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Summers are finally upon us, which means it’s time for summer weddings! Grooms-to-be, have you yet decided on what suit you would be wearing on your big day? If you are still wondering, this article will help you choose a perfect marriage suit for your wedding, and will also help you accessorise it.

Unlike the yesteryear dark suits which most men wore on their marriage, the suits of today are all designer and chic. From light grey to blue, marriage suits have undergone a world of change. If you are planning a summer wedding or even have a wedding to attend during warmer months, these tips will help you choose the perfect suit for yourself.

1. Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics

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It’s going to be boiling hot when you get married in summer. So, what fabric do you choose for your suit? Its only cotton that should be worn during this season. Cotton and linen help to keep your body stay cool. Wearing a tuxedo in wool or silk is a big no. If you have an idea for a beach wedding, then you can choose to wear suits in a cotton blend.

Also, make sure to pick lighter shades like grey and beige to remain cool. Dark shades retain more heat, thereby, making you sweat more. The bottom line here is to go for a light yet bright shades of suits.

2. Try colourful blazers

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Summer is the time when most people choose to take their big step by getting married amidst greens and flowers. So, if you, too, are planning on having a garden wedding, then choose to wear blazers in chic bright colours such as light yellow or green. You can also wear cotton suits in bold stripes for a trendy look.

3. It's ok to ditch the jacket

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Everybody wants to remain comfy when they get married. So, if the heat becomes too overbearing, choose to ditch the jacket of your marriage suit, and simply wear the waistcoat along with the shirt. Have proper trousers to go along with the no jacket look.

Always be prepared in advance with the type of shirt and bow-tie that you will wear on your wedding day. You never know if you may have to remove the jacket and reveal the insides to all.

4. Opt for a white shirt

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Choosing the right shirt is important as it can break or make your entire look in a minute. White is one shade that is the favourite with all men simply because it can pair well with any kind of trouser, shoes and accessories.

White is simply perfect for a scorching hot day and offers a great contrast with black trousers. To have a crisp look, white is the colour you pick.

5. Accessorise it right

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Don’t be rigid when it comes to accessorising your marriage suit. Go for a trendy mix of patterns and prints to make your suit look great. If you are really not in the mood to wear a tie, simply ditch it! For an extra bit of style, go in for a pocket square in pastels such as light pink or lime.

If you want to take your style a notch higher, pick a colourful boutonniere. Play along with sunglasses and floral pins to add a more wow factor.

6. Opt for the right shoes


Avoid wearing casuals on your wedding day, unless of course, it’s a beach wedding. Always go for formal black shoes in leather. This will add layers of style to your personality and make you look well-groomed. Brown shoes work well if you are planning to wear dark brown trousers.

7. Do not try to match everything

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You don’t need to match your marriage suit with the rest of your wedding theme. Yes, this may come as a surprise, but, it’s a piece of advice that all grooms to be must pay attention to.

It’s alright as wedding couples to coordinate your wedding attire, but don't do it with your venue’s decor. If you have a floral decor in silver, it does not mean that your suit has to have silver tones to it.

8. Complement your partner

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Whatever you do, make sure to coordinate your marriage suit with the dress that your bride to be will wear for the wedding. It does not mean that if she wears a dress in red, you too wear the same colour. Coordinating means you try to compliment her style with that of yours.

If she wears a gown for the big day, choose to wear a marriage suit that looks quite formal, like a tux. Slim cut suits will go very well with rustic dresses. Even doing simple things like matching the colour of your pocket square with that of your bride’s or your partner’s outfit can do the trick.

You will rock your wedding if you wear the right type of marriage suit and accessorise it well. Use these tips to pick the perfect summer suit that will help you stay and look cool at the same time. If you're looking for outfitters, check some brands listed in our sherwani vendors section.

What are your thoughts about a marriage suit for summer weddings? Let us know through comments.