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The 7-Step Guide to Acing the Normal Makeup Look for Your Wedding Day

If you want to look natural at your wedding, it’s time to embrace the normal makeup look and slay in your natural self on your wedding day.

The Lightsmiths

Trying to decide your final look for your engagement, sangeet or wedding ceremony but can't make up your mind? If you think that contoured cheeks have been done to death and are bored of seeing a bevvy of hot lips shades - normal makeup look is that one beauty trend that will come to your rescue. Rest assured, you’ll be pretty and fabulous with a natural, effortless look.

This season, with a renewed focus on embracing your natural glow and beauty, from the every-day look to even wedding looks, normal makeup has been in vogue. And that is why it’s pretty reasonable to adorn a subtle makeup look and keep everyone hooked to your gorgeous smile. As the bride, you have to be extra careful about the dos and don'ts of putting together your bridal dulhan makeup. And if you want to up your bridal makeup and hairstyle game, this is a must-read.

Normal makeup look would be a lifesaver in this context. However, this look is still a fair bit of makeup and requires careful putting together. Ladies, we are here to give you a low down on how you can go about the normal makeup look for your D day and work that charm-o-bride on one and all.

1. Prep up

The Lightsmiths

Before you begin with the normal makeup routine for the wedding day, the most important thing to keep in mind is preparing the skin. The golden rule is to cleanse tone and moisturise with a lightweight moisturiser. Use a good quality primer for a perfect glowing look. The choice of primer is also a deciding factor.

For a smooth base, you should go for a pore filling primer. Similarly, an illuminating primer will add glow and make you look hydrated. We recommend a radiance primer like Estee Lauder- the illuminator radiant perfecting primer for a glowy finish and smooth finish both.

2. Foundation

The Lightsmiths

Next in the process of acing that subtle and normal makeup look for your big day, is a good lightweight foundation. While it is better to go for a shade closest to your skin tone and with such options like Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Fluid Touch Foundation and others, it is easier too.

However, if you are not able to find the closest shade, you can also mix different shades to create yours. After finding the right shade, you should always keep in mind to blend it with a buffing brush like Real techniques expert face brush.

3. Concealer

Manan Photography

Concealer is the miracle product for this normal makeup look. It will soak up and have all your under-eye circle of wedding worries disappear. It gives you a naturally bright and even-toned look. It also brightens up the face for carrying the look, remember the shine on fashion favourite Priyanka Chopra’s face on her wedding? That is what you are aiming at.

Draw a V shape underneath your eyes and use a buffing brush to buff out the pigment and make it blend in as naturally as if it wasn’t there at all. Maybelline fit me concealer is a good option, and if you are up for more nature-based products, even Lotus has some great options.

4. Defined eyes

Dreamweavers Photography

Eyes carry the whole vibe of your look, and even with the normal look, the eyes remain in focus. While in this look, you should skip the drama and instead go for a definition when going for beautiful eye makeup. Take a cue from the royal princess Meghan Markel, or even our very own Priyanka Chopra. Begin with curling your lashes with high-quality lash curler like Revlon Lash Curler No. 8 and then add mascara for volume and length but remember one stroke is enough.

One great option here is Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. Once you are done with eyelashes, move on to liner. Use a classic black liner for a better outcome, make sure its waterproof and long stay like Urban Decay 24/3 Glide-On. Further, groom your eyebrows and use eyebrow powder if necessary, to fill in sparse areas. You can also use a clear gel to put them in an arch, and this little change can go a long way.

5. Bronzer

The Lightsmiths

While bronzer gives the required warmth to the natural makeup look, the key is to go easy on it. You don’t want a Kim Kardashian or Arianna Grande level fake tan, but more of an Anushka Sharma in her blush wedding outfit kind of vibe. Use a subtle bronzer and lightly brush it along your cheekbone and hairline. You can check out Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer to create a natural warm tone.

6. Blush


This adds life to your normal makeup by providing the new bride nervous blush to the muted look and infuses happy, warm tones. Go for a cream blush with no shimmer or glitter as those will add artificiality to the vibe and also might ruin your pictures. Also, without shimmer, it will be closer to your natural texture.

Use a blush brush to put the blush lightly on the cheek and once again blend it with a buffing brush. For inspiration, you can really look at Anushka Sharma’s wedding look, for she created the subtle blush vibe perfectly with her pinkish outfit and use of muted colour. You can also use Stila Convertible Color if you are looking for suitable brands.

7. Perfect Pout

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The secret ingredient of a perfect, normal makeup look is the harmony of the lip colour with the rest of the look and with the blush. Go for coral and pastels in pink to be closest to the natural colour of the lips and in contrast with the blush. Also, don’t go for too pale a shade as it will give a washed out look in the pictures.

It is a great idea to go for the normal makeup look for any of your wedding functions. The glow of a bride-to-be is enough to dwarf any heavy make-up trends. And with this style, you will get timeless pictures which won't look outdated even as the years pass. Have a talk with your makeup artist well in advance and discuss the various options available to you so that you put your best foot forward.

Have you tried the normal makeup look trend? Comment below and let us know!