the one best suited for you!

The task of using a wedding anniversary video maker may sound very hectic and hard, but in fact, the whole process is extremely friendly, and the results are extraordinary. You could even produce a professional grade video online with the help of tutorials at no cost at all. Wedding anniversary video is the perfect gift for someone who wants to go beyond the conventional messages and gift trail. And the easy and world of wedding anniversary video maker makes all of this possible with much ease. So be sure to give this a try to make your anniversary special and surprise your spouse with your editing skills featuring your memories. You can also use some wedding anniversary quotes, romantic quotes, some pictures to wish your spouse, a wedding anniversary cake - the options are endless. 

What do you think of wedding anniversary videos? Do let us know in the comments.