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Get Ready With Ease Using These Face Makeup Steps & Look Glam

If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to apply makeup for a fancy party, here are some face makeup steps that you can follow to get ready!

Image Courtesy: Sevenq Weddings

If you are an amateur when it comes to makeup, you probably have difficulty getting ready for an important event. With the hundreds of different makeup products available in the market for different parts of your face, it can be a little intimidating. If you are starting to like makeup and want to learn how to apply it beautifully, here are some face makeup steps that you can follow and we promise you will look like a diva by the end of this article.

Get ready with us with these face makeup steps perfect for any beginner!

1. Wash, Moisturise and Prime

Image Courtesy: Sevenq Weddings

You will find these same first few face makeup steps in any makeup tutorial. That just tells you the importance of starting with them. The first step is to thoroughly wash your face and then moisturise it. Do not apply the cream too harshly on your face as it can damage your skin. The last step in this point is to apply a primer. Apply some drops on your forehead, cheeks, and nose and blend them carefully. It will help your makeup last longer and give it a matte texture. Do not apply primer on your eyelid if you have an eyelid primer. Give your face a few minutes to breathe before starting the next step.

2. Apply foundation

Image Courtesy: Sevenq Weddings

Once the primer is dry, you are ready for the rest of the face makeup steps. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. Apply the foundation on your face and neck, and don’t forget your ears too! Use a foam sponge, a foundation brush or your index finger to blend the product.

Note: Do not forget to apply foundation on your neck. There should not be any inconsistency in the colour of the face and the neck. A great look relies on blending properly.

3. Use a concealer to hide your blemishes

Dipak Studios

Now we all have blemishes and dark spots on our face and under our eyes that we want to hide with our makeup. Isn’t that the whole point of applying it in the first place! With that in mind, get a great concealer because the next in face makeup steps is concealing. A concealer or colour corrector is used to hide the dark spots. Apply the product under your eyes in an upside-down triangle and blend it softly.

Pro tip: use your middle finger to blend the concealer as it puts a lighter pressure on the area as compared to your index finger.

4. Set and contour

Image Courtesy: Pristine Allure Studio

The last steps for applying the makeup on the face are to set the foundation and contour the face. Take the loose powder and apply it lightly on your face. Blend it with a powder brush and cover your entire face lightly. This helps your makeup to last longer and gives it a neat look. Also, it helps in preventing the makeup from running down your face if you are out dancing!

The next in face makeup steps is contouring. Use a bronzer two shades darker than your skin tone to add a bit of colour on your face. This is important because it helps define your face structure. Apply the bronzer along your hairline, cheekbones, nose and end it on your chin. Blend it properly with a brush.

5. Time for the eyes

Guneet Virdi

After you are done with your face, it is time to focus on those pretty eyes of yours. Some may say that this is the most important of your face makeup steps. Start with applying an eyelid primer on the eyes. Choose eye shadow colours that match your outfit. If you are a beginner, it is best to stick with just one shade. Apply the eye shadow and complete your eye makeup with eyeliner, mascara and kajal if you want. Lastly, tend to your eyebrows and fill them carefully.

6. Final touches

Dipak Studios

All that is left in your face makeup steps is to do the final touch-ups. Take a proper look at your makeup. You can still change it or reapply anything if you want. Finish your look with a natural blush and lipstick of your choice. If you are going to a fancy event, go bold with your lip colour. You can also pick out a nude shade if you have gone dark with your eye shadow.

If you follow these face makeup steps correctly without making mistakes, we assure you that you will end up with the perfect party makeup. Remember that it should look simple and elegant. You should be proud of yourself if you are done with these steps. We loved getting ready with you. We hope so, did you!

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