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Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents That Will Melt Their Hearts

If you are looking for heart-melting wedding anniversary wishes for parents to shower your love, here are some of the most adorable wishes we have listed for your inspiration!

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When it comes to parents, nothing seems extra or overboard because they DESERVE the world. From the very day that we are born, they struggle to protect us and keep us happy forever. The day you turn 18 is probably a bigger celebration for your birth-givers. From being your timekeepers and waiting outside the door when you return home late after the party to being your midnight chefs in whisking up lip-smacking dishes at 2 in the morning - parents are the pillars of our existence.

Our parents do so much to make all important events extra fun for us, be it the surprise birthday party or a big celebration after the first tooth fell off. Their wedding anniversary marks that one official day of celebration when you can express your gratitude and love for them to make them feel extra special.

If you have your parents' anniversary approaching and you want their experience to be a cherishable one, make sure to send a card along with the gifts you pick and don't forget the handwritten note inside. Happy wedding anniversary wishes for parents must have that extra touch of affection and we are here to help you.

Great parents deserve great wedding anniversary gifts. So, we took it on us to create a list of some amazing anniversary wishes for parents to shower them with love and express your gratitude in the best ways possible. Take a note!

Simple Wedding Anniversary Wishes

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"Dear Mum & Dad,

Thank you for showing me that true love only gets better with every passing year! Congratulations on completing 35 years together Mom & Dad.

Happy anniversary to the best parents ever!"


"To the Two Smarty Pants,

The way you and dad have balanced your lives till date, if I learn even 30% of that I'd be a genius!

Happy anniversary my favourite geniuses."

Funny Anniversary Wishes For Parents

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"Dear Maa & Baba,

Thank you, for picking each other exactly 38 years ago so you could annoy each other forever!

Happiest wedding anniversary to the one couple whose love and compatibility continues to freak the hell out of everyone even today." 


"Dear Mom & Dad,

Congratulations on completing another year of not killing each other yet and steering clear of the jail.

Happy anniversary to the badass couple."


"Dear Mumma & Papa,

You have taught me how having 2 separate washrooms play such a significant role in building a happy marriage.

Thank you.

Happy 40th-anniversary, my perfect two!"

Happy Anniversary Wishes For Parents

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"Dear Mom & Dad, 

The puzzle looks so complete when we look at you both. You're the perfect missing pieces who found each other.

Thank you for being the constant source of strength at every step.

May God bless you with ample happiness and strength.

50 years done, forever to go!

Happy Anniversary, lovers."


"Dear Mom & Dad,

I am grateful for your unconditional love and support. Than you for showing me how to love and be patient with your loved ones.

Even after all these years have passed, thank you for being there for each other and me.

Cheers to the coolest couple I have ever seen.

Happy Anniversary."

Formal Anniversary Wishes For Parents

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"Dear Maa & Dad, 

The way you have taken care of each other and build this world around you, surrounded by positivity and strength is just magical.

Thank you for showing us the meaning of reliability by being there for us at all times. 

May we get to celebrate this day for years to come.

Happy Anniversary!




"Dear Mom & Dad, 

From the fun vacations to the disciplined life in college. I literally owe you both my everything. Thank you for sticking together through thick and thin.

I am grateful for all the life lessons that you have guided me through. Above everything else, thank you for being the better half for each other to give me the home that I am so lucky to have.

Happy Anniversary.


Emotional Anniversary Wishes For Mom & Dad

"Dear Mom & Dad,

Your anniversary has become more like a Thanksgiving ritual now and I happen to have a never-ending list of things that I am thankful for. From the first time you both dropped me at school and waited right outside the school gate until I came out, to every time you gave me the best piece of chicken at lunch, I learned the value of the life I was so blessed with. 

Forever thankful for the greatest parents ever!

Happy Anniversary."


"To the best parents one could ask for, 

If Maa taught me how to hold a spoon, Dad made sure I know how to ride the bicycle. You both have balanced each other so beautifully in all walks of life and have been an inspiration everyday. I look up to you always. Thank you for walking me through life so gracefully.

Happy Anniversary!"

Regardless of how many times you thank them for all they have done for you and give them wedding anniversary wishes from your side, it will never seem enough. So, the least you can do is to make them feel special on their big day. They are genuinely going to love and appreciate your efforts.

Got more ideas in your head? Tell us in the comments below.