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India weddings are a gala event. And our favourite form the string of festivities is the 'Sangeet Night.' Sangeet is a gala ceremony that is solely dedicated to music and dancing. Besides typical Sangeet songs, there is an ample number of folk songs, each signifying, different ceremonies during the marriage.

An Indian wedding without music in the background is just not possible. To be honest, it is quite a chaotic affair but the fun associated with all the impromptu dancing and humming folk music just cannot be missed out on.

Use of folk songs:

Each community in India has its own definite set of folk songs for the marriage ceremony. Majority of the folk songs sung during marriages narrates the beauty of the bride and illustrates her feeling on her big day.

A girl goes through a lot of changes in her life and these songs in the disguise of humor try to capture the emotions of what it means to be a woman. Read on to find out what each of these folk songs has to say about your married life. 

Songs for every occasion:


The Videowala

This is a popular Punjabi folk song. Lathe Di Chadaar is a bit different than other wedding songs, such as din Shagna da. This one focuses on the other unmarried girls instead of the bride. This song is a kind of an ice breaker between the unmarried girls and guys during the sangeet ceremony.


Image Courtesy: R.R. Devani

This is a Rajasthani song that describes the bride talking about the colour of Haldi (turmeric powder mixed with rose water) that is applied on her by her family members so that her skin looks even toned and glows on her big day. Haldi ceremony is the last event before the wedding so the feeling of the bride just before the main ceremony is captured in this song.


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This one is a Bengali song about the Haldi ceremony. This is usually sung by the women who apply Haldi on the bride's skin preparing her for life after marriage.


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This is the most desired Punjabi folk bridal entry song used nowadays. This song describes the bride inviting her friends to join the auspicious day of her wedding. In this song the bride is also longing for her beloved, asking him to come to the home that is decorated in the most special manner to take her back with him.


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Leela Bali is a famous Bengali wedding song that symbolises the eventful day of the wedding. This song talks about the friends of the bride describing the process of preparing her with different jewellery for the big event.



Ghodi is again a Punjabi folk song that is used to describe the tradition of the groom going on horseback to bring his bride. This one is a pre-wedding song sung by the sister of the groom before her brother leaves on the horseback to get married to his would be wife.


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As the girl has to leave her home and family behind before stepping into a completely new life after marriage, this song is a Vidaai song. The lyrics signify the pain the bride feels while leaving her previous life behind. This is a post-wedding song that is used to describe the departure of the bride for her husband’s home.

A wedding is a most awaited occasion that is full of fun and rituals in any Indian family. In Indian weddings, music is not just the fun part but also is used to mark the beginning of a wedding ceremony. In northern India, Sikh weddings are started with Kirtan, songs dedicated to God asking for his blessings to the newlyweds. In the east, Bengali Oriya and Assamese weddings are incomplete without blowing the conch-shell and Uluni or Ulu-dhwani, a vocal sound made by married women. During the Hindu weddings recital of Sanskrit Shlokas in a rhythmic manner is an integral part of marriage rituals.

If you are looking for your perfect bridal entry songs or the song that will describe each event of your wedding in your wedding video then using these above-mentioned folk songs would be the ideal choice for you.

Which one is your favourite?