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5 December Honeymoon Ideas for A Beautiful Start to Your Life

Here is a list of 5 international destinations that can make for great December honeymoon ideas for you to kick start your married life in the most romantic way.

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December is one of the most popular months to travel around the world. It brings with itself the holiday season and the festivities of Christmas and the New Year, which further get people from different walks of life to celebrate together.

The winter season arrives in most countries of the northern hemisphere, which makes for a very romantic and cosy setting, while the countries in the southern hemisphere experience warmer weather with some great beaches opening up as options at this time of the year.

The kind of honeymoon destinations that can make for the best December honeymoon ideas can vary from person to person. So, keeping that in mind, we have selected a list of 5 of the best December honeymoon ideas that can make for great honeymoon destinations to commence your journey as a married couple in the most charming way possible.

1. Perth, Australia


Perth in Western Australia is one of the most isolated cities of its size and is away from the more popular Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The vastness of the surroundings and the progressiveness of the city make Perth a great destination that should attract more attention to travellers.

The weather gets nice and sunny during December, ideal for basking in the sun at the pristine beaches in the area. Perth also has a great sporting culture, some of the best restaurants and bars and an active and engrossing art scene. 

Also, the fact that it takes less time to reach the Western Coast of Australia and the lesser time difference from India makes it all the more suitable when talking about great December honeymoon ideas.

2. Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki, the capital of Finland, can be a great destination for the best December honeymoon ideas. Finland is a beautiful country which offers multiple scenic landscapes, almost no pollution and most importantly the magnificent northern lights which can be seen in full bloom during the month of December.

Helsinki has a rich culture and heritage that can be witnessed in the architecture, cuisine and various museums and monuments. Finland, in December, feels like a true winter wonderland with the most stunning landscapes that are sure to leave you in awe and make for an unforgettable honeymoon trip.

3. Havana, Cuba

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Cuba is one of the most interesting and unique countries to visit. The country has managed to keep itself distant from many elements of globalisation despite being so close to the USA, thanks to its policies to preserve the culture of the nation. In the capital city Havana, you can still find traces of the imperial heritage.

The eclectic architecture and the gorgeous beaches, coupled with the distinctive culture, cuisine and the way of life make the place an interesting inclusion among December honeymoon ideas. The weather is pleasant and sunny which makes for a great escape during the winters. The place also offers a unique music scene and some of the quirkiest backdrops which will make for some pretty cool Instagram posts.

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4. Bavaria, Germany

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If you are someone who loves soaking in the Christmas energy during December, one of the best December honeymoon ideas can be to visit Bavaria in Germany in the month leading to Christmas. Bavaria is home to some of the most spectacular Christmas markets that you can find anywhere in the world. The place has a rich heritage and a unique culture that is very fascinating for tourists.

Bavaria in December has beautiful Christmassy energy. You can spend your time sipping on warm and spicy mulled wine and digging your teeth into some comforting gingerbread at the Nuremberg Christmas Market. Also, the surrounding countryside has beautiful scenic winter landscapes that offer a super romantic setting for your honeymoon trip.

5. New York City, USA

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Probably one of the most touristy and crowded cities around the world, New York City has a charm of its own which makes it so appealing to several people around the world. Also, if you have grown up watching the Home Alone movies during the Christmas time, chances are that you would’ve always wanted to visit the fast-paced city of New York, during the month of December before Christmas.

You will be greeted with bright lights, made even brighter for the Christmas celebrations and cold snowy weather. Walking down the several neighbourhoods of New York while sipping on hot chocolate will let you sink into the vibe of the cosmopolitan city. So, visiting New York City can is one of the great December honeymoon ideas for a memorable trip that you can look back on for the rest of your lifẹ.

We suggest you take some time out and decide the right destination that feels like the best December honeymoon ideas for you. You can take inspiration from this list of destinations and curate the ideal trip for probably the most special holiday of your life and make it one you that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

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