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Different Types of Sleeves to Add to Your Bridal Look

Different types of sleeves can impact your overall look so think twice before finalising the sleeve design of your blouse or dress!

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When you make sure that every detail of your attire is as perfect as it can get, you invariably end up having a stunning outfit. It is not just about the overall look of your attire along with the jewellery - it is also about the intricate details that make it ever so stunning. The sleeves of the blouse or dress may not seem like too big a thing for a few people but they definitely play a huge role in deciding your look.

When we think of different types of sleeves, the cuts, the length and the embroideries all come into play. The different types of sleeves have the ability to impact the vibe of your outfit. The sleeves can make your look peppy, classic, chic and elegant and so on.

Keeping such things in mind, here is a list of different types of sleeves designs to give you an idea about what goes with what.

A Beautiful Sleeveless Blouse

Dipak Studios

Starting with a peppy number, this beautiful sleeveless blouse is perfect for your Mehndi or Haldi look. The traditional touch with the embroideries and multiple colours make it ever so attractive. The use of bright colours makes it an outfit with positive vibes. Another great thing about such a beautiful blouse is that you can pair it with a lehenga or a long skirt of any colour.

An Off-shoulder Cut for Your Gown

Image Courtesy: Dreambox Creations

An off-shoulder cut is the most common and best examples of different types of sleeves designs you see when it comes to gowns. This cut always gives you an elegant look and the vibe is enhanced when you wear classic colours like white or black. Such dresses and gowns are ideal for your pre-wedding shoots, reception or engagement parties.

A Cold-shoulder Finish for Your Mehndi Attire

Nitin Arora Photography

Another one of the different types of sleeves that have become a popular design style in recent times, the cold shoulder finish is a peppy take on the traditional sleeve style. You can go for sleeves that have embroideries on these cold shoulder patches. Such blouses are ideal for your Mehndi or Sangeet ceremony where you need not go fully traditional with your look.

The Regular Short Sleeves


The regular short-sleeved blouses can never go out of fashion. It is the go-to sleeve design that looks great on everyone. You can experiment with embroideries or mirror work at the borders of such sleeves to bring a bit more character to the outfit. Another approach to such sleeve designs is to go simple and sober and rather go for heavy work on the body of the blouse.

3/4th Cut With a Velvet Finish

Image Courtesy: Dreambox Creations

A 3/4th cut has always been a top design for sarees and lehengas alike. It adds a touch of elegance that other designs cannot. Add velvet to the design and you have yourself a plush outfit. Make sure that such sleeves of blouse have embroideries on its borders to make it even more beautiful.

The Perfect Blend of Traditional and Contemporary Design

Deepika's Deep Clicks

If you love traditional designs but also like to experiment with the classic look every now and then, this example of different types of sleeves will surely interest you. You can see how beautiful the embroidery work is on this design and see how the cut at the bottom end of the sleeves make it so beautiful.

Full Sleeves Net Finish

Deepika's Deep Clicks

A wedding gown with a sheer neck mostly has sleeves in a similar fashion. The sleeve designs with such fabric should be the ideal choice if you are looking for an elegant look. Moreover, it is also one of the most beautiful different types of sleeves out there.

Stylish Full Sleeves With Embroideries

Deepika's Deep Clicks

Another example of full sleeves but with a different approach, this incredibly beautiful blouse gives you a lot of styles and punch to your outfit. The velvet finish, the simple golden embroidery work and the stunning navy blue colour combine to make this outfit a dream. It is one of those sleeve styles that give you a touch of class and yet look modern.

Sleeves With a Slit

Deepika's Deep Clicks

One of the most unique and different types of sleeves, this long sleeve design with a slit till elbows is a contemporary take on the traditional full sleeves. The slit makes it an ideal outfit for occasions like Mehndi or Haldi.

With all these amazing styles and designs you just saw, you must have noticed how important a role the sleeves of your attire plays in deciding the look. The cloth material, the colours, the cuts and the embroidery work all play a crucial role in making your outfit beautiful.

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