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8 Incredible Wedding Invitation Card Samples for Modern Couples

Keep scrolling as we showcase 8 incredible wedding invitation card samples that are perfect for modern weddings!

Customizing Creativity

The idea of inviting the guests to a wedding through a beautiful invitation card is age-old and beautiful but you're not obliged to stick to jaded designs. From the fonts to envelopes and colours to shapes, every single element of a wedding card can make a big difference.

If you are a modern-day couple, looking for a stylish and unique invitation card sample, we have something special for you. Whether you’re looking forward to creating a dramatic card or a rustic one, a romantic card or a quirky one, we have listed all the amazing options for you here.

Save the Date Style Invitation Card Sample

Akanksha Negi Invitations

This postcard style save-the-date wedding invite is unique and trendy. Loaded with colours, it depicts the journey of the couple and how their love story unfolded. Along with this, the card also contains all the crucial obvious details such as the date, time etc. You can use your own pictures or go for quirky illustrations and caricature style to give the card an amusing element.

Pop-up Wedding Invitation Card

Artistically Wired

Want your wedding card to really pop (pun intended)? Pop-up cards deliver an element of surprise as soon as the receiver opens them. Even the cards that appear basic from the outside can pop up and out, creating elaborate designs. This red and gold theme pop up card opens and reveals the grandeur and majestic beauty of the wedding venue.

Camera Roll or Film Strip Card

Image Courtesy: Kaagaz

For an out-of-the-box wedding card, get inspired by this camera roll card. If you both are passionate about all things retro or have an undying love for photography, this invitation card sample will win your heart. This card contains a camera roll which rolls out, revealing pictures of the couple and details about the wedding. The internet is also loaded with DIY ways to create this type of card.

Puzzle Style Invitation Card Sample

Image Courtesy: Kaagaz

If your guests want to attend your beautiful wedding party, they better get down to some work with this puzzle. This wedding invitation card comes in a box in the form of an unsolved puzzle. The receiver has to take out all the parts and assemble all the pieces together to create the card. You can use cute cartoons, caricatures and other fun factors to keep the card interesting.

Wedding Itinerary Card

Meyraki Events and Design

A wedding card that enlists the whole itinerary can prove to be of great help for your busy guests. As shown in this invitation card sample, the idea is to jot down all of the events and related information in one convenient place for the guests. This style is excellent, in fact, a must-have, for weddings involving multiple functions and venues.

Flower-Shaped Invitation Card

Navrai, Saket

If opulence is your middle name, this gorgeous pastel-hued flower-shaped invitation card sample is perfectly fitted for you. This luxe card opens up in the shape of a beautiful flower, revealing the entire card suite, which contains all of the required information regarding the wedding. The pastel tones, along with techniques such as foiling and embossing, give this card a royal look, making it apt for a grand wedding.

Caricature Wedding Card

Shailly Gajjar

If your wedding is going to be all about fun and games, let your wedding invite deliver this message loud and clear. This invitation card sample includes the caricature of the couple on the front, depicting their fun-loving vibes. The other card lists down all the important information for the guests. Ensure you pick vendors who specialise in hand painting, sketching and caricatures for this style.

Laser-Cut Invitation Card Sample

Image Courtesy: Wedding Inc

Laser-cut wedding cards are ideal for western or modern themed weddings as they carry a very contemporary vibe. It’s quite easy to experiment with the shape of such cards. Plus, you can use elements such as foil imprint, mirror backer, glitter etc to decorate them. Although this sample card is silver, you can choose from an array of metallic shades such as gold, rose gold, copper etc.

Your guest might be receiving invitation cards to various weddings but these unique wedding card designs will ensure your invite stands out. While your card must be attractive, ensure that its designs and elements match your personality as well as wedding style. The same goes for colour schemes and the shape and size of the card.

Also keep in mind to deliver all the necessary information in the card, to prevent goof ups or confusion. Above all, have extra wedding cards at your disposal for emergency cases. Consult our expert wedding card vendors and read these tips about curating the ideal wedding card for more.

If you have more ideas for wedding invitation cards, leave them in the comments below!