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Jodhpuri Safa – a Colourful Expression of Pride, Respect, and Joy!

Turbans play a huge role in Indian culture as they are a sign of respect and pride. Thus, it is natural for the men close to the bride and groom wear to these accessories on the wedding day. Find out how a Jodhpuri Safa fits in here!

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A safa, or a wedding Pagri, is a menswear accessory with deep roots in Indian tradition. It features heavily during the wedding ceremony as most men tend to wear this to denote their pride. What differentiates the safa from a general pagri is that the latter’s dimensions are around 82 x 8 inches. The safa, on the other hand, is much shorter.

The Jodhpuri safa is a variant of this accessory, characterised by the long tail of fabric that runs down one’s back. With tie-dye prints, which are a quintessential Rajasthani style, this safa is bright, colourful, and often akin to what a woman may call a statement piece in the ensemble!

Unlike a Sehra, a Jodhpuri safa is something that all men must wear, and not just the groom. Thus, if there is a wedding in your family, you’ll most likely be asked to wear a turban to signal your close relationship with the groom. As a turban is often symbolic of pride, respect, and status, most men love wearing one. Since this accessory is a key part of your ensemble, you must pick one that’s appropriate to your role in the wedding and your overall look.

Check out how different men in the family can wear a Jodhpuri safa!

1. The groom

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The groom is undoubtedly the most important man in the complete wedding scenario. This means that his Jodhpuri safa must be one that’s the most visually distinct. As the colour red is the one that’s most typically associated with weddings throughout India, grooms can wear a bright red turban to complete their look. If your bride is planning on wearing a deep maroon lehenga, make sure that your safa matches the exact shade!

To add on to your look, you can always fasten a Kundan brooch on the turban. Conversely, if you are planning to channel your inner Nawab, a pearl brooch with a lovely ruby can look fantastic!

2. Father of the groom/ bride

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In an Indian wedding, the father of the bride or groom commands a ton of respect and attention. After all, as the patriarch of the family, he deserves a central spot in the limelight! Fathers often sport bright turbans that look great and are age-appropriate. Though these turbans cannot compare with the groom’s Sehra, they still garner a ton of attention, simply because of the wearer. A bright Jodhpuri safa that expresses your joy on this day is the way to go!

3. Brother of the groom/ bride

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Little brothers have a key responsibility during weddings – to keep the mood light and make everyone laugh! Thus, the Jodhpuri safa that they wear should be fun and flirty and should capture their lively spirit well. With a host of colourful safas available in the market, finding one that fits the bill shouldn’t be hard at all!

4. The Groomsmen

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The concept of groomsmen is a western tradition. Like bridesmaids, groomsmen dress in a similar fashion and are mostly identified by their matching look. A very easy way to incorporate this concept in your wedding is by asking your groomsmen to wear the Jodhpuri safa that matches with each other perfectly.

In this case, it is best to choose a simple Jodhpuri safa that does not take away the attention away from all of their outfits. Pick light colours like yellow and green with patterns in contrasting colours for the full effect! Also, if you want to make your whole ensemble look cohesive, make sure that your pocket squares (or designer Jutti) match the colour of your safa!

No matter how you are related to the groom, you can always find an appropriate accessory to express your closeness to him. However, do remember that the groom’s side (and bride’s side) generally arranges for these pagris to be available at the venue. In the context of the groom’s Baraat, if you have been invited to the Sehra Bandhi, chances are that you will be presented with your safa right there. If you’re not, then that’s okay too, because it means you aren’t required to wear one!

Buying your own safa to express your joy isn’t a faux-pas! No one from the groom’s family will come to snatch your safa away and tell you that you aren’t supposed to wear one! It is a personal choice – one that you use to express your joy at your friend’s wedding. Additionally, do note that while traditional Pagris need to be wrapped around one’s head, you can find contemporary variants that are stitched. You just have to slip them on!

Did you find the different Jodhpuri safa ideas useful? Tell us in the comments section below!

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