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9 Candid Poses That Make Grooms Look Dashing in Wedding Photos

The wedding is as much about him as it is about her. So why not make it memorable for him this wedding season? Here are some candid poses that work wonders for the groom in wedding photos. Get inspired if you are going to be one soon.


No matter how much we brag about the special moments of a wedding couple, a big fat wedding is not as much about the groom as it is for the bride. Right from the gorgeous outfits to the wedding album, it’s everything about the bride. And that's what we often see even in candid poses from the big day.

But, isn’t it a groom’s day too? He is also going to stride in a new phase of life. Why not give him the reasons to cherish his day forever? Let him go candid on the wedding day so that the shutterbugs can capture the enthusiasm of the moment. Explore amazing candid poses that are handpicked by the professionals especially for the groom.

1. Candid Pre-Wedding


Pre-wedding shoots are nowadays a norm. And, a wonderful way to cherish those love moments forever is with candid poses. After all, it’s one of the milestone events of your life and you should never let those finest instants with your lady love slip away.

Let the photographer capture the chemistry even before the D-day. Just forget that a pair of lens is following you. Be yourself, and help the shutterbugs capture the best of your moments.

2. Bidding Adieu to Bachelorhood


What happens in the bachelor party stays within the bachelor party: the fact is not unknown. But, why not follow a different path and frame those friendly moments forever?

A swig of wine can do wonders to your tensed nerves and at the same time gives your photographer ample opportunities to click the finest moments of your bachelorhood. Why not add these candid poses to your treasure trove of your wedding album.

3. A Tall, Straight Image Oozing Personality


This is the mandatory part of the groom’s photo shoot session on his wedding day. Believe it or not, a wedding album will remain forever incomplete unless it opens with a straight and upright image of the groom. It can be candid poses or rehearsed ones.

If posing for the lenses is never your cup of tea, just come out of your qualms for the sake of one such photo. Simply stay in your best posture & smile for the shot.

4. Fun During the Haldi Ceremony

White Frog Productions

It’s as important for the groom’s family as it’s for the bride’s. Often the fun times are never relived due to the lack of photos. Laughter & camaraderie amidst the tangy whiff of turmeric amp up your wedding diaries with fun-filled candid moments.

5. From the Next Door Guy to the Groom of the Day


The transformation undoubtedly marks a remarkable phase of your life. As you get ready to don your wedding attire, a candid photo will make this journey to the new world even more memorable.

The moment is of mixed emotions and those framed beautiful moments will make you smile years after the wedding.

6. The King of the Day


If not for the entire life, a groom is the king of the day (pun intended). So, there’s all the reason to make him feel that way. The candid poses must reflect that kingly poise and enigma in every bit.

7. The Grand Entry


The entry should be framed, no matter if it’s a grand entry with the entire cast & crew of the Baarati or a simple one. This one event should deserve special attention as this marks the entry of the groom to his newfound life. The best part is, the groom does not even need to pose for this part.

All the candid moments finely framed captures the joy, bliss and ecstasy that are visible on the face right at this moment.

8. The First Glance of the Bride


There’s nothing more amorous than those ardent eyes looking for his queen. The first glance is special in every specific way and it demands a lot of attention. Totally unscripted and unrehearsed, this moment is all for candid shots. Even that blush with a smirk calls for a drool-worthy candid click.

9. Fun Moments with Friends Post Wedding


Like the queen of your heart, friends are the part of your soul. How could you even forget that crazy bunch who cheers you the most on your wedding? So framing your buddy moments post-wedding makes all the sense. Just forget about the photographer clicking pictures; forget about posing for a mind-blowing photograph.

Simply, give in to the fervour of the moment and the eyes behind the lens will find the moments brimming with laughter, joy, fun and amusement.

Life is short, but love stories aren’t. Right from the pages of life, it follows the heart till you breathe your last. And the wedding album bears the testimony of your love’s grandeur. So, when it comes to a wedding, photography has a part to play. Like a bride, groom’s has his emotions too and it’s no way lesser. It’s time to illustrate those emotions in the most candid way possible with candid poses. It’s time to paint that affection with a splash of love.

So what are you waiting for? Won’t you love framing your candid poses? Give a buzz to the best wedding photographers in your vicinity to frame your love stories.

- Written by Prateek Arora