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Creative Pictures Ideas To Add To The Aesthetics Of Your Wedding Album

Tired of seeing the same old generic wedding photographs? Want some creative pictures for your wedding album? This is the right article for you.


Wedding photographs have a lot of meaning attached to them and are something that you can cherish for the rest of your lives. These photographs capture the true emotions that you were feeling and all the events that took place during the wedding celebrations.

However, many people don’t give too much emphasis on getting the right wedding photos and are left with the basic plain-jane photographs that feel more like a formality rather than reflecting a true picture of what was going on during the wedding ceremony. To give your wedding album an aesthetic edge, we have a list of 8 creative pictures that you can take inspiration from for your wedding.

1. Frame-in-frame photographs

Artfoto Studio

Here is a creative photograph that plays with a popular photography composition technique called frame-in-fame. In such photographs, the subject is inside another visual frame that adds a layer of depth to the image and makes the photograph very appealing to the eye as well.

Here, a candid moment of the groom is captured in a floral frame. Incorporating the décor elements of the wedding raises the beauty of the photograph a notch higher and makes this one of the creative pictures that you can include in your wedding album.

2. Low angle photographs

Artfoto Studio

Such creative pictures beautifully capture the moments of exchanging wedding vows and completing the Pheras and basically what amounts to be one of the biggest days of your lives. What makes this photograph so interesting and unique is the angle from which it is taken that gives the subject a larger-than-life look which makes it look so spectacular and grand.

3. Creative drone shots

Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Most of the prominent wedding photographers have started carrying high-tech drones in their arsenal of photography equipment. However, most photographers are yet to explore the full capabilities of the drone and usually do not get the best photographs that can be taken using the drone.

Here, we have a great example of creative pictures that is taken from a drone on a golden sandy beach. The frame is well balanced with a fine ratio of the ocean water and the beach sand. The photograph shows the beauty of the setting and the happily relaxing couple in full effect.

4. Beautiful Backdrops straight out of a fairytale


Next, on this list of creative pictures for your wedding photo album, we have this stunning photograph set in a beautiful palatial setting. The composition of the frame and the balance of the photograph make it so appealing to the eye. The grand setting with the beautiful lake and palace in the background and the dim lighting makes for a very romantic and artsy photograph.

5. Capturing the fun moments


Wedding festivities are full of vibrant celebrations and intimate moments that provide a spectacle to behold. We suggest you ask your wedding photographer to click creative pictures that capture the crazy moments of the wedding in the truest and purest way that transports you back to those joyous moments for years to come.

6. Artistic Haldi Photographs


Another great idea to get the most creative pictures for the wedding is to showcase the elements of the ceremonies in an artistic way that looks extravagantly stunning. This picture is a beautiful top-down shot of the bride on her Haldi ceremony. The flared yellow dress and the heaps of flower petals add so much beauty that the photograph looks like a piece of art depicting the traditional Haldi ceremony in Indian weddings.

7. Stunning silhouettes that feel straight out of a romantic film


Here, we have a jaw-droppingly beautiful silhouette frame of the bride and groom to be that makes a great statement with the intricate use of lighting. The bokeh-style faded lights in the background provide an element of depth to the photograph and make the frame look straight out of a romantic art film. You can also get such creative pictures clicked during your wedding that will vow you with their beauty for years to come.

8. Underwater romance


For the last photograph on this list of creative pictures, we have this unique photograph that is taken underwater. Such images that are set in unique settings stand out from the rest of your marriage photos and make for great memories. In this photograph, the photograph was taken a romantic photograph of the marrying couple in an under-water setting that depicts the intensity of their love.

We hope that this article on creative pictures exposes you to a bunch of quirky ideas for you to get some unique photographs clicked which help elevate the aesthetic appeal of your wedding album. Tell us your feedback in the comments section below.

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