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12 Dresses to Wear in Goa When You Hit the Bay for Your Bachelorette/Honeymoon Vacay

Headed to Goa for your honeymoon or bachelorette party? Then you must look at these 12 dresses to wear in goa to look like a show-stopper. They are fun, flirty and chic and will add the right amount of oomph to your style quotient.

Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla

A bride’s honeymoon wardrobe and a bride-to-be’s bachelorette party should be nothing less than perfect. With that being said, we will help you find some flirty, fun, and chic dresses to wear in goa. Jeff off on your honeymoon or bachelorette party whilst keeping your style quotient intact and saving some extra bucks. You won’t really need to splurge your pockets on these dresses to wear in goa.

Look at these dresses to wear in goa and get inspired!

12 Dresses to Wear in Goa That Won't Burn a Hole in Your Pocket!

Browse through and save your favourite honeymoon clothes!

1. Purple for the Win

CoolBluez Photography

This high-slit and flowy gown is perfect when one even begins to think of honeymoon or a bachelorette party. A perfect fit for a romantic candlelight dinner or a night out with your gang of friends.

Approximate Cost:   5000 - ₹ 7000

2. The Little White Dress

CoolBluez Photography

If you still haven’t bagged that dress that you could wear to the beach, or to a club or on a cruise as you sit chilling with your husband, then this little white dress is yours for the taking.

Approximate Cost:   3000 - ₹ 5000

3. Floral Maxi

CoolBluez Photography

Imagine this, sandy beach of Goa, sunset and your husband or girlfriends. A flowy maxi dress, preferably in prints, is perfect for a breezy day out with your bunch of friends. All the pictures you click wearing this will definitely make it to all your social media accounts.

Approximate Cost:   2000 - ₹ 3000

4. Floor Length Gown with A Trail

DotDusk Studios

If you have a planned photo session for your pre-wedding shoot, then wearing something like this is something you should consider doing. This gown is light, flowy and will add the much-needed drama and spice to your photoshoot with friends. Some funky poses serenading your girlfriends and you will find an array of pictures to share on all your social media handles.

Approximate Cost:   2000 - ₹ 3000

5. Ruffled Blouse and Skirt

Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla

You must add this two-piece ruffled blouse and skirt in baby pink to your honeymoon clothes if you are headed to Goa. A candlelight dinner will do complete justice to this dress and the efflorescent night.

Approximate Cost:   5000 - ₹ 7000

6. Cute Set of PJs

Plush Affairs

A must in every bachelorette party clothing list, please remember to carry a cute pair of PJs. Imagine clicking a group shot with all your friends wearing the same set of PJs – Super cute!

Approximate Cost:   1000 - ₹ 2000

7. The Little Black Dress

Israni Photography

If you still haven’t bagged that dress that you could wear to the beach, or on a yacht as you sit chilling with your husband, then this little black dress is the one for you to pick!

Approximate Cost:   2000 - ₹ 3000

8. The Little Maroon Dress

Israni Photography

If you want a dress that you could wear not only on your honeymoon but also as you hop clubs in Goa, then you should think about including this maroon dress you’re your stack of dresses to wear in goa.

Approximate Cost:   2000 - ₹ 3000

9. White Gown

Ram Bherwani Weddings

If you want your honeymoon pictures to be just as dreamy as your wedding photos, then you must invest in buying this beauty. Add this dress to your list of dresses to wear in goa and have the best honeymoon ever at a resort in Goa.

Approximate Cost:   8000 - ₹ 10000

10. Dark Green Beauty

Image courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M

If you want to mimic a pose such as this, then you must invest in an equally stunning dress. Add this piece in your pile of dresses to wear in goa and have some fun with your gang of Veeras

Approximate Cost:   3000 - ₹ 5000

11. The Golden Cut Out Dress

The Film Maker

One of the perfect dresses to wear in Goa, this golden beauty with side oblique cutouts will add the right amount of glitz and glamour to your bachelorette party vibe. Say bye to bachelorhood in style and with your sexy back in this cute yet daring silhouette.

Approximate Cost:   3000 - ₹ 5000

12. Tank Me up with Shorts

Akshar Wedding

Goa Gaye Aur Shorts Nahin Pehna? Yes, something like that. So, enough said and add this sturdy set while planning a listicle for dresses to wear in Goa.

Approximate Cost:   1500 - ₹2000

We hope we made your task of what to and what not to include when packing for your honeymoon. Now that you know about some different honeymoon clothes that not only look wonderful and are also not too expensive, start building up your honeymoon wardrobe right away!

We hope now you are thrilled to set sail to what will turn out to be the dreamiest honeymoon or the wildest bachelorette party in Goa. Now that you have a listicle of the various dresses to wear in goa have of your troubles will subside.

Which of these dresses to wear in goa from our list of clothes did you like best? Tell us through the comments!