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16 Simple Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees to Flaunt the Ethnic Look

Dressing up in a gorgeous silk saree for the wedding functions? Here are some simple blouse designs for silk sarees that will amp up your look!

We know how laborious the hunt for simple blouse designs for silk sarees can become for a bride-to-be. The neverending blouse styles for inspiration are all around you, be it on online platforms like social media or shopping websites. We totally believe you if you say that finding the perfect yet comfortable simple blouse designs for silk sarees is way more difficult than choosing the actual saree itself.

So if you are worried about which subtle blouse design to choose which does complete justice to your magnificent silk saree, then what you are reading on your screen is a digitally printed form of Alladin Ka Chirag!

Traditional deep neck simple blouse designs for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Silks of India

Talking of simple blouse designs for silk sarees, Silks of India posted the simplest of them all in this shot capturing the lovely model posing in the plain traditional style of silk blouse in all its grace. The contrast is perfect but the wonderfully heavy bridal jewellery with the deep neck seems to be a very intelligent choice.

With the big bindi and traditional bun to complete the look, the ultimate package that the picture captures is bound to attract everyone on grounds of class, appeal and simplicity. Go ace those dramatic eyelashes with that textured plain silk blouse.

Embroidered simple blouse designs for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Mohandas Shyree Photography

Captured by Mohandas Shyree Photography is this perfect picture of a stunning bride in a gold silk saree. The traditional silk blouse is given a twist with just a little embroidery running through the ends without leaving the simplicity of the blouse design behind. Another specification here is the subtle colour combination that is set with the saree.

With the simple blouse embroidery thread matching the colour of the saree, the jewellery stones are strategically chosen in the colour of the deep coloured blouse. The nail in the head is the ultimate matching of the blouse colour with the intricate mehndi on her hands which makes it a complete package to ace the wedding game with.

Halter neck simple blouse designs for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Marghazi Designs

The very popular Marghazi Designs can be seen gracing the gorgeous halter neck blouse in this picture. Totally acing the Instagram game of simple blouse designs for silk sarees, this sober one is in Chinnalapattu silk looking absolutely amazing in that distinct contrast.

Another thing that you may pick up from this is that she has teamed the jewellery in the shades of the blouse and not the saree. It is another way of balancing the look and going experimental. With halter necks in trend, it is time to flaunt those arms this wedding season!

Full-sleeve Rekhaji style simple blouse designs for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Instagram

When it comes to simple blouse designs for silk sarees, this is a choice which sets your taste on a pedestal. The evergreen diva, the iconic Rekhaji can be seen wonderfully adorning the full-sleeved silk blouse with all that charm and class.

If your style allows you to go that extra mile and go all gaga with the jewellery game completing the Indian look in its entirety, then Rekhaji is here to guide you through. Even if you are the simple kind, don't worry, this is a style that goes with every saree depending on how you choose to balance it.

The Chinese top simple blouse design for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Bit Disoriented

The pretty woman in the picture can be seen smiling from ear to ear posing in her lovely Jamdani silk saree. The beautifully contrasting Chinese top in blue catches all our attention because of the intelligent choice of the blouse. This Chinese style blouse reassures every Indian bride or bridesmaid who is looking forward to experimenting with her wedding look and considering fusion as her option.

This surely counts among the simple blouse designs for silk sarees which make you stand out despite the subtle look. A sleek diamond necklace and a lovely wristwatch along with a shining pair of basic stilettos are all you need to outshine everyone around. Go, push yourself for that extra fusion experiment!

Plain high neck simple blouse designs for silk sarees

Image courtesy: The Silk Chamber

This highly sophisticated piece of blouse posted by the Silk Chamber is a wonderful style when it comes to simple blouse designs for silk sarees. With Assamese silk (with the quirkiest Rhino print), the gorgeous lady is stealing the show with her utmost elegance and confidence.

Being a full-sleeved high neck blouse design, the entire saree gets to be showcased and presented in the most graceful way possible. Such saree looks are show stealers by the virtue of their attractive qualities. The silk saree gets its due space to come in front of the world in the classiest way possible as this blouse genuinely balances the look till the last thread of that saree.

Contrasting checker sleeveless blouse design for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Marghazi Designs

This one on your screen is indeed a breathtaking piece of the blouse posted by the latest saree sensation on Instagram, Marghazi Designs. When it comes to simple blouse designs for silk sarees, this one is a very graceful one in well-spaced checks in contrasting colour.

Such sleeveless designs let you grace that indo-western silk saree on the nearest close wedding. Such statement neckpieces just like the picture add to the richness of the look. The checkered print let you add variety to the same look as wearing solid colours from head to toe without balancing the other visual factors well might make you look dull. Stop straining your brain and just go for it.

Sweetheart illusion net blouse design for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Mehndi Jash

The bold model Mehndi Jash looks fabulous in this lovely shot wearing a lovely simple blouse for her silk saree. She is wearing a sweetheart blouse teamed with the sheer illusion style, both in solid orange contrasted in accordance with the hottest trend of orange and gold.

She looks like a complete fashionista in that ultra-modern look which to our surprise is born out of a traditional saree. So if you have people telling you that sarees can't make you look stylish or they lack that oomph factor or the voguish charm to it, get one of such simple blouse designs for silk sarees stitched for yourself and let it respond visually to them.

