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What Factors Determine the Sherwani Price? Read This before Buying Your Wedding Attire

You want to buy a great designer sherwani at the best value for money. But what makes up the price of your sherwani? Read on to find out.

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Your wedding day is approaching and it goes without saying that you want to look nothing short of regal. There are many ways to achieve the perfect wedding look but nothing beats the elegance and finesse of a classic designer sherwani for the groom. However, making the decision to wear a sherwani on your special day is just the first step as there numerous types and designs that can cause the sherwani price to vary. The sherwani price boils down to a few elements that will help you find the perfect wedding attire and wow your guests.

1. What makes up the price?

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Sherwanis are known for being one of the most loved wedding outfits and with good reason. Not only is this outfit incredibly stunning and comfortable but it comes in different styles and can be designed to really showcase your personality.

While it’s true that the sherwani maketh the man, weddings can get expensive and you want to be mindful of how much money you spend on the outfit. There are many elements that make up the sherwani price. These include:

2. The material

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The first element that determines the sherwani price is the material. While many people often overlook the fabric, it plays an important role in elevating the look of the sherwani. As a groom-to-be, you need to decide what material you want your outfit to be as this can cause the sherwani price to vary.

a. Low price range sherwani

If you are looking for a sherwani in the lower price spectrum, you can opt for a poly-cotton or cotton silk sherwani. Silk material is usually lightweight and comfortable and has a soft-hand feel. Poly-cotton which is a blend of cotton and polyester is a material that is breathable and light.

b. Middle price range sherwani

For a sherwani in the middle price range, outfits made from dupion, knit or jute is a great choice. Dupion is exotic silk that is tightly woven to give the fabric an iridescent effect. It has a smoother finish and is better for weaving more intricate designs and patterns. Sherwanis made from knit material are very comfortable, making them a great option for wedding attire. Jute material is a vintage fabric that is used to make sherwanis that don’t require an extravagant design.

c. High price range sherwani

The sherwani price can be considered a premium if it is made from brocade or velvet material. Brocade is a richly decorated fabric and when designed with gold and silver threads, it is nothing short of grand. Velvet is a fabric that is quite heavy and is used to make jackets and stoles as well. This fabric’s rich texture gives the sherwani a crisp look and feel, making it the perfect wedding outfit.

While sherwanis come in many different materials, they only serve as a base. Ultimately, It is the design, cut and the intricacy of the craft that can really determine the sherwani price.

3. The design and craft

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The design and intricacy of the craft can really make or break a sherwani hence this element is a major contributor to the total sherwani price. There a wide variety of designs out there and as the groom you want to pick the one that makes you look no less than royal.

If you are looking for something simple, you can opt for a printed or lightly embroidered sherwani with some Kundan work. This design on a dupion or poly cotton material will be sophisticated and budget-friendly.

If you are looking for something a little more luxurious, you can opt for a meticulously handcrafted Jodhpuri sherwani on cotton silk or knit material with Zari and rice thread work across the outfit giving it a grand look. This design can be enhanced with heavy embroidery and embellished buttons. The Zari work and the embroidery give the entire sherwani a regal look!

It’s your wedding day so you want to pull all the stops and get the sherwani with all the works. If the sherwani price is in the premium range it will usually come in a velvet or brocade material. They can have stone and beadwork with different embroidery patterns all over the sherwani, for instance, the neck of the sherwani can have a different pattern to make it stand out. These sherwani prices are higher as the skill and workmanship of the designer is visible on the fabric. When it comes to sherwani dress, there are a lot of different ways that these elements can be used to bring out the versatility of the garment.

Different sherwanis come with various design elements and it’s up to you to pick the one that makes you feel like a king on your wedding day. The amount of detail and patterns along with the fabric define the sherwani price range but they are not individual factors that determine the price. Different designers have put their own twist on this traditional outfit and these styles can add to the sherwani price.

4. The cut and style

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The sherwani is the embodiment of Indian fashion for men ant the outfit has evolved over the years. Many designers have their own take on the sherwani and have a changed up the style to define their signature look. Along with the fabric and design, the cut and style is an important element that makes up the sherwani price.

Traditionally, Rajputi sherwanis were worn with churidar pants but they are now designed with Juttis or Dhotis that grooms can wear for that dapper, confident look. A large shawl can be draped across the shoulder for extra finesse. Other designers use minimalist designs with an uncommon colour palette for sherwanis that can be worn for that light summer look. The number of cuts and styles that sherwanis come in is endless. Their uniqueness adds to the sherwani price.

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As the groom-to-be, you want to exude class and finesse on your wedding day while wearing the best designer sherwani. But wedding costs add up quickly and you want to be mindful of the sherwani’s price. Use the tips listed above as a guide to help you get the perfect sherwani at the best value for your money. Remember, that while looking trendy is important, you also need to be comfortable with what you wear. We’re certain you’ll look debonair in whatever sherwani you choose!

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