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Check These Lightweight Gold Necklace Designs for Your D-day

Looking for that statement jewellery piece? These light weight gold necklace designs can complete your bridal look with a contemporary aesthetic!

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As the bride on her wedding day, there is no doubt that people will be snapping and tagging pictures of you. Since your attire is one of the most photographed outfits you will ever wear, you want every detail to be perfect. While the dress is important, some statement jewellery can accentuate your bridal look in the perfect way.

For brides that toe on the line of tradition and prefer a more classic and simple look, lightweight gold necklace designs offer just the right juxtaposition to your outfit. They can enhance your attire and not seem too overbearing. From sleek designs to more embellished jewellery, we take a look at some of the best lightweight gold necklace designs this season.

Floral Motif

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The modern bridal aesthetic is all about incorporating those unique motifs in your jewellery without looking too run off the mill. This can be done using a cascading necklace in place of the ordinary choker necklace designs.

This bride’s necklace features a long chain that comes in three layers of different lengths and is held together by a floral motif. Eye-catching lightweight gold necklace designs like this one can give your classic outfit a modern update without seeming overly edgy.

Gold Choker

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Brides who are all about embodying their culture and sticking to their roots can opt for a simple gold choker to enhance their bridal look. Gold has always been a staple in wedding jewellery and has the ability to give your attire some shine. This necklace features a circular pattern with a large white stone at the centre.

This is attached to a floral pendant with paisley motifs. To create a more eye-catching look, you can mix and match short and long chains. Light weight gold necklace designs are ideal for brides who want to lend an unexpected touch to their outfit without going too overboard.

Encrusted with Diamonds

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While a gold necklace can give your outfit a traditional appeal, a mix of diamonds and gold can create a more innovative design. Moreover, these versatile pieces can be worn with numerous outfits long after your wedding ceremony. This bride’s necklace features a slim gold choker with small beads lining the base.

The body of the necklace is encrusted with small diamonds in an innovative setting giving the gold ornament new life. Although they lean towards a more traditional pattern, lightweight gold necklace designs like this one can be accessorised with contemporary outfits as well.

Paisley Pattern

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When it comes to lightweight gold necklace designs, it’s quality over quantity. A distinctive piece of jewellery has the ability to take your outfit to a megawatt status. Brides these days prefer unique shapes in favour of ordinary necklace patterns. This necklace takes to this trend with intricate patterns etched on the chain and a paisley pattern with small beads at the centre.

The unexpected design gives the traditional outfit a vivid and fresh look without going too overboard. You can pair this necklace with a variety of ethnic outfits like lehengas and salwar.

Pearl Details

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When we think of bridal accessories, a necklace and earrings is the first thing that comes to mind. While these are a must-have in your bridal trousseau, you’ll need something a little more distinctive and eye-catching to go with your overall look.

For a bride who loves all things vintage, this unique look can be achieved with some pearls. This bride is adorned in a slim necklace that features a row of small diamond-shaped motifs followed by a row of peach pearls to match the outfit. It is paired with some Chandelier earrings that incorporate a pearl detail as well.

Dual Layers

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Bridal accessories can amp up your wedding look but as the shoes and handbag may remain unseen your jewellery remains the focal point of your attire. Hence, it is important that you pick the pieces that match the theme of your outfit. For the traditional Indian bride, lightweight gold necklace designs can add some glitz to the outfit.

For instance, this bride has paired her look with a long gold chain that comes in two layers. They are held together by a large gold pendant at the centre. To offset the long chain, the bride has also added a gold necklace to accent the attire.

Beaded Necklace

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Modern brides aim to add their own personal aesthetic to their bridal jewellery. This means that chunky jewellery and broad necklaces are replaced by lightweight gold necklace designs that incorporate unique designs and craftsmanship. This necklace is inspired by a beaded technique and features beads of different sizes and colours to form a pattern.

Large gold beads with floral patterns are alternated with smaller gold and silver beads. This sleek necklace comes with a pair of earrings made of gold and silver beads. A jewellery set like this one is perfect if you are going for a minimalist bridal look.

Dual Tones

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Gold is a metal that has been favoured by women for many centuries. However, modern-day brides are adding a modern spin to their gold jewellery by combining it with different elements. If you are looking to take a non-traditional approach to your jewellery, you can opt for a necklace that comes with dual tones.

This necklace incorporates a mix of gold and silver on the leaf-shaped pattern. Each motif features a gold pattern intricately carved onto the pendant and is overlaid with shiny silver metal.

Lightweight gold necklace designs like this necklace provide an abstract appeal, making them perfect for the modern-day bride. When we think of wedding jewellery, engagement rings and wedding bands is the first thing that comes to mind. However, the main piece of jewellery that makes your outfit stand out from the crowd is a stunning necklace.

These eye-catching baubles can give your attire a distinctive look while defining the theme of your outfit. If you are looking for a necklace that provides both comfort and style, we hope this edit of lightweight gold necklace designs can help give your outfit a cool and modern feel.  

Have we inspired you to add some lightweight gold necklace designs to your bridal trousseau? Check out our jewellery vendors for the perfect design!