Scoop neck sleeveless simple blouse designs for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Priya Anand

The absolutely stunning Indian celebrity Priya Anand is totally rocking the classic scoop style sleeveless design for her pleasing pink and blue saree rich in both texture and elegance. Her look is what the perfect wedding look in simple blouses and gorgeous silk saree looks like.

With just the right amount and perfectly balanced jewellery just like Anand has chosen, you can make the most of the look. The potential of simple blouse designs for silk sarees is recognised with such looks. Even the thought of looking like this at the next wedding is bound to get you dreaming of falling for yourself.

The V-neck blouse design for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Sree Palasa

Posted by Sri Palasa is this simple blouse design forming a laced graceful neck made in elegant V shape out of silk cloth in shades of green as against a yellow saree with a thick red border. It is a perfect look for the traditional Haldi ceremony with all that simplicity and elegance enhanced perfectly with utmost subtlety in the overall look.

Such blouses go best with the traditional looks. Such simple blouse designs for silk sarees don't even demand the heavy jewellery or earrings to go with it, all it takes is the fresh set of flower jewellery or just statement bangles or Kadas. So what are you waiting for? Announce your verdict for your Haldi look now!

The piped sleeveless simple blouse for silk saree

Image courtesy: Saathvika Raj

Worn by the beautiful model Saathvika Raj is this piped sleeveless blouse in a deep traditional colour from the maroon family. The specifications of simple blouse designs for silk sarees are that they have got the potential to add that oomph factor to your look. Being a sleeveless design, it allows you to flaunt a beautiful arm-band which adds that grace to your look.

This blouse design allows you a great room for experiment. If you are dealing with vibrant colours then you can always get the bordering piping done in contrasting vibrant colours like yellow for a pink blouse or even for a grey saree. The overall look becomes perfect for summer weddings.

Lace border simple blouse design for silk saree

Light Bucket Productions

Being the classic traditional blouse design when it comes to simple blouse designs for silk sarees, this one in blue worn by a beautiful bride works because of its gorgeous plain border, the minimal embroidered dots of beads and the intricate lace adorning the smooth regular neckline. Such choices when made consciously for your simple blouse in accordance with your intricate saree can do wonders for your wedding look.

Another factor that adds to its vibrancy is the contrasting royal blue shade chosen against the pink saree. Being a heavenly combination in itself, the simple blouse despite its minimalism ends up balancing the look, solely by the virtue of its vibrant colour.

Classic silk sleeveless blouse design for silk saree

Image courtesy: Instagram

The latest sensation of the showbiz in the South is the stunning Rakhulpreet looking absolutely amazing in the rare shade from the blue family. The lovely silk saree looks what it looks because of the solid coloured silk blouse stitched in the classic Jewel style.

Such simple blouse designs for silk sarees allow you the pleasure of adorning heavy earrings. It would not just complete the look but also beautify it by a huge margin. The entire grandeur that the various kinds of earrings could add to the entire look just because of the plain blouse has limitless possibilities. If you have the silver junk dying to get out of the jewel box, go for this lovely style!

Latest ruffle sleeve blouse design for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Vidya HMUA

Posted by the very talented Vidya is this gorgeous blouse design. With absolutely no embroidery on it, the classy one surely becomes a significant style when it comes to simple blouse designs for silk sarees. With the latest and the hottest ruffles doing the talking for the entire look, the silk blouse steals the entire look despite the simple saree.

You can make such intelligent choices by choosing the right, bright, solid colour for your hot ruffle blouse and in the photo album of the function, those ruffles would be the one doing all the talking!

Spaghetti strap blouse designs for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Anju Shankar Official

The gorgeous South Indian celebrity Anju Shankar can be seen adorning the simplest yet the classiest of all simple blouse designs for silk sarees. The plain yellow blouse for a  gorgeous pastel crushed Shibori cotton-silk saree makes her look like a dream.

The look seems to be fairly simple but as per the demand of the function, you can always choose a more embroidered saree or pair the lovely blouse with heavy ethnic jewellery. The best part about a simple blouse is that it allows you an unthinkable space to play with the heaviest of all jewellery be it a statement choker or big Chandbalis. Rock that summer wedding with the spaghetti straps in style!

Round neck raw silk blouse designs for silk sarees

Image courtesy: Kiki Vijay

Kiki Vijay, the gorgeous star from the South screen looks drop-dead gorgeous in that highly contrasting orang-ish blouse lined with gold. The near boat neck style blouse is a perfect choice for any solid coloured saree. The combination of a wonderful contrasting shade of saree with such blouses add to the sophistication and neatness of the entire look.

When added with the richness of heavy jewellery like the ancient temple jewellery in the picture, simple blouse designs for silk sarees like this one can do wonders for your celebrity look at the wedding functions just like it did for Kiki herself.

Wasn't it as smooth as butter? Did we not promise to sail you through the exhausting search for simple blouse designs for silk sarees? With halter necks, sweetheart necks, scoop sleeves, spaghetti, boat necks, ruffle sleeves and whatnot on your plate this wedding season, you are all set to rock that final look for not just the wedding day but all the wonderful rituals and functions before and after.

Whether you are planning to wear a rich Kanjeevaram silk or a breezy Shibori silk, a textured Chinnalapattu silk or a gorgeous Paithani silk saree, the fantastic range of simple blouse designs for silk sarees is bound to add grace to no matter what you choose to wear. With these blouse styles, you are all set to get the necks turning!

Now that you know the simplest and the most sophisticated blouse styles for silk sarees, comment below and tell us which one works the best for you!