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12 Kalire Images That Will Inspire You to Strike Stunning Wedding Poses

Capture the blessings and good luck that the dangling umbrellas hold for a bride-to-be with these inspiring poses for Kalire images!

Foto Vision

Bundles of wishes, blessing, and luck tied around your wrist, Kalire is more than just gorgeous wrist ornaments. Capture their significance in awe-inspiring ways for a memory that lasts a lifetime. Gold, silver, pearls, tassels, minimal, over-the-top, options for these foil umbrellas are endless. Match them to your outfit for the best click. But how to pose with these danglers, you might ask.

We did some digging and found 12 real brides showing off their Kalire in style. Learn how to what to do nail the pose for your Kalire images.

1. Tying the Kalire

CoolBluez Photography

Tying the Kalire on a bride’s wrist is the last step to her bridal Shringhaar. It is an emotional moment that the bride shares with her family and friends knowing that a few moments down the line she will be a newlywed. Capture the essence of this moment with perfectly timed Kalire images, as your wedding photographer would also remind you.

This would be one that shot that is definitely going to make the final cut for your wedding album. 

2. The whimsical Kalire ceremony

Image courtesy: Mrinalini Chandra

It’s the time to know who is the next bride-to-be. Whether you dread it or secretly hope for it, it is time for you to get down and let the bride shake off her Kalire on you. Capture the Masti of this ceremony with fun Kalire images. You won't even need to pose for it consciously. Just ask your photographer to capture the best candid moments. 

3. Down the aisle

What Knot Wedding Photography

As you walk down the aisle looking stunning in your bridal attire, adorning magnificent jewels, the Kalire dangling from your wrists glisten as the light reflects on them. Capture their beauty in all its glory with Kalire images that mark this magic moment.

If you're wearing a lehenga in contrast with your Kalire, you will get an even more vivid shot while walking under Phoolon ki Chaadar.

Alternately, let your spunk show with your Kalire swinging wildly with your dance moves in your Kalire images.

4. With your better half

Rajesh Digital

Wedding day shoots are a treat, with the groom and her bride looking their best on their big day. While you go all out clicking unique shots for your wedding album, don’t forget to include some cute Kalire images with the bride’s hand entwined with her husband’s.

It is the real moments that have the most emotions emanating out of them.  

5. Capture at an angle


Capture the blooming ornament in all its golden glory with Kalire images shot at an angle with the bride’s glowing face peeking through. This pose expresses a bride’s love for her Kalire and the meaning they hold. The hint of her gorgeous smile through the dangles is a bonus! You can easily replicate this pose for your wedding album and slay!

6. With your bride squad

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

Your bride squad has been there right by your side since the big news of your wedding first hit them. From your outfit to your jewellery and makeup, they have helped you decide every little detail. What better way to embark on their accomplishment than with breath-taking Kalire images with your bridesmaids?

Capture the playfulness that binds all you in friendship and if possible, capture the mischievousness as well.

7. Under the Kalire and above them!


Kalire in all their glory are worthy of being paraded on their own. They don’t always need another element in the frame to enhance their beauty. Take some fab Kalire images and then flaunt the style that you have hand-picked for your big day.

How about this one here, showcasing her Kalire under the Kalire decor.

8. Expressing your admiration

Knots by AMP

Kalire holds a special place in every bride’s heart, which only makes it right to express their love for them. Strike some cute and quirky poses and put on a show for some fun Kalire images. Be creative and trust your impulses with this one. It might seem almost too easy to some brides.

9. Embracing your attire

Image courtesy: Mehar Photography

You and your bridesmaids carefully hand-pick the style, shade, and size of the Kalire to complement the attire that you will adorn on your big day. Justify all the hard work and arguments that went behind the selection with creative poses for Kalire images that feature the blend of the two.

Sitting upright with hands in the lap will make your Kalire dangle at your sides. This is a beautiful shot to capture in the most simplistic terms.

10. Minutely stellar details

Image courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Adding charms to your set of Kalire are bound to get a more personalised set of ornaments. And a grand set of Kalire images indeed.

Case in point, this set of fabulous Kalire, which feature traditional umbrella trinkets, alongside the more modern alphabets like N and P, a six-pointed star, a cup of coffee, Lord Shiva's trident and more. The story behind the bride who wore them is even juicier! That's Priyanka Chopra with a customised set of ornaments for her grand palatial wedding.

11. Floral add-ons

Prune India

Move over golden ornaments, these Kalire images stand out due to silver levels and Ghungroos, offset by matching floral elements. This set of Kalire fit perfectly with floral jewellery for a Mehndi ceremony and a quirked up bride who works them for her grand Indian wedding (rather than go Kundan, Polki or heavy, conventional, bridal jewellery.

12. Blue floral threads

Knots by AMP

Imagine threads of floral jewellery and floral bracelets as your defacto Kalire. And then raise them up with pride and grace for your Kalire images. That's the magic we see from this bride in blue. In fact, even as blue lehenga becomes a major bridal trend for the year, such accents will only take them a significant step forward.

Kalire holds a sign that no other ornament does. Tied on the bride’s Chura by her friends and family, each element of Kalire have a meaning. The coconut shaped caps are a wish from the family that she never runs out of food in her new house, and the metal reflects the blessing of wealth. All these blessings are warmly wrapped in a gorgeous ornament that represents much more than their beauty. In fact, to know more about the significance of bridal Kalire, we would recommend a read through our detailed piece on it.

There are so many creative ways to capture the essence and meaning that Kalire holds for the bride and her loved ones. We have shared a few amazing ideas here to spark inspiration within you. Huddle up with your bride squad to give you the absolute funky ideas on posing for Kalire images. But, that’s not the end of it, after your big day you can store Kalire in creative ways to live the memory of your big day on every 'odd-inary' day.

Which pose did you love the most? Let us know in the comments below!