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Different Types of Sarees - Drape the 9 Yards With Rich Culture

If you think you know everything about sarees, you are in for a rude awakening! Click here to know more about 7 different types of sarees for bride!

Lead Image: Ashevin K Photography

We dug deep and found out we do not know a lot about Indian sarees. We all know about the most famous types of sarees but know nothing about what they mean in certain cultures and the emotions attached to them.

For instance, we all know that South India dominates the world of sarees and South Indians are sticklers for traditions, one of them being that they have to wear a saree on their wedding day. But, did you know that every state in India has its own special saree?

Every culture has a different bridal look and contrary to popular beliefs, not every south Indian bride wears a Kanchipuram saree. We have picked 7 different types of sarees that will open up your eyes to the beautiful world of sarees, from fine silk to georgette and cotton.

Check out the looks of 7 brides belonging to different cultures, what they wear for their wedding and how they honour their traditions.

Happy reading!

Mulberry silk sarees for the Kannadiga bride

Lead Image: Ashevin K Photography

Karnataka is the biggest producer of mulberry silk sarees in India. These ikat sarees are famous for their gorgeous colours, stunning motifs of elephants, lotuses and geometrical shapes as well and most brides from Karnataka go with this outfit.

As you can see in the image, the turquoise colour is quite different from the other silk sarees and this is one of the top qualities of mulberry sarees. The colour palate available for these sarees makes it one of our favourite in this list of different types of sarees in India.

Kanchipuram sarees for a Tamilian bride

Lead Image: Ashevin K Photography

Kanchipuram sarees are undoubtedly the most famous in this list of different types of sarees not only in the country but worldwide. Every Tamilian bride wears a Kanchipuram saree in the classic colours for their wedding and completes their look with breathtaking and heavy gold jewellery.

This combination works because a Kanchipuram saree has gold zari work embroidery. You can make this look fun as well by pairing a blouse in contrasting colours, just like this image. Who would have thought an orange saree with green blouse would be a quintessential look for a Tamil bride.

Simple Cotton + Silk Sarees for the Bride of Kerala

Lumiere Wedding Company

The style of the entire population of Kerala is simple, traditionally! Their colours are white and gold for everything, except for some. While a white and gold cotton-silk saree is their poster look for the wedding, the bride of today wants some colour.

This is a real bride from Kochi, Kerala, wearing a gorgeous red saree in silk. Compared to others, this is the simplest saree amongst these different types of sarees, you will see!

Handloom Sarees for the Brides of Manipuri

Rashingam Ngoruh

The two religions that dominate Manipur are Christianity and Buddhism. While it is self-explanatory that Christian brides will wear white dresses, the Buddhist brides can wear whatever they want. It can be a lehenga, saree or regional dresses.

The one common thing is that every single outfit choice will be simple. The brides who wear sarees tend to wear simple handloom pieces like the one in the picture. Their weddings are simple and these different types of sarees suit them the best.

Banarasi Saree for a Bengali Bride

Sombit Dey Photography

Banarasi sarees are the pride and joy of north India. Every Bengali bride dons a beautiful red Banarasi saree for her wedding and looks smashing. You will find at least 1 or 2 Baranasi sarees in every woman’s wardrobe. While red and pink (sometimes orange) are the only preferences for a bong bride, there are hundreds of vibrant colours available in a Banarasi saree with statement motifs or subtle zari work, you can find anything, all you need is are the eyes of a jeweller.

Nauvari Saree for the Maharashtrian Bride

The Cheesecake Project

The second last saree in this list of different types of sarees is the cheerful and most vibrant Nauvari saree. Every Maharashtrian bride gets married in either green, yellow, pink or blue nauvari saree.

Sometimes she dons her mother’s saree and most often finds that the carefully preserved saree is the perfect match for her. Rest assured she is going to look amazing in a bright and happy Nauvari saree on her wedding day!

Dharmavaram Silk Saree for the Telugu Bride

The Wedding Salad

Last but not the least, to complete this list of different types of sarees, here is a saree that not many know of - the Dharmavaram sarees. Karan Johar runs the only Dharma most of us know about, but Telugu brides love wearing this beautiful Dharmavaram silk saree with heavy pallu. The work is done in gold zari! Apart from the pink in the image, you can find bridal sarees in yellow, green, maroon, red and blue.

These were all the different types of sarees for a bride that is famous in India. Which one would you pick for your wedding and why? Tell us in the comments section!

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