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8 Real Flower Jewellery Pieces That Every Bride Needs in Her Bridal Trousseau

Flowers can beautify anything by adding a touch of colour and grace to your entire ensemble. Read ahead to see how you can incorporate flowers in your wedding jewellery box.

Bhawna Goel
Bhawna Goel

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Flowers have always been a girl’s best friend just like diamonds, which makes it a perfect choice for making jewellery.  Real Flower jewellery makes an ideal accessory for your pre-wedding functions giving you a break from all the other monotonous jewellery choices like gold or silver. Real flower jewellery adds a soft and feminine quotient to your entire outfit. When it comes to flower jewellery, you have a plethora of options available to choose from at your disposal.

Real flower jewellery is easily the perfect choice for your pre-wedding functions, so ditch the clichéd gold and silver jewellery this wedding season and go for floral jewellery to look like the diva that you are.  Her Real flower jewellery is easily the perfect choice for your pre-wedding functions, so ditch the clichéd gold and silver jewellery this wedding season and go for floral jewellery to look like the diva that you are.  Here are some of the floral jewellery options that you can pull off like a ‘boss lady’ in your wedding.

1. Bracelets


Real flower jewellery is all the rage in this wedding season. One of such pieces is the flower bracelet. a flower bracelet is an elegant way to amp up your trend game for your pre-wedding functions without having to worry about cutting a hole in your pocket. It will highlight your hand give you an impish charm.

A flower bracelet makes a perfect jewellery accessory for your Mehndi or Haldi function.

Our choice: You can go for different colours of orchids and beads in between to get a simple, elegant and delicate look for your hands.   

2. Hair accessory

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Up the ante this wedding season by sporting real flower jewellery as a hair accessory. You can either accessorise your braid with flower jewellery or you can also go for real flowers all by itself strung to a bun.  Either way, flower jewellery will give you a delicate and soft look.

Our Choice: You can always use the evergreen and iconic Gajra as a flower jewellery accessory when styling your hair for a function or you can opt for roses. Because they are classics for a reason.

3. Necklets

Anoo Flower Jewellery

You can never go wrong with a flower necklet for any day-time event. You can select from various flowers available like orchids, marigold, roses, carnations, marigold and many others depending on the colour of your outfit. You can also mix your real flower jewellery with some beads and other pearls to make a fashion statement for your Mehndi or Haldi function.

Real flower jewellery isn’t restricted to any set pattern or motif so you can add a personal touch to your flower jewellery and amp up your style quotient.

Our choice: for your necklace, you can go for marigold or carnations mixed with pearls to form a long necklace.

4. Earrings


You can spruce up your jewellery box by adding floral earrings to it. Floral earrings add a feminine touch to your ensemble, plus, it’s a fragrant option which you can never go wrong with.  

Real flower jewellery has been the go-to ornament for brides for over a millennium now. One such staple jewellery piece to this category are the earrings. You can opt for danglers or you can choose studs for your earrings for a more minimal look.

Our choice: when it comes to earrings, you can pair them with the flowers in your necklace, so it brings together the whole look.

5. Matha Patti

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Matha Patti or Maang tikka is the most common and widely available floral jewellery piece that you can adorn on your Haldi or mehndi function. Most brides adorn floral jewellery over other jewellery because it’s easy to carry and doesn’t have a bulky feel to it. A floral Matha Patti adds grace to your entire look and can make you glow to accentuate your inner beauty. A floral Matha Patti will make you look fresh and vibrant all day long.

Our choice: for Matha Patti, you can use Chrysanthemums flowers for your Haldi or Mehndi function as it’ll tie the whole look together.

Instagram has given us some serious goals when it comes to real flower jewellery for your wedding festivities this wedding season. Real Flower jewellery is a pocket-friendly as well as an environment-friendly option for a graceful and elegant look for a day-time event. So, bask in the sweet fragrance of real flower jewellery and rock those pre-wedding events with utmost finesse and ease.

Let us know which flower you will pick for your wedding functions in the comment section below. If you wish to get your hands on the latest designs of real flower jewellery, get in touch with our vendors today.

-Written by Bhawna