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A List of Heart-melting Sibling Photographs to Celebrate Rakshabandhan

The bond that the siblings share, cannot be explained in words. So here are some heart-melting sibling photographs to celebrate Rakshabandhan!

With Rakshabandhan just around the corner, you might find yourself reliving all those quirks and perks of having a sibling. The relationship that siblings share is an inexplicable one. We say this with due diligence along with personal experiences and we are sure you will agree too. For instance, how do you literally explain "I can give her my kidney, but I won't get her a glass of water from the kitchen right now"? 

Siblings will fight a ghetto battle among themselves for the television remote but they will also fight the word to protect each other against every odd. This bitter-sweet relationship between siblings is known to be a universal thing and to celebrate this very adorable bond this Rakshabandhan, we have curated a list of mesmerising pictures of siblings from the wedding albums.

They say photographs hold a thousand memories and tell a thousand stories. Rakshabandhan not only celebrates the bond and the promise of protection between a bother and a sister, it also celebrates every moment between two sisters, between two brothers and even between cousins. Here are some adorable photographs handpicked by us to celebrate the sibling love in full swing!

The Forever Source of Annoyance

Siblings are without a doubt annoying on most days. While on some days they get you gifts and promise to protect you, on other days you might want to cause some serious damage to them. This is a constant emotional tug of war that siblings get themselves into and it is absolutely cute! This bittersweet relationship is quite the entertainer.

The Last-Minute Backup

From "Do you have a pocket? Keep my phone too!" in the middle of a shopping spree to "Pass me your lipstick!" whispers while you smile and entertain the guests at your wedding, sisters are definitely that last-minute reliable sources that we are gifted with. A sister is a blessing in disguise!

The "I'll Be There For You" Bond

Every time you ask your brother how you look, the answer is sure to be something not nice. But no matter how many times he tells you that you look anything but nice, he surely looks at you like a piece of art. Protective brothers have often been very nagging for the sisters, but they will go to any extent to value you. Be it dropping you to college or picking up the lehenga while you take your Saath Phere, he'll be there for you - sometimes even if you wish otherwise!

Sisters Before Misters

You might need a nudge before you walk up the stage for a smashing Karaoke night with the 90s Bollywood songs. In fact, when cold feet grasps the heart right before you walk down the aisle, you need a warm hug or maybe a violent push. Whatever works for you when you are nervous, your sister is just the right person who will stand by you to add to your strength and make you get rid of the cold sweat. 

The Goofy Bond

Siblings will always be the goofy element in your lives. The rare occasions when siblings behave themselves in a mature way must be documented and framed. A brother is known for all his uncalled for pranks and you better watch out for the bucket of water on your Haldi too. You might feel spiteful for a while but the affection is unfathomable.

Boogy Together

You must have a binge-watch story with your sister. Be it watching Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and repeating each dialogue or watching a rom-com and questioning each other's romantic choices - you have come a long way. Who better to do the Leja Leja or the Kajra Re steps that you have so ardently practised over the years! The emotions she feels as the sister of the bride while doing the thumkas must be amazing.

The Unbreakable Bond 

The constant supplier of contraband, your brother is sure to be your reliable source for life. From protecting you from the world to helping you sip the beer when you have mehndi on your hands - he's got you!

The First Best Friend

Sisters are technically the first best friend everyone has without even being conscious about the idea of a best friend sometimes. Through your life, you will always need a shoulder to cry on after a bad day or someone to share your 12 am ice-cream tubs with. Even on the day when you walk down the aisle, your sisters play a significant role - from taking care of the bridesmaids' duties to dancing their shoes off, having a sister is a blessing.

The Pillars of Reliability & Strength

In Indian traditions, the bride always walks down the aisle next to her father or her brother. This is because they are the two most significant and strong men in a woman's life and having them walk down the aisle beside her before she takes her vows, has got to be the celebration of strength that they provide. A brother is like a pillar of absolute fervour to help you stand firm. 

What Happens With Sisters, Stays With Sisters

Growing up with cousins of the same age group is a blast that even the parents are grateful for. The fun of the secret joke that breaks out into giggles to fill the air on a weekend to your bachelorette trip where you want to say "What happens in a bachelorette stays in a bachelorette" - your cousin sisters are your keepers and moments spend with them are unmatched!

The Partners in Crime

The bond between brothers is one to cherish forever. From being your partners in crime to covering up for you at all times, brothers share a unique relationship. Rakshabandhan is not just about protecting the sister, but a bond that promises to have each other's back against all odds. Celebrating this bond between bros is also very much needed to celebrate the love and companionship. 

The Forever Personal Stylist

"Zip me up" stories are very common among sisters. Your sister is always the go-to person. You must have held two dresses on either hand asking for her opinion or borrowed a dress (without her knowledge of course) to end up fighting after you returned from the date. Your sister is the one personal stylist you have!

The Unfathomable Emotions

Despite the arguments and fights, the emotions that fill the hearts of a brother and sister is impeccable and it makes their bond a superb one. The emotional investment that lives in a brother-sister bond is one to be treasured forever. 

The Inseparables

Not only is the bond between sibling an incredible one, but it is also an inseparable one. Right from learning to ride a bicycle together to walking down the aisle, the love between a brother and a sister is unmatched and remains unchanged. Even after each one has their own families to settle down with, this exceptional relationship shared by a brother and his sister is a treasured one.  

Even if you meet your siblings after a significant period of time, you do not feel the lapse of time at all. You would be in your mid-forties and still arguing about the last slice of pizza or the window seat. Rakshabandhan is not only about the promise to protect the younger sibling - it is about celebrating the profound love that the siblings share, their respect for each other and the constant support that keeps them moving forward in life. It is to celebrate the hand that picks each other up in times of difficulty and the love that shares chocolates under the dinner table.

Be it sisters, brothers or cousins, the love that one receives from their family is unparalleled. You are not only related by blood but also connected by the heart. Here's to more photographs that will seize the gorgeous essence of the bond that the brother and sister share.

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We hope these photographs have inspired you to click some cute brother sister pictures on your wedding too. Get in touch with the best photographers in your city to capture every beautiful moment from your wedding to add to your wedding album.