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Crack These Poses for Your Marriage Pictures Like a Pro Now

Some brides & grooms are camera shy, while others are extremely comfortable in front of it. However, both kinds have their own awkward moments during marriage pictures. Check these to find out some classic hits!

Image Courtesy: Amrit Arora Photography

What has been your most awkward moment during marriage pictures? If you haven’t had one yet, let us tell you that it has got nothing to do with how shy or comfortable you are in front of the camera. Amidst the gazillion clichéd and non-clichéd marriage pictures that the wedding photographer clicks pre and post your wedding, there will always be some that will put you on the spot and might make you a little uncomfortable.

The millennial weddings, brides and groom must prepare to tackle those moments in advance to be able to pull it off like a pro. Here’s a list of our favourite marriage pictures that we assume could have been a little awkward and also tell you how you can make it easier for yourself in that moment and nail it.

The Shy Pose


For millennial brides that believe in candid photography and out of the box ideas, the shy pose might not seem to be the most comfortable moment. However, we truly believe that they can consider it as one of the best ones to show their eye makeup off.

So if you find putting the hand on your groom’s shoulder with a  shy expression and eyes rolled down a little tough, suggest your wedding photographer to play a romantic Hindi song in the background that makes it easier for you to feel and connect with the emotion at that moment and nail awkward marriage pictures like these.  

Lying on the Grass Pose

Cupcake Productions

While some may argue this to be one of the easiest to pose for marriage pictures, the fact is that lying on the grass trying to be romantic for a frame can be rather daunting.

We wouldn’t disagree that green grass as a backdrop really adds colour to the frame, but if you are awkward, then you can always suggest your wedding photographers to use elements like flowers or frames to set up a theme for such marriage pictures. While you’d still have to lie on the grass and be romantic but the props might add the element of quirk and fun to it. 

Making Silly Faces

Nitin Arora Photography

If you are someone that usually makes faces then this might not seem like a tough job for you to do. But our brides and grooms that are rather shy to do that in front of the camera may feel the pressure to nail it while finding it extremely awkward too.

The simplest thing that you can do to avoid feeling awkward through these marriage pictures are to discuss the poses and faces your photographer visualised beforehand and practice them in front of the mirror to know what suits your face the best.  

The Intimate Poses

The Wedding Bells

No marriage pictures are complete without a few intimate poses that put you on the spot and make you rather awkward with the entire crew of photographers trying to ace your pose. While these are all the pictures that you will cherish for the years to come, it is important for you to get out of the awkwardness and give it your best try.

Amidst a thousand different techniques that work, music really plays a good role in getting you in the mood. However, if you are still not confident then discuss it with your photographer and ask him to take shots from angles that do not show your face and doesn’t capture your awkwardness.  

Snuggle Like No One’s Watching

The Cheesecake Project

Snuggling or cuddling with your bride/groom-to-be is one of the most Bollywood inspired marriage pictures that somehow makes its entry into all wedding albums. While it goes without saying that it does put you in an awkward position sometimes, taking a shot from behind is one of the easiest ways to dodge the situation.

For those of you that are still not comfortable enough these romantic pictures, suggest your wedding photographers choose a mesmerising location as the backdrop decoration so that the focus is not on you but rather on the scenic backdrop. This way you’d feel more comfortable not being in a close-up shot. 

The Cheesy Lifts

The Wedding Salad

Another unavoidable pose in marriage pictures is one with cheesy lifts and twirls where it all seems so romantic and real. However, cracking these poses can be rather nerve-wracking as it not just about the lift but about the entire movement that you need to ace to make the pictures look candid.

Our suggestions to all you slightly nervous couples is to practice a cheesy lift and twirl as a choreographed step and then put in your natural emotions and expressions when the camera rolls to make it look less awkward and more real. By practising the choreography well you can make sure that your faces do not look nervous or scared to pull the pose off.  

So have you prepared for your marriage pictures already? Well, we suggest you get in touch with your wedding photographer well in advance and discuss on the lines of what kind of shoot do you both want at your wedding. This way they have a clearer idea of the expectation, while you can do the little preparations from your end that it requires avoiding awkward moments in between the shoot. In the end, the basic rule is to just have fun and not let your insecurities show for marriage pictures to look effortless and true.

Have you had any such experience dealing with awkward moments during marriage pictures? Tell us your story of dealing with it in the comment section below.