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Save the Date Wedding Card Maker With Art of Cost Cutting

The first thing that comes to mind, after deciding on the wedding venue, is looking for a save the date wedding card maker. But are you paying the right price? Find out!

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Extending the good news of a couple’s marriage to friends and family over text is the modern norm. But what follows, or rather, what the guests expect next is receiving a physical invitation card for the joyous ceremony. Hence, the couple and the parents put in extra care towards deciding a wedding card that makes the right impression on all the guests. This crucial announcement requires visiting several save the date wedding card maker to find the design that matches your interests the best.

While you may be well versed with what design and font and colour palette you want on the card, there is a chance that you might not be aware of the price break-down of the card in question. The vendors will always try to sell all of their designs pointing them out as being precious, justifying the price tag. But it is you, with the right knowledge, who can decide how much to negotiate for its worth. This read is a simple detailed analysis of what all goes into printing the cards out.

1. Size of The Card

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When we talk about Indian weddings, the agenda is mostly the same - how extravagant is the wedding? Not just in terms of the actual celebrations, but the question is valid on the size or design of the card as well. The first storyline that circulates when the Ambani clan has a wedding, is the luxurious wedding card they have sent out and its details. Hence, do ask the save the date wedding card maker to show you variety in sizes of wedding cards, to help you select one that fits your budget.

2. Bulk Order VS Limited Order

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Any given day, bulk orders or mass orders of any kind of printing services are cheaper in cost as compared to limited or under 100-piece orders. This rule applies to all small as well as big printing companies, making this a perfect cost-cutting option for wedding budgets. It is advised that you decide on the entire list of guests and order in bulk, instead of getting the cards printed in batches for a higher price tag. Don’t forget to ask the save the date wedding card maker for various discount benchmarks on the number of prints.

3. Coloured Print VS Monochromes


The number of inks used to create a card is an essential factor that plays a vital role in deciding the cost of each wedding card. Ask your save the date wedding card maker for options in monochrome prints in case you want to monitor the budgets for wedding cards. Monochrome prints offer dual toned contrasting colour options, which differ from vendor to vendor. In case you go ahead with a multi-coloured wedding card, the costings will be slightly higher than the monochrome ones.

4. Express Print VS Advance Order

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Thanks to the technology now, almost every save the date wedding card maker offers express printing services to the client. But given its instant nature, they charge an extra fee on the overall or per piece order for express delivery. If the time allows, opt to order wedding cards well in advance so that they get printed on time for the ‘save the date’ distribution.

5. Type of Paper Used

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Do ask your save the date wedding card maker to show you a variety of paper that will go well with the card design that you have selected. You will find paper styles like the artistic marbled paper, the metallic Mylar paper, the old-school style parchment paper, the glossy Glassine paper, the eco-friendly recycled paper and the textured raw linen paper available at almost every save the date wedding card maker shop. Each paper’s cost differs, depending on its make and the material used. This feature directly adds on the final costing of a wedding card.

6. How Dense Is The Content

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Once you are clear about the kind of ink or inks you want to go ahead with, the next costing factor that pops us is the density of text on the card. Depending on the number of characters used to complete a message, the amount of ink and printing stencils will be decided upon. These two elements are the contributing elements towards the final costing of the wedding card.

7. Charges For A Digital Version

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For distant relatives and friends, a digital version of the wedding card is the perfect option. Every save the date wedding card maker now offers a digital version of the card for an additional cost. If you are getting your card designed from scratch, then the chances are that the design will be created on a software. If this is the case, the digital PDF file of the card won’t cost extra production charges to the maker.

Hence, you can look at this opportunity to try your negotiation skills with the save the date wedding card maker. Apart from these deciding factors of a wedding card, the save the date wedding card maker will also derive additional cost in case for any embellishments that get used on each card. The tassels, a lock & key to open the card, a card holder box and other such additional materials will all be added as extra costings.

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The costings can range from a mere Rs.100 to thousands of rupees depending on the card design that you go ahead with. But whatever style you finalise on, there will always be scope to negotiate based on the above-mentioned factors. So, make sure that you negotiate right and pay accordingly for the quality and style of card that you are getting in return. After all, a card is the first impression of what the future celebrations hold for the guests of the wedding.

If you have any other questions related to getting the perfect deal from a save the date wedding card maker, comment below and we will be happy to guide you.