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Save the Date Ideas: Set the Tone Right for Your D-day With a Quirk

Get creative and festive with these fun save the date ideas. Each one is unique in its own way and is sure to be a major hit with the guests. Make it personal and fun!

Akanksha Negi Invitations

With the date set and the wedding venue finalised, it’s time to send out save the dates for the big day. The save the date is a crucial element of the wedding because it gives your guests enough time to get ready for your bid day and mark it on their calendars.

Like the other elements of the wedding like the décor, venue and attire, your save the date helps set the tone for the wedding. These save the date cards need to be sent out 9 months before the wedding and the official invitation is sent out two months prior to the big day.

Here are a few save the date ideas to spark some inspiration.

Fall florals

Image Courtesy: Hontas Higa

If you are having a fall wedding, your save the date should ideally resonate with the season. A great way to this is to make use of fall colour palettes that include shades like red, orange and yellow. This save the date features a light peach card with the details of the wedding embedded in a pretty font. The card is bordered in green and the coconut trees with the marigold flower chains in the centre make it fun yet traditionally on point. 

Mandala and Tusks

Image Courtesy: Etsy

Mandalas and elephants are just so aesthetic and they represent the Indian culture beautifully. This save the date idea is a simple one with a white background but the elephant in the ombre shades and intricate designing in it makes it a beautiful piece fit for announcing the wedding save the date. If you are looking to keep your card simple, this save the date idea is the way to go.

Bitmoji invitations

Image Courtesy: Etsy

There are no restrictions when it comes to the size of your save the date card so you opt for a shape that’s out of the norm. This couple’s save the date features a popcorn box with the names of the bride and groom engraved on top.  To add a playful touch to the save the date card, a Bitmoji of the couple is printed under the details. You can write your story or your vows on the sides as well.

Dalmatian pattern

Image Courtesy: Bella Figura

When it comes to unique wedding colours, you can opt for something a little darker. This save the date makes strays from the traditional colour palette in an eclectic way. This is set against a white background to accentuate the bright colours on the save the date. If you are having a winter wedding, dark coloured save the date ideas like this one are perfect.

Elephant Prints

Image Courtesy: Dribble

This couple has opted for a cream coloured card that has palm trees and flowers too. The card features the details of the wedding in a fine font and while the names of the bride and groom are printed in bright brick red. This is accentuated with a big purple elephant that adds a fun touch to this save the date idea.

Funny Abstracts

Image Courtesy: A Knotty Affair

Sometimes, your save the date is not about all the glitz and glam to make a statement. You can opt for something a bit more modern and create a card that is both abstract and showcases your unique personality. This simple save the date features funny caricatures that make it a catch for the eye! Your guests will already be looking up to the fun and goofing around.

Bright Colours

Image Courtesy: Brown Fox Creative

Wedding invitations are usually defined by soft, cream colours but this doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with bright colours. A creative save the date can help you set the tone for the wedding and serve as a precursor to your fun wedding festivities. The card comes in a bright pink and is placed in a bright yellow envelope. Save the date ideas like this one are sure to be a big hit with your party guests.

Watercolour print

VS Calligraphy and Designs

If you consider yourself artistic, you can showcase your creative skills through your save the date card. In addition to the fonts and the colours, there are many ways you can design the card itself. It gives this save the date idea an elegant, old-school vibe. It is also the right way to tell your story in pictures that relevantly showcase the love!

Save the dates are a fairly recent addition to weddings, so there are no traditional norms that restrict you from getting creative with your save the date card. In addition to this, these invitations are also a fun way to showcase your personality because they don’t always need to go with the theme of the wedding. You can get quirky and fun with the save the dates and even send them along with some balloons or chocolate.

If you are looking for some save the date ideas, we hope this list will help spark some inspiration.

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