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8 Lehenga Choli Images You Need To See While Outfit-hunting!

When you’ve got a wedding to attend, start by browsing lehenga choli images for amazing options, and then hit the stores! Check out these images we’ve curated for you.


A lehenga choli is one of the most popular outfits sought out by women during a wedding. The cropped blouse paired with a flared skirt is a great outfit to pick for a range of different events, simply because it highlights your figure and helps you exude a more feminine and playful vibe.

By wearing lighter lehenga cholis on the Mehndi and other day events, and sticking with dressier options for the Sangeet, you can craft a range of ensembles with this particular type of ethnic outfit.

Check out these lehenga choli images to get inspired:

1. This pink and white lehenga

Twilight Photo & Cinema

This is an example of lehenga choli images that show that you don’t need a variety of colours to have a fantastic outfit. With deep and light shades of pink, this outfit looks ideal for a Mehndi event. It also works well for a day time wedding.

Style tips: Kundan jewellery with Meenakari work can look lovely with such outfits. You can also wear a Kundan set with emeralds if you want to add an element of contrast. Additionally, pearls would also look great with this outfit.

2. This bright yellow Mehndi look

Lilac Weddings

Anytime you look at lehenga choli images that are made for the Mehndi function, you’re bound to find a ton of options in yellow. The same goes for the Haldi ceremony! This bright colour can make you look effortlessly charming while you have your mehndi expertly applied.

Style tips: if you are wearing such outfits for the Mehndi, then make sure you pair it with fresh flower jewellery, as that is a major trend these days. You can either wear matching yellow flowers, light white flowers or contrasting orange flowers for a great look.

3. This gorgeous green wedding lehenga

Image Courtesy: Janine Licare Photography

With stunning brocade work, this green lehenga is a great option for a daytime wedding. The bride has paired this look with a white sheer dupatta that she’s wearing like a veil, which is the perfect way to represent two different cultures in one outfit!

Style tips: Deep green looks gorgeous with gold, which is why you should pick temple jewellery if you’re wearing something like this. However, if you don’t want something that’s too regional, you can pick a classic Kundan set instead. Make sure that the set has rubies for a bit of contrast.

4. This funky printed lehenga

Gautam Khullar Photography

While browsing through a ton of lehenga choli images, we saw that brides are totally digging the printed lehenga trend. This trend not only helps them make a fashion statement but also lets them wear an outfit that’s light enough to carry comfortably throughout the wedding.

Style tips: Contemporary lehengas look great with long jackets that reach the floor. However, if that’s not your jam, pick an accessory like a matching bag or funky umbrella like this savvy bride!

5. Lace yellow lehenga for Gurudwara weddings

Image Courtesy: Fine Pixel Studio

A bright yellow lehenga isn’t just something you can wear to a Mehndi. Pick it for toned down wedding ceremonies such as those happening in a Gurudwara or a temple. This lehenga as gorgeous lace detailing on the sleeves, making it a great option for brides who want a delicate, feminine look, which is why it’s a part of our lehenga choli images list.

Style tips: Try the double dupatta trend with something like this. You can wear a heavily embroidered dupatta across your chest, with a lighter one on the head.

6. Light pastel lehenga with a huge Ghera

Dhanika Choksi Photography

If you’re looking for lehenga choli images that show outfits for bridesmaids and friends, this one is perfect for you. This light pastel lehenga has a huge Ghera that can help you twirl and enjoy a full-bodied skirt, however, the print and embroidery on the garment are quite toned down, making it apt for guests. We’re totally loving the Latkans!

Style tips: Since this is a light garment, you should pair a sheer dupatta with it, instead of a heavy one. The latter might not gel with the vibe of this attire.

7. Heavy bridal lehenga

Deepika's Deep Clicks

Next on our list of lehenga choli images is this gorgeous green bridal lehenga that’s got a very heavy look. If you’re looking for lehenga choli images that show brides wearing any colour other than red, then this is the right one for you!

Style tips: Such outfits deserve regal jewellery. Pair it with a Rani Haar or Satlada necklace to really amp up the stately vibe this garment offers.

8. Lime mirror work lehenga

Image Courtesy: Badal Raja Company

Our final addition to the list of lehenga choli images is this lime mirror work lehenga that’s perfect for a quirky bride. Like a yellow ensemble, this is perfect for your Mehndi thanks to the bright and happy colour.

Style tips: Pair this look with floral jewellery for maximum effect.

These lehenga choli images show how versatile this gorgeous Indian garment is, and how you can wear it for different ceremonies. Make sure you accessorise them well for a great look!

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