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11 Simple Hairstyle For Girls Ideas For Your Brilliant Bridal Look

Get the look with the simple hair style for girls that will just take minutes and add all the oomph to make your bridal look stand out!

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Besides trying more than hundreds of lehengas and saree styles for your bridal look, selecting a hairstyle can be quite challenging. There is something vital about selecting a hairstyle for your bridal appearance as it can either make you look like a princess or it may become unmanageable and consequently spoil your look as the bride.

As the saying goes, beauty is enhanced by its fine appearance! You can go for simple hair style for girls to elaborate up-dos with just a few twists and turns. So, here let us give you a few basic ideas about how simple hair style for girls can make you picture perfect on your big day.

Accessorise Your Braid

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This bride with simple messy braid has chosen to charm everyone by accessorising it with silver-blue floral accessories which are perfectly complementing her look. She has loosely braided her hair and pulled out some strands to add volume to her hairdo.

Puff It Up With a Classic Top Knot

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If you have thick and long hair, then tie them up in a knot like this bride. To add some volume and appeal, she has topped it with an elegant puff. She is effortlessly flaunting her backless blouse along with the diamond and emerald studded jewellery.

Loose Curls with Basic Tie up

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These loose curls with a tied up bun are giving off a fine look to the overall appeal. Notice how beautifully this bride is being able to flaunt the Matha Patti in between those curls. The perfectly tied up back bun is enough to support the dupatta which is flowing like a veil!

Twisted Hair in a Bun

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This hairstyle has a charming appeal with the highlight being one eye-catchy element - the Jhumar Passa. This bride’s beautiful yet simple bun with a statement accessory on one side is enough to win hearts!

Messy Braids in Wavy Flow

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A gorgeous drama is added in this bride’s messy braid by using a statement Maang Tikka. This bride is looking absolutely stunning as she is free from carrying any kind of an elaborate hairstyle.

So, if you want to look fabulous and add a dash of volume to your hair and yet leave an ample amount of space for hair accessories, this simple hair style for girls is your best bet.

Classic Upfront & High Bun

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Buns have always been the most desirable hairstyle to carry for brides of all season, but here giving it a slight wave of up in front and high back bun this bride has walked the stunning look for her entire bridal makeover.

Don’t miss the beautiful back flaunt which is certainly possible because of a high bun.

Curl It Up & Let Loose

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Grab a curling iron and just let your locks loose! This utterly simple hair style for girls would help you shift the onlookers’ attention to your ensemble, jewellery, accessories as well as makeup as opposed to just your hairdo. To add a dash of charm, you can add hair accessories like a Maang Tikka or Matha Patti.

Floral Fishtail Side Braid

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Getting ready for Haldi, Mehndi or Sangeet? This fishtail braid is your best bet. If you feel like adding something to it, then you can accessorise it with a floral touch like this bride. Besides enhancing your beauty, this simple hair style for girls is effortless to manage.

Inward Curls with Simple Pinning

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This bride has chosen a simple hair style for girls for her wedding day and has given an exclusive twisted look to her already gorgeous hair and those curls are absolutely complimenting her overall appearance.

Twisted Braids in Side Bun

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Complement a simple hair style for girls by twisting a section of hair strands and tying it up in a side bun. Just like this bride who made sure that her natural curls stole the show. Notice how beautifully she is flaunting her graceful neck along with her exotic jewellery with the up and tight hairdo.

Simple Bun Hairstyle with Side Swept Hair

How stunningly this bride is carrying the bun look! Just by adding a side wave from front strands and allowing the rest of her hair to be tied up, this bride with her fabulous look is fascinating everyone by the charm and appeal of a simple hairdo. To top it all, the accessories with this simple hair style for girls is proving to be the epitome of an elegant hairdo.

Doesn’t matter what the occasion, no matter the time, what matters in the end, is how you feel on your big day. Using simple hair style for girls with some hair accessories ranging from real flowers to stone-studded accessories, you can simply slay the look. Just don’t forget to wear your beautiful smile and carry yourself with elan. We certainly hope that we made one of your most difficult searches end.

Did you like any of these hairstyles in particular? Would you for a minimalist hairdo or an elaborate updo?