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8 New Bridal Lehenga Tips To Keep It New Before You Don It On Your Big Day

Wish to preserve the sheen and look for your new bridal lehenga? Here are some basic care tips that few would tell you. Listen with care and follow them as you count down to your big day and long after.

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Having the bridal outfit of your dreams is a feeling that's beyond explanation. Finding that right bridal lehenga, which fits you like perfection, enhancing your overall appeal requires months of research, hours of running around, painful trial sessions. And all of them boil down to that one moment - when you're dressed in it, standing in front of a mirror and know that this is it!

However, just having a new bridal lehenga at your home is barely half the job done. What you have 'to have and hold' is your own personal treasure, one that requires tender, love and care before you wear it on your wedding day.

TLC For a New Bridal Lehenga:

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Here's a list of things to do to take care of your pristine bridal outfit. Culled from vendors, these nifty tricks will help you store your beauty before the big day.

1. Don't hang it up to wonder for days


Though you might be inspired by a large number of wedding photos you may see on Instagram, hanging your new bridal lehenga up (even in a nifty hanger) is not a good idea, especially for days ahead of your wedding.

A bridal lehenga is a heavy garment, what with the sheer amount of embroidery, latkans et al and the weight of it all will make it lose shape or weigh down on the seams.

2. Dry clean before wear

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While you should not wait to send your pretty new bridal lehenga for dry cleaning after you wear it for your big day, few brides know that doing it beforehand also makes a lot of sense.

Whether you've opted for a designer bridal lehenga, handmade to suit you perfectly or a readymade one bought from the store, you do realise that it has passed through a large number of hands already. Especially a ready-to-buy sample lehenga, which has probably been tried out a dozen times before you took to it.

Even when most stores opt to put in finishing touches, there may be a case of errant stains left on the lehenga fabric.

Further, dry cleaning locks in colours, preventing chances of discolouration.

3. Iron on cool setting, carefully

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Ensure that you keep your new bridal lehenga carefully, so as to ensure that it remains crease-free before you wear it on your big day. However, that's easier said than done.

More often than not, a new lehenga needs last-minute ironing before you don it. Do this either on a cool setting, inside out or with a few layers of fabric between the iron and your precious outfit. (Get professional help if you're slightly worried about possible harm)

You can even opt for a handheld steam iron for the best results. That's what most bridal stores and designer stores opt for themselves.

4. Keep within layers of tissue

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Have opened up the new bridal lehenga to show off to cousins and family? Now, comes the tough task - packing it all back for the big day.

To ensure that it remains crease-free and fresh, add sheets of tissue paper between the folds. This will keep it clean and also relatively untangled. Otherwise, you may end up with an outfit with missing stones or (alas) a pulled thread.

It would be better to keep it in a cardboard box, like the one that's given to every Sabyasachi bride.

5. Transport your lehenga with ample space

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Transport your lehenga with ample space to itself, preferably on the rear seat, encased in its own box. This will minimise chances of creases and ensure that it remains it's pristine self for your big day.

Once it's at your bridal makeup salon, hang (or ask the beauticians to hang) it up and let it air, before you get into it.

6. Avoid stains before your bridal entry

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Retaining your new bridal lehenga in its current shape and form is a tough task, especially when you sit down for your bridal makeup. To avoid any stains, dab perfume before you wear it.

Next, cover it up with a towel or a robe during the bridal makeup process. Believe me, you'll thank us later.

7. Save from pooch love

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This one's specially made for the dog lovers. If you have one (like me), you would know that it is a task to get them off all of your pretty new things. Your new bridal lehenga won't be any different. And while it goes beyond saying that you need to keep their paws and teeth far away from this pride and joy, even stray strands of fur can get enmeshed into the delicate fabric, stones and embroidery.

8. Practice prancing in it:

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You might have stood in your new bridal lehenga during your bridal fitting session, complete with your bridal shoes, but have you actually walked in it? Walking in heels in your heavy Indian long skirt is a completely new experience and a little worrisome too. If unprepared, you may end up with the jagged end of your heel through the lining or the lehenga skirt itself. You can dodder and fall too.

Try walking, standing, sitting down and standing up in the contraption, heels and all. And if the two are not a match made in heaven, considering replacing the heels. If there is little time for it, ensure that they have flat, broad tips to balance your weight.

Whew! That was quite a list! Get these details in line and you can stop worrying about your new bridal lehenga before you walk down the aisle in it.

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