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10 Simple Juda for Party: Video Tutorials for Inspiration for Brides

If you are looking for simple Juda for a party, then these 10 hairstyle videosare here to help you look absolutely gorgeous & rock the bridal hairdo on your big day!

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If you want to keep your look simple this wedding season, we know that a bun hairstyle will look the best. It’s so versatile and trendy and goes with both, Indo-western dress and Indian attire splendidly. That is why we have made a video tutorial for you. It has 10 simple Juda for party hairstyle tutorials that are very easy and quick to make.

Scroll down to view these videos and look fabulous for every party!

Loose top bun hairstyle

The first simple Juda for party is a loose hairstyle with a top bun and a classic braid to add some intricacy to the hairstyle. This hairstyle is especially for those women who have very thin and fine hair. The trick to make bun hairstyles with fine hair is to keep it loose and messy so that it looks voluminous.

Braided bun hairstyle with centre partition

Simple Juda for party does not mean that you just make a top bun and call it quits. You can add a lot of details to a simple hairstyle to make it interesting while keeping the process to make it easy and quick. In this hairstyle, instead of making just a bun, make a 3 strand braid and then roll it in a bun. This will give your look more volume and make it look like the work of a professional.

Twisted messy bun

Women with short hair do not know that they can also make a simple Juda for party. There are so many hairstyles that are made especially for short hair. This is a quick and simple bun hairstyle for short hair to make you ready for a party instantly. You can carry it with a saree or suit, preferably something simple.

Top Messy Bun

This is another simple Juda for party that is perfect for women with thin or fine hair. As we said before, to make a bun hairstyle work with your hair, you need to keep it messy and loose. The puff in this hairstyle adds length and volume to your look and the back bun is simple yet elegant, perfect for an Ind-western outfit! Try this look for a Cocktail night and you’ll wow everyone around you!

Layered Bun with Centre Partition

While this layered bun with centre partition hairstyle looks intricate and complex, it is super easy to make in reality. Layering hairstyles add volume to your hairstyle and makes you look salon ready.

3-strand Braid Bun Hairstyle

Braids have been a part of our hairstyle arsenal for quite a while now. You can add a braid in any hairstyle and make it look intricate. This hairstyle features three 3 strand braids, two in the front and the last continued from these front braids. Instead of a classic 3-strand braid, you can also use a French or Dutch braid.

Simple Messy Bun Hairstyle with Side Puffs

We all have some good hair days and many bad hair days. What if you suddenly have to go to a party and your hair is oily? The answer to looking good is simple. If you do not have the time to wash them, blow-dry and straighten them, just use dry shampoo and go for a simple Juda for party with a puff in the video above!

Rope Twisted Braid Bun

This heavy bun hairstyle is perfect if you are going to a wedding and wearing a heavy outfit. The rope twisted bun is simple, intricate and complex – all in one, which you can make it under 10 minutes.

Dutch Braid Bun Hairstyle with Centre Partition

This simple Juda for party hairstyle tutorial is another one that you can make for a big party. The entwined bun and loose rope twisted pony on the side make it even more gorgeous. This will especially suit women with the oval face shape.

Simple Bun Hairstyle with Gajra

The last bun hairstyle is a simple one without which we cannot complete this list. Most of us get simple Juda hairstyles made just to accessorise them with a Gajra. The best part is the simpler your hairstyle is, the more your Gajra will stand out!

YouTube has made it easy for anyone to learn anything and be good at it, be it makeup or a hair styling. These simple Juda for party hairstyle video tutorials are easy and simple to understand. You can easily keep up with the video and make these styles in under 10 minutes!

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