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An appealing, fun wedding teaser can ensure that you give your guests a great glimpse into what’s coming. Your save-the-date video and wedding videos are fantastic opportunities to showcase your love for your partner, enjoy yourselves and be a little silly in front of the camera as you make some unforgettable memories. All you have to do is be your real selves in all its glory and let the wedding photographer do their job. You'd be surprised by all the emotions they capture on screen, the ones you thought you didn't even know that you show. Let figure out what else goes into making a beautiful wedding video.

1. Tell everyone your story

You should use your wedding videos to show off your love story to the world. Talk about how you met, ask your videographer to ask you a list of questions and answer them separately or together in the video. You should use this rare opportunity to talk at length about your history, your first date, funny anecdotes, the proposal and more. The wedding teaser can be a lovely prequel to the actual wedding videos and include snippets from your time together as a couple. 

2. Get your loved ones involved

You can also include the tidbits about how your siblings helped you keep your relationship from the parents or have them tell your tales from their point of view. Your family and friends would love to talk about you and how you’ve and grown together as a couple. Your loved ones will be thrilled to get the opportunity to participate in the wedding teaser and give viewers more perspective. Contemporary wedding videos are also a lot more fun because they use popular songs and combine snapshots from different sections of the wedding, providing a quick overview of everything that happened. It’s a great way to relive your wedding and go back to it again and again in the future.

3. Go candid

If a well-planned wedding teaser makes you nervous, you don’t need to worry. Many wedding photographers will be happy to shoot candid videos as you talk, laugh and share the cake with your better half or dig into a plate of Golgappas at your favourite stall. Simply interacting with each other in front of the camera and being your normal selves will make your wedding videos amazing and fun to watch. Candid photography and videography are popular for a good reason - don’t be afraid to embrace it! It does not matter if you break down during the interview and shed some tears, don't feel embarrassed about showing your real emotions. It is your wedding, the biggest day of your life, you are bound to feel emotional talking about it. Just stay true to yourself for the video.

4. Discuss your favourite playlists

You can actively participate in the making of the wedding videos and even provide your preferences beforehand and during post-production. For instance, feel free to tell your videography team about the songs you’re partial to and let them know if you’d particularly like to include a certain song in your wedding teaser. You’ll feel a lot more connected to it this way and get to enjoy the process instead of merely watching the results later. Your honest inputs and feedback will go a long way in giving you wedding videos that make you feel really happy and warm inside. You can even include the same songs for your dance performances and have a lip sync effect in the wedding video. 

5. Experiment 

Feel free to brainstorm and bounce around ideas with your partner. Do a few run-throughs with your photographer and videographer to ensure that you’ve tried out at least a few ideas before picking the best one. You can also combine several elements for your wedding teaser and wedding videos. For example, you can be shown goofing around town with each other in bright clothes on a date that can be intercut with interviews with friends and family. There can be a piece in the end about how you feel about each other and your thoughts on the wedding, new beginnings and your future together!

The key to pulling off a wedding teaser that isn’t cheesy is trusting your instinct, asking lots of questions, checking for previous footage and work from your photographers and videographers, and doing your research well. Remember to communicate and discuss several aspects of your wedding videos to ensure everyone is on the same page. Trust your photographer and videographer to create a masterpiece out of your wedding video. The effects and background score will make your real-life affair into a larger than life Bollywood movie. Then you can easily show it off on all your social media accounts and garner good wishes and likes. 

Do share with us the awesome result you get!