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While your wedding date is getting closer, you may feel pressure but you have to pursue your goals of getting that bridal bod safely and effectively. Of course, you have to maintain a healthy diet besides practising exercises. Do not jump into fad diets because your body will lose water rather than weight. Increase the intensity of daily workout that helps you fit in your wedding outfit and you will look great in wedding photos. Even you can fix a target date to reduce fat around your waist. Try following strategic flat tummy tips that will reduce tummy fat faster than ever.

Some flat tummy tips that will give you a slim look before your wedding

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Have you chosen the bridal trousseau that you are going to wear on your wedding day? Still worried that it should not be flattering to your body shape? One of the most important things for your big day is to look slim and toned. But there are so many ways available that you may get little confused. You should not follow any extreme measures to reduce belly fat quickly instead of opting for smart and sustainable changes to your fitness programme. The truth is these flat tummy tips will help you to look your best in that beautiful bridal attire.

5 Ways to reduce belly flat

1. Eating habits

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The first step should be avoiding trans-fats which increase the chance of more abdominal fat. So start consuming soluble fibre that helps to burn calories and you won’t feel the urge of eating more as these small intakes make you feel full. Make superfoods a part of your bridal diet. Eat smaller portions but increase the number of meals. Most importantly, you should avoid drinking too much alcohol frequently as it increases belly fat fast. Consumption of high protein diets such as beans, lean meat and fish are ideal to shed extra fat around your waist. So basically you have to practice flat tummy tips and say goodbye to your concern.

2. Lower the amount of carb

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It seems you can reduce your tummy fat within a few months. Studies have found that a low-carb diet helps to reduce weight and fat from your body and improves your overall health condition. The processed foods are loaded with high carb and sugar that lead to drastic weight gain, so one of the effective ways is that you should at least try to eliminate such sugary and high carb foods before the wedding. In fact, low-carb vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and spinach in your diet help you to get good results without putting any extra effort.

3. Intake whole foods


To peel off your extra pounds, start taking whole grain like brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, barley and many more because refined grains bring more belly fat. Even instead of fruit juice or vegetable juice, you can incorporate whole fruits and vegetables in your diet as these fill you up with lower calories. So next time when you will visit the grocery store, do not choose those food products which promise you to shed belly fat as these contain artificial chemical and sugar that make your body hold on to weight. In order to get a long term result, buy whole foods which are proved to be far effective.

4. Avoid aerated drink

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Sugar-sweetened beverages or aerated drinks such as soda, energy drinks, sweetened tea or coffee are loaded with added sugar which leads to increased belly fat. So you can drink plenty of water with a wedge of lime or lemon. Water boosts metabolism and helps to drop excess fat of your tummy. Even drinking green tea can be effective to reduce abdominal fat before the wedding day.

5. Increase your daily workouts

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Exercising is considered one of the most effective flat tummy tips that can help you burn extra calories. Your challenge is to flaunt a well-toned belly because you are going to drape beautiful lehenga on your big day. Walking and running can be more effective than anything else. Even you can try low impact workout on an elliptical trainer which can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes. To create a lean waist, you need to start practising crunches which burn your belly fat faster than ever. Even practising yoga plays a significant role to tone your tummy.

Many things can help you to lose belly fat, but you have to monitor your activities. Keep a vigil eye on your intake of fibre, carb and protein and in addition to this, you must increase your daily workout activities. Making simple lifestyle changes like walking or riding a bicycle, sitting less and taking stairs can help you to reduce fat around your waist. Follow these simple flat tummy tips because there are no short-cut solutions, it always requires your effort and perseverance.

So, what do you think about these tips, will they be helpful enough before your D-Day?