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All The Rajputi Poshak And Jewellery Inspiration You'll Ever Need For Your Palatial Wedding!

The significance of Rajputi Poshak and jewellery is quite big in terms of culture and traditions. Go through some of the ideas for the outfits and the jewellery pieces you can wear at your wedding.


Bandhani is the local term used for the traditional Rajputi Poshak or attire for women. It is simply a ghagra and a choli attire that has been part of the Rajputi tradition for centuries. What a bride all over India wears is basically a glamorised version of this Rajputi Poshak and jewellery. One thing you need to keep in mind is that both versions have the same three components including the ghagra, kurta or choli, and the Odhni. An Odhni is a dupatta that covers the head of the Rajputi woman, and its counterpart in other areas of India would be the heavy bridal dupatta used in the same way.

A ghagra is a long skirt that covers your feet. It has more Kalis at the bottom to add more elegance and grandeur to the look when compared with regular lehenga skirts. The kurta or Choli usually has tassels at the back to tie it up. There is another piece of cloth called the Kanchali that is worn inside the choli by traditional Rajputi women.

The Odhni is the sheer dupatta usually made of chiffon or georgette. In some traditions, the women cover the face as well. These are the basics of the Rajputi Poshak and jewellery. As in most other traditions and cultures, here the colour red is the most preferred colour for the traditional outfit when it comes to weddings. You may use other colours for daily wear but brides usually go for red.

Just like the uniqueness in the attire, there is uniqueness in the jewellery too. A Kundan necklace is something that you associate with all of Rajasthan but it traditionally was part of the Rajputi culture, subsequently spreading to other parts of the state. Some of the designs use stunning stonework while some use lavish pearls and other beads. The idea is to look nothing short of a princess. All this contributes to a bride having the perfect Rajputi Poshak and jewellery look, giving her the right traditional vibe!

Now that you have an idea about the royal dress of Rajasthan, let us take a look at some of the best designs of Rajputi Poshak and jewellery.

1. A stunning piece of jewellery to give the royal feels

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One of the easiest ways to get the royal feel is to wear jewellery that looks absolutely gorgeous when paired with your look. Big unpolished stones in the gold casings is the new trend when it comes to nailing the Rajputi poshak and jewellery. The use of other semi-precious stones adds another layer to the beauty.

Moreover, another way to get that perfect Rajputi look is by wearing a necklace made of silver, or some other metal like gold with Kundan stones in between. This is a classic example of Rajputi jewellery.

2. A huge necklace to make things perfect


As mentioned above, a stunning necklace can make any bride look great. This huge piece of jewellery is the perfect partner in crime for the red bridal lehenga the brides usually wear. The use of big stones in creative patterns makes for a marvellous look. The traditional Rajasthani Maang Tikka makes it more Rajputi than ever. Now to that, add the perfect Odhni to give you the most authentic look with Rajputi Poshak and jewellery.

3. The traditional red outfit


The colour red is the most common colour used by Rajputi brides in general. The significance of the colour is huge in the Indian culture, as it stands for purity, sacrifice and love. Since the colour is so repetitive in the Rajputi poshak and jewellery look, you need to make sure that your outfit stands out from the rest.

Go for some beautiful patterns all over your ghagra or even the choli you are wearing and small designs spread over the Odhni. In fact, all the latest ghagra choli designs are using colours other than red these days! So consider doing the same!

4. A traditional nath

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A Nath is something that may not be unique to the Rajputi bride but it surely is one of the first cultures in India that used it. Therefore, picking the right Rajasthani nath designs is an important part of a traditional Rajputi Poshak and jewellery look that the bride is going for. You can go for a big and heavy design or go for something smaller. The choice is yours according to your comfort levels!

With this basic understanding of the Rajputi Poshak and jewellery, you can choose the perfect bridal outfit your wedding. Choose outfits and jewellery that exude grandeur to give you a royal elegant look, especially if you are having your wedding at a royal palace or heritage hotel.

Can’t seem to figure out how to nail this look? Get in touch with our wedding planners who work with top stylists and makeup artists!