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Best Gift for Sister Ideas for Your First Rakhi Post-wedding

The first rakhi after a wedding is special for the brother and the sister no matter who got married. So, buy the best gift for sister that she’ll absolutely love!


Rakhi is the festival that celebrates the bond of a brother and sister. The sister prays for his long life and the brother vows to always be her protector. A wedding does more than unite two people. It makes them and those around them to grow and finally understand the true meaning of a relationship. The first rakhi after the wedding is always special, especially if the sister is the one that got married.

It is extra emotional for every member of the family and they celebrate grandly to show that emotion. On such an occasion, you need to get the best gift for sister and make her feel very special!

Here are some best gift for sister ideas that everyone will love!

1. Personalised diamond pendant


Girls love diamonds. These stones are timeless and make for the best gift for sister, including yours. This rakhi is special and you need to get her something that will stay with her for the rest of all eternity! But getting a simple diamond jewellery piece will not do! You have to make sure that it is special. A personalised diamond pendant can be a perfect choice. You can design the pendant yourself with her name or initials. You can even her add her zodiac sign or any symbol that she believes in.

2. Makeup

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Make your rakhi extra special by buying the best gift for sister – which is something that she actually needs. If your sister just got married, you can rest assured that she would be going through her makeup like crazy. She has to go to so many different relatives houses for dinner so that they can get to know her. In addition, there are so many post-wedding rituals in a traditional marriage. And trust us, makeup is not cheap! Save her some money and buy all her basic makeup items from her favourite brands. You can get it decorated beautifully like a flower bouquet and stick your pictures on it.

3. Food hamper


If your sister is a food lover and thinks that she is the best food blogger in the world, you need to gift her something that has food in it. We recommend a customised food hamper with all her favourite delicacies in it. Find out all her preferred food items and add something from each food category like candies, chocolates, cookies and other snack items. If she likes a particular brand that is not available in India, you can also get it imported. We bet she will appreciate you even more after receiving this best gift for sister!

4. Digital photo frame

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Growing up together, you must have thousands of memories that you both cherish. We are sure your parents must have captured these moments in photographs to keep them forever. Another best gift for sister idea is that you can make a timeline type of video with photos starting from your first photograph together till now and add captions and memories throughout the video.

You can gift her a digital photo frame and add this video in it so that every time she sees it, she will can take a trip down memory lane. This is probably the most thoughtful thing you can ever do for her and she will remember it for the rest of her life. This gift will undoubtedly be more special if she was the one who got married.

5. Handmade gifts


Creating something from your own hands will always result in a gift that’s more precious to your sister in comparison to something that you bought for her. Most girls are very emotional and love gifts that have a special meaning behind them. Don’t have the patience to make something yourself? Don’t worry! There are a lot of artists in the market who can create handmade gifts for you using your old pictures and any tangible item that want to use in the present. This will definitely make the best gift for sister.

6. Holiday package

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If your sister recently got married and didn’t have time to go on her honeymoon, you can gift her a small holiday package for 2 to any of her favourite hill stations. We know that she will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Rakhi is all about the special relationship between a brother and sister, where they celebrate their relationship and promise to love and support each other forever. They also promise to protect each other from any harm and pray for their safe lives. They wish each other all the happiness in the world and giving gifts is one way to express their feelings.

This Rakhi, become the best brother ever by getting the best gift for sister that you know she will not be able to resist. Go all out and spare no expenses, as this is your first rakhi post the wedding!

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