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10 Styles of Scroll Wedding Cards Which Prove They Are a Timeless Classic

Invitation cards for a wedding are one of the first things that the families of the bride and groom start looking for. With scroll wedding cards making a comeback, we offer some insight on what can be the best options for you.

Image Courtesy: The September Rose

Scroll wedding cards are making a comeback in the Indian wedding market with hundreds of new designs coming up every day. Since simple is the new sexy, people are opting for wedding cards that have a minimalistic approach. However, some people still prefer cards with a touch of pomp in them for the big fat Indian wedding. This is where the beauty of scroll wedding cards come into play! They can work both ways- the royal look and the simple look.

Let us take a look at a mix of both worlds through these different scroll wedding cards.

1. Go royal with this scroll in a silver tube

Image Courtesy: Invitation Inspiration

Want that royal feel? Here it is. The navy blue colour with silver writing is in itself lovely to look at and the silver tube holds the scroll adds more character to it. Of course, the material used for the scroll is velvet, which also goes a long way in providing that regal feel. Complete the look with a velvet wedding card box that would hold the tube in it, along with other accompaniments like Mithai.

2. Elegance at its best

Image Courtesy: Cheryl Art

If the theme of your wedding is elegance, then start with this elegant invitation card. This is a classic example of stunning yet simple design with white paper with fibre strands in on the body. This gives an unforgettable look to it and the use of pink ribbons with a flower marking the centre makes it graceful. Rest is up to you to frame your invitation message with your unique touch.

3. The simple and classic one

Image Courtesy: 123 Wedding Cards

This simple and classic look makes it one of the best scroll wedding cards we’ve seen in a while. The navy blue colour is a classic one for Indian wedding invitation cards in general. The silver font and the design work on the back of the scroll make it look great. If you want a classic aesthetic with a twist, then this is the right style for you!

4. Give a box full of gifts with the invitation

Pink Whistle Man

Now, this is a new take on scroll wedding cards! Giving gifts along with the invitation cards is a norm and this scroll invitation idea perfectly fits the bill. Create a box full of hampers with a scroll in it. You can go as extravagant as you want with the box and with the goodies in it.

5. Let the colour of royal gold do the talking

Image Courtesy: Indian Wedding Bazaar

Here’s another take on the royal vibes you can send through scroll wedding cards. The scroll with a beige or white background accompanied by golden fonts makes it the perfect example of a royal wedding card. Remember, wedding fonts are as important as the design for the wedding invitation. Put the scroll in a gold painted tube to complete the look.

6. The one with the thick handles

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Simple, elegant and yet super opulent! This one makes it perfect for people who do not want an extravagant wedding card but are still looking for something that is elegant enough to draw attention. The handles of this scroll are thicker than the others have, which helps it to give that old school vibe as well.

7. Go casual with these tiny scrolls in a bag

Image Courtesy: Souvenir Jakarta

Break the tradition and go casual with this bag full of tiny scrolls in it! This is as simple you can get with an invitation card. The best part about this option is how you can use multiple scroll wedding cards to tell your guests about different occasions like Mehndi, Sangeet, cocktail and so on.

8. Go old school with the use of Mohar

Image Courtesy: Stationery Bliss

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of scrolls is a Mohar. Go old school with the classic use of a Mohar to seal the scroll in its place. Use fibre threads to tie up the scroll and then add a Mohar with the initials of the bride and the groom.

9. Get a piece of both the worlds

Image Courtesy: the Royal Elopement

Now, this is a cool rendition of the scroll wedding cards with the inclusion of traditional cards as well. With the scroll inside a rectangular box, the opening panel of the box has space for you to add multiple cards in it. This gives you the option of adding information like the way to the event space, a message for the guests or information about the other events. The scroll can have all the information about the wedding itself.

10. A graceful scroll with flowers on it

Image Courtesy: Whims and Fancies by Anne

Give your guests a graceful scroll with printed flowers on it at the top and bottom, and all the information in between. Use colours that give the guests an idea about the wedding. Do not opt for loud colours, as they would make the cards a bit unimpressive. Another option to make the card more graceful is to have embossed flower patterns all over the card. This adds an extra touch of elegance to the card.

With these card ideas, you just can’t go wrong no matter what type of scrolls you pick!

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