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How to Find the Right Makeup Artist: Makeup Artist Course in Delhi, Portfolios, and More

Find a great makeup artist – one who’s graduated from a reputed makeup artist course in Delhi and has a stunning portfolio with these tips!

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How does one find a makeup artist in Delhi who is not that well-known but does a fabulous job? You look at their reviews, yes, and you look at their certificate of makeup artist course in Delhi. The certificate gives them the credibility of having learnt the craft from the finest of makeup artists. You will see it for yourself when you go for a makeup trial at their salon. The certification of reputed makeup artist course in Delhi will also give you peace of mind that your makeup artist is open and receptive to your requirements for the big day since they have seen the high-profile artists at their academy do the same. What other factors should you account for before you finalise them? Read on to find out.

1. Where did they learn their craft?

Pooja Sethi

As is the case with any skill, certain courses offer a deeper understanding of the skill than others. Moreover, specific colleges and universities lend authority to a certificate, while other names are as flimsy as the paper they’re printed on! The following are a few great institutes that offer a comprehensive makeup artist course in Delhi:

  • Lakme Academy
  • Pearl Academy
  • Make Up Studio
  • Sweta Gaur Makeup Artist Salon and Academy
  • Jawed Habib Academy
  • VLCC Institute of Beauty

If the artist you’re considering has a certificate from a makeup artist course in Delhi offered by any of these institutes, then you can expect them to do a great job!

2. What is their portfolio like?

Makeup by Pratiba

While certificates are one way to go about it, another crucial factor to consider is the portfolio. To be fair, not all great makeup artists have graduated from the institutes mentioned above. You may end up finding someone suited to your needs just by going through their portfolio. With the internet being so convenient, all you need to do is go through their social media handles. This will help you gauge the kinds of skills they bring to the table. Are they one-note maestros? Are they comfortable with colour? Do they create different looks? Consider all these factors before contacting them.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions for Delhi based makeup artists with great portfolios:

  • Pooja Sethi – This makeup artist is based out of Gurgaon. Pooja Sethi’s charges start at ₹30,000. She is comfortable with regular, bridal, HD, and airbrush makeup styles.
  • Rashi Sobti – This makeup artist is based out of Defence Colony. Rashi Sobti’s charges start at ₹20,000. Apart from regular, bridal, HD, and airbrush makeup, she is also comfortable working with extensions and fake lashes.
  • Makeup By Pratiba – This makeup artist is based out of Gurgaon. Pratibha is comfortable travelling to her clients and specialises in regular, bridal, HD, and airbrush makeup. Her charges start at ₹8,000.
  • Isha Sharma MUA – This makeup artist is based out of Kalkaji. Isha Sharma’s charges start at ₹15,000. She is comfortable with different makeup techniques and is widely known for her bridal makeup skills. She also helps brides drape their outfits.

What is their personality like?

Nikita Gaur Makeovers

No matter who you work with, you must get along with them. All your wedding vendors are people who are there to make your life easier, not harder. So, if you feel as though your personality may clash with a makeup artist, just cross him/her off the list! Ultimately, you want someone who can help you look beautiful – whatever your idea of beauty may be. Ending up with someone who is pushing their ideas on you to the point where you end up feeling uncomfortable the whole night can turn out to be a huge nightmare!

Will they travel outstation?

Rashmeet Kaur Makeovers

If you are considering a destination wedding, then your makeup artist needs to be ready for travel! This is one of the first few things that you should ask your makeup artist about. Many people are comfortable travelling, however, some may have crazy demands! So, make sure that yours isn’t one of them. As the bride, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your artist will be unhappy at your wedding function!

Do they offer hair styling services?

Ruhani Puri Makeup Artist

Finally, another factor to consider is whether they offer hair styling services. Many makeup artists double as hairstylists. Choosing an artist who does this can ensure that your look is cohesive. Furthermore, it can help you save a few extra bucks too!

Ideally, you and your makeup artist should be able to talk to each other. Your makeup artist should base suggestions on your facial features. This can help the two of you come up with great ideas. Use our checklist to find someone who is the perfect fit for you!

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