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Aced the Steps for Your Marriage Dance Video? Now Find the Best Videographer to Shoot It Right

Every wedding deserves a cute marriage dance video of the bride and the room together on the dance floor. However, not all videographers are skilled and may ruin the video completely! So, let’s have a look at the best ones for a marriage dance video.


Almost all weddings have a videographer (along with the photographer) who captures the wedding ceremonies with his camera. The video also includes the marriage dance video. Now sometimes, this is captured really well and the couple can be seen dancing and enjoying their moment together. However, in some marriage dance video shoots, the couple cannot be seen properly and a lot of people block their view by standing in front of the camera! Such frames are not acceptable in a wedding video and you should do all you can to prevent ending up with the same! Since you can't ask all your guests to stand aside, you need to make sure that the videographer you go with is experienced and adept at handling such situations.

Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing wedding videographers available.

1. Sensation Films


Based in the city of Bangalore, Sensation Films provides some of the latest and most updated video services when it comes to creating the marriage dance video. Equipped with professionals, it uses state of the art technology to compile the beautiful moments of a wedding together.

2. Arnub Photography


A photography company based in east Bangalore, Arnub Photography is known for its ability to make you a fantastic marriage dance video during the wedding ceremony. Along with stunning and creative photographs, they also provide unique Sangeet videos that make them one of the leading companies in the industry.

3. Wedding Flicks


Known for its creative wedding videography, this company can make an amazing marriage dance video and capture all the candid moments that you will want to cherish forever. Their unique and creative approach has helped them make a name for themselves in this wedding industry.

4. Black and White Films and Photography


Started by husband and wife duo Meeta and Suniel, the Black and white Films and Photography has always aimed to show true emotions in their art. While their marriage dance video is unique and engaging, their wedding videos are always well-edited and perfectly shot. They make you relive the wedding once again!

5. Cinematic Moments


Based in the city of dreams, Mumbai, Cinematic Moments has always created art in the form of a marriage dance video and made people cherish their memories. With a name known all over the city, they make a fantastic wedding video and make sure that the wedding ceremonies look great in it.

6. Studio Guru


Studio Guru believes in going the extra mile to take the perfect candid clicks and videos of you at your wedding. Taking the perfect shots at the best possible angle, they have a team of professionals to present you a great version of an impressive marriage dance video and wedding video with the right vibe!

7. Safarnama Films


Launched by Lakshya Manwani Photography, Safarnama films is the combination of love and magic together at a wedding. Making a beautiful marriage dance video and wedding films, they capture the essence of the wedding and the feelings flowing within the hearts of the people. They are one of the trendiest videographers right now for weddings.

8. Blooming Rainbow Films


Known to be the first choice in terms of photographers and videographers in Delhi, the Blooming Rainbow Films are an experienced company, especially when it comes to the marriage dance video. They know what they are doing and do not make mistakes in their work. With their wedding film, you will never be able to forget your wedding ceremonies!

9. Multiverse Films


Multiverse Films is a company that excels in photography, videography and audiography as well. With different types of packages available for you to choose from, this is Mumbai based creative company that can create an amazing marriage dance video along with wedding films. You can select your package according to your budget and the job will be done!

10. The Wedding Date Productions


A highly professional organisation for personalised wedding videography, cinematography, and photography, the Wedding Date Production is based in the capital of the country, Delhi. Known for its stylish and creative wedding videos and photo shoots, they cover every aspect of the wedding, from the pre-wedding to the post-wedding ceremonies in their Hindu wedding videos.

With so many videographers and photographers available to you, it is quite easy to say that you will have no hassles in recalling your wedding a decade later. These videographers are not only professional in their work but are dedicated to making your wedding the best day of your life.

As you walk down to the stage in your bridal attire, they are already set with their equipment to take your candid shots when you look the prettiest. Updating themselves with the latest techniques, they make sure to use all their creativity for their work!

